Everlast Power MIG 200 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

As a welder, I am always looking for ways to make my job easier and faster.MIG 200 Product


Well, I want to be the best welder possible – so anything to give me an advantage, save me time and advance my skill interests me.

So I am always doing research.

And purchasing new tools.

One item I just discovered is the Everlast power MIG 200.

Now I know you’re thinking “this sounds like a cheap brand”…

I thought so too

Then I dived a little deeper into the features of the welder and I started to like what I read.


Let’s jump right in!


In this review you’ll learn:


  • Pro’s and Con’s to the Everlast Power MIG 200
  • The features that make this welder unique
  • How the Everlast compares to other big name welders


But hang on a minute:


There are a ton of welders on the market…



Hobart… and the list goes on….

But what’s most important about ANY welder?

I’m going to be bold and say there are two important factors

Build quality


Component quality


  • Build quality means a better-built welder = more durable
  • Better quality components = smooth operation and better welds.


With that in mind let’s talk specifically about the Everlast Power MIG 200.


Watch the review of the Everlast Power MIG 200



The Everlast 200 is a combination welder.


It can handle MIG welding.


It can Handle Stick welding.


It can handle Flux welding.


So far I like the combination, it sounds like a capable welder.


But here are some really killer features you don’t find on a standard MIG welder

Or even sub $1500 welders

Adjustable burnback.

That means goodbye stuck wire.


How frustrating can that be?

I know it frustrated me – especially when a ball formed on my wire and now I have an erratic arc start!

And the spatter ball messes up my nice workpiece.


With the adjustable burnback, you determine how long the wire stays

Now your wire will not freeze in the weld pool and will be cut to a preprogrammed size.

You are set to drop a new weld right after your last pass.


But wait, there are more Pros to consider:


  • 5-year warranty
  • Can convert to 220v. More power = more amps = heavier metals can be welded
  • A lightweight machine with a small footprint
  • Digital voltage and AMP readout – for precise welds every time
  • Capable of the stick when needed.
  • Automatic post and pre-flow


Now I know this sounds amazing!


And it is a lot of great features


But don’t run out and buy it right this second


There are some things that could be improved:

  • The MIG gun is not the best – a 3rd party makes them
  • The spool is a bit sloppy and might need a shim
  • The regulator sent to you reads liters /minute (its European)

So I want you to know the good and the bad

This welder seems to have more good features that outweigh the concerns.

I’ve heard the build quality is good out of the box

The guns have issues, but the machines are solid

And the build components seems like Everlast didn’t skimp assembling this machine

What this means is

I am pretty excited to try all these features on the Everlast power MIG 200


I’m going to test the MIG functions against my favorite

The Hobart handler 140

She runs like a dream let me tell you.


Based on the reviews I think the Everlast will do well in my shop.

The Hobart is more expensive

And worth every penny

It’s never let me down on a job site or in the shop.

I’ve also heard good things about the cheaper Lotos 140.

It’s about half the price of the Everlast

It’s not stuck capable

But it has some good reviews

And for a cheap entry MIG welder

I’d give it a shot

Do remember – whatever welding you do

Use ear protection – especially in the Fabrication shop

Those grinders will KILL your ears

A good ear protection review can be found here.

Overall I like the Everlast because it can do MIG and Stick welding.

And I like my Esab for that

But only in my shop.


For the job site, this should be good

The inverter makes it lightweight


I don’t have to mess with MIG and Stick settings

Just plug and go really

And that’s what I want

To Weld

Not mess with cables


Adjusting stuff


And the euro cables are super simple

Plug, twist and screw down

Another nice feature.

I do wish they didn’t mess with plastic in the drive through

For some reason, companies like to go cheap there

And that can mean wire delivery would be poor.

before I forget –

One more feature that REALLY excited me is

Automatic post and Preflow!

I never used it before.

The shielding gas flows to the workpiece BEFORE your weld hits!

And after your release the trigger

The gas flows for another second


No more contaminated welds!
(As long as I hit my metal with some denatured alcohol real quick!)

Let’s see what some customers have said:

It’s a good welder at a fair price – comparable to Hobart and Miller – but with more features. The knobs are analog and the readout is digital so the numbers jump around a lot. Everlast guns are expensive.
Click here to see the original testimonial from J.W.

It’s a great welder and I’ve used the MIG and Stick functions. It seems well built because there is a whole lot of life left in this thing
Click here to see the original testimonial from “The weirdo welder down the street”

The Everlast Power MIG 200 is a great machine. I am going to upgrade the guns soon. I have used it for several months and am extremely pleased. It can weld stainless, aluminum and mild steel. I have fabricated two projects and am very pleased with the results
Click here to see the original testimonial from S. Marines


On paper, this sounds like a great welder. It has all the features of a higher end brand but with a few hundred dollars in savings.

I really like the MIG and Stick combo – you can do quick home projects AND heavy repairs with one machine.

With the cool add-ons like the automatic pre and post flow and the burnback and the lightweight, I think it’s a solid welder to own.