Liberty Sump Pump 257 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Before purchasing any affordable sump pump, it is usually tempting to purchase any cheap sump pump you find in the market.

Cheap sump pumps can have detrimental effects and cause financial problems. Liberty Sump Pump 257 Product Review

However, if you want something strong that would last for years, it is usually better to purchase a product that wouldn’t give you an issue for years.

Very True!!!

If you have enough money, one of the best sump pumps you can purchase is the Zoeller M267.

For water-based pumps, one of the best your money can get you is the Basepump CB1500.

But if you are on a tight budget, there are several other options you can explore.

Some of the cheapest and effective sump pumps you can get for below $200 are the Zoeller N53, Zoeller M53, Zoeller M63 and the Wayne CDU980E.

What’s more?

The above-listed pumps are dependable and can last for several years.

You might also want to consider the Liberty Sump Pump 257 if you are after more reliability and less maintenance cost.

The Liberty Sump Pump 257 is the cheaper model of the Liberty Pumps 287 and it delivers similar functions at a lesser cost.

Its reliability is also surprising considering the fact that its source of power is AC.

In this review, you will learn:

  • The Problem with the VMF switch of this brand
  • How the Liberty Sump Pump 257 compares to other brands.
  • Properties of this pump that make it long lasting


The Liberty Sump Pump 257 is a powerful pump whose 1/3 HP motor ensures it delivers excellent performance under harsh conditions.

Even though there are many sump pumps that have a better output than the 257, many of these pumps don’t have the durability to work efficiently under extreme circumstances.

The whole body of this pump is hermetically sealed against environmental factors and this ensures that it doesn’t fail.

Quite Incredible!!!

It has a better performance than most 1/3 HP pumps as it boasts an output of 2,250 GPH at a height of 10 feet.

It has a light-weight of about 21 pounds and its external fasteners are totally made of stainless steel.

Its lower and upper bearings are permanently lubricated.


  • Installation is quite easy and it is quite cheap
  • Little or no maintenance is needed and its maintenance is quite inexpensive
  • The materials used to construct this pump are strong and durable giving it a long-lasting life.
  • Anyone can make use of this pump irrespective of technical know-how.
  • It comes with a long cord of about 10-foot length which can be easily attached or detached.
  • The Liberty Sump Pump 257 is not only price friendly but customer friendly.
  • Its warranty of 3 years is very generous and shows the confidence of the manufacturer.



  • This pump cannot run dry despite its thermal overload is not strong enough to prevent its motor from overheating. The Wayne CDU980E can run dry without developing such issue.
  • It doesn’t work efficiently at any height above 10 feet.
  • Its VMF switch is not strong enough as it is known to get defective after a short while. The Liberty Pump 457 has a more durable VMF switch.
  • This pump is supposed to be air and water-tight but some users have complained of issues with rust.

Read what some customers have said about this pump

I recently installed this pump into a big sump pump of about 16 inches diameter. I really like its unobtrusive vertical float which comes with its mobile design. Initially, I had a major issue during installation when I noticed that my discharge pipe of 1.25 inches was different to their recommended instruction of 1.5-inch diameter. I spoke to the customer service about this issue two different times. My fears were allayed when they told me that my 11.25-inch diameter discharge was perfect for this pump.

Conclusively, I would rate the Liberty 257 very high and even better than most of the competitors. This is because of its excellent magnetic vertical float which is not present in the others. Also, others require a minimum of 18-inch diameter pit while Liberty requires a pit diameter as small as 11 inches. Its exterior design is also durable.
Click here to read the original testimonial from Richard8655

The Liberty 257 sump pump would go down as one of the worst pumps I have ever used. They have an issue with burning out quickly, delayed cycling and overheating. My experience isn’t based on one pump alone as I have used 4 different pumps of the same model. The warranty provided is not using too as the customer service refused to replace broken parts as a result of dirt. You heard me right. I was refused my warranty because of dirt. These pumps cannot pump out the huge volume of water either. They broke down within 2 days of usage and are very slow. I have pity for any user who depends on this brand to keep their basement dry. Customer service was rude and I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone for free.
Click here to read the original testimonial from geneticgamer

About 12 months ago, I installed this sump pump and I am proud to say it has served me efficiently ever since. Installation was straight-forward and the pump worked like a very solid machine. This type of product is one that is expected to give decades of service with little or no maintenance. I have not used it for that long but I also appreciate the fact that it was manufactured in the United States of America. I have used this sump pump for about half a decade already and it has never disappointed me. Considering its 5 years of efficient use, I am happy to increase this rating from 4 stars to 5 stars.
Click here to read the original testimonial from MED-REK


This pump has 276 positive reviews and 28 critical reviews. This is a testament to its likeability.

The critical reviews were as a result of defective parts like the switch which were replaced in no time.

It is usually expected that any pump manufactured by Liberty Pump is expected to be high quality.

The Liberty Sump Pump 257 submersible sump pump is durable, long lasting, has excellent characteristics, long warranty and it’s well fabricated.

Some of its outstanding characteristics such as Vertical magnetic float, hermetic sealing of inner parts, easy power cord disconnect and its impressive performance make this pump a popular choice.

All things being equal, this pump is guaranteed to serve its users for decades and is recommended for those who need long lasting sump pumps.

It is safe to say that Liberty Sump Pump 257 is certainly one of the best for clients who want the best in terms of durability and stability.

Apart from that, they are quite cheap, these sump pumps are of a very high quality.

If you intend adding comfort, this is the best time to get this sump pump.