Liberty Pumps 287 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

With respect to sump pumps, we have reviewed quite a number of pumps and we conform to the general rule that “the higher the price, the better the quality”.

For instance, the Zoeller M267 is one of the most expensive on the market; it is also one of the most durable and fastest. liberty pump Zoeller M267

No jokes here!

There are many factors you need to consider if you need to buy a good pump but low on cash.

You need to consider the power source of your pump, its reliability and obviously your budget.

There are more important things to note other than budget.


In this review, you will learn:

  • The importance of this pumps magnetically operated float switch
  • Why it is not advisable to use this pump without backup
  • How this pump compares to others.


Today’s review would be about the revered Liberty Pumps 287. What is so special about this pump?

At $200, the Liberty Pumps 287 is not the fastest in the market but it’s the most durable and reliable you can get at that price.

The Liberty Pumps 287 sump pump is an affluent and an auto submersible pump.

It is powered by a ½ hp thermally protected motor. It has the capacity of pumping about 4,020 gallons per hour and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Its height is 14 inches, weight is 19.5 pounds and diameter is 14inches.

It doesn’t come with a battery backup but it is capable of handling fluids as hot as 140F.

It boasts a thermal overload of 221F and its motor runs on 115 volts and 8 amps when fully loaded.

Can you beat that?

Its power cord is 10 foot long and its float switch is VMF (vertical magnetic float).

Its float switch cannot be adjusted as it goes off at 4 inches and comes on at 9.5 inches.

Its water pumping ability stands at 1,350 Gallon Per Hour at 30 feet, 2520 GPH at 20 feet and 4000 gallons per hour at ground level.

At 37 feet, it shuts down and has its maximum height.

The discharge of the Liberty Pumps 287 is 1.5-inch NPT and the sump pump is recommended for use in pumps of about 10 inches diameter.

Impressive Stuff!!!

Check out this video review


  • It has a high head of 37 feet which means it can be used for several high output jobs.
  • Its magnetically operated float switch ensures it can be automatically used in tiny pits of about 10 inches
  • It has a permanently lubricated design and is hermetically sealed thereby preventing any form of leakage.
  • Its durable and solid design improves mobility and ensures solid handling.
  • Its shaft is non-corrosive and this helps to increase its lifespan Its easily replaceable screen ensures that debris doesn’t damage the pump.
  • Installation is quite easy



  • It is not totally dependable as it is advisable to get a backup pump alongside it. You should endeavor to get a backup like the Wayne ESP25.
  • The pump switch has been known to fail very quickly. You can get a replacement switch online.
  • It doesn’t have the ability to pump about 17 feet despite being rated up to that. A better option is the Little Giant 6 Series 1/3 HP.

Let’s see what other customers have said about this pump

I just completed a review of the Wayne Auto Dialer which was a very valuable accessory for my old pump. When the old pump packed up, we were somewhere distant and the backup battery came in handy. I decided to purchase this ½ hp pump instead of purchasing from manufacturers like Ace, Lowes, builders square and Menard. This pump is not only extremely fast in pumping out water; it is incredibly noiseless. The float valve boasts a very durable design. From its construction, build and outlook, it is obvious that this pump is of high quality. It would definitely last for very long too. This pump also has silent check valves which are a superior feature. This review is just one amongst many other you would find online.
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This pump is functioning perfectly well. The problem I have with it is the fact that its switch started malfunctioning some months back and the warranty was no longer in place. I barely used this pump in its first year and the second year, it was also dormant. Generally, this pump has not really been used and I’ve used it for only 2 months in the last year. The pump I used previously cost half less than this and lasted for 5 years without developing any fault. I thought I would be getting extra quality by paying for more. I am now disappointed as I have to replace its switch.
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Unlike other bulky pumps I’ve used, this pump is quite portable. It comes with a shaft made of stainless steel which can never be corroded by moisture. It is also quiet compared to my other sump pump which is no longer functional.

The exterior is made of porcelain and it has a baked finish. From this design, any user is assured of its durability. The switch which is used to increase the level of water is designed to fit in with the pump’s curve. This helps to avoid the switch having contact with the wall of the pit while still maintaining its closeness with the pump body. Most of the floating switches I have come across are no longer stable as a result of vibration. This can be disastrous but there is no such risk with this pump. This pump has remained durable despite the heavy rain and snow it has faced. I would recommend it to any user. I recommended this to my neighbor and he has already purchased a pair.
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With 82 positive reviews and just 7 critical reviews, it is no surprise why this brand is favored by homeowners.

The only major issue which was pointed out was the damaged switch which can be solved by purchasing a replacement.

In conclusion, the Liberty Pumps 287 is definitely a perfect blend of durability, reliability, and speed.

At $200, it is probably the best you would get at that price range. This cast iron pump is quite compact and has an incredible speed with great height.

Its low cost makes it very difficult to find a better bargain than this. It might not be the fastest pump on the market but its speed is good enough to meet most household needs.

Irrespective of its efficiency, it is not recommended to have only one AC sump pump installed in your home.

It is imperative to purchase a backup like the Wayne ESP25 or the Liberty Pumps SJ10 installed in case of power loss caused by a huge storm.

Do not forget to also install the back-up’s float switch above that of the Liberty Pumps 287287. This is to ensure that the back-up gets activated only if 287 fails.

Users should also try to incorporate a water alarm like the Basement Watchdog with this pump. This would help alert you if your pump fails during heavy rain.

If you use this pump alongside a water alarm and a backup pump, you would hardly have any issue using this pump.