Zoeller M53 Sump Pump Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Experts that deal with pumps and clogged pipes understand that it is imperative to work with a very effective pump.Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

Excessive flooding has caused a lot of damage in recent time.

As a result of this, the Insurance Bureau of Canada described fire as the new water.

There is no call for alarm yet!!!

With this brand, you don’t need to have sleepless nights over your pump failing to curtail danger or disappoint you.

A sump pump is very important when you have to channel a flooded basement or when you want to empty your pool.

The pump also comes in handy when you have to get rid of dirty water, muddy pools, and stagnant water.

This is no advertising gimmick!!!

You do not need the help of experts because the Zoeller m53 is made for this.

In This Review, You Will Learn:

  • The type of tasks this pump can perform.
  • Why you need to get this pump
  • How you can avoid the shortcomings of this pump

The Zoeller m53 sump pump is not difficult to operate and it has an adjustment that helps you to maintain a certain level of water.

The pump can also be pre-set to turn on and off in other to evade overflooding.

Sump pumps are manufactured to be used in extremely wet environments.

They, therefore, need to have an exterior that is impermeable to water and can withstand high pressure.

The Zoeller m53 submersible sump pump has no issue with water penetration as it is housed by a cast iron material which shields the electric motor.

What more do you need? [toc]

Apart from protecting the inner components of the pump, the cast iron casing ensures that heat is easily dissipated from the pump.

This submersible pump is very powerful as it has the ability to pump 34 gallons of fluid from a 10m basement every minute.

Every material used to make the component of this pump is not prone to corrosion as it has been painted with corrosion resistant paint.

But wait…..

There is more!!!

The pump comes fitted with a polypropylene float and a floating switch that is impermeable to water. This ensures that the machine is more durable.

The rotating member is very powerful and is manufactured from glass full plastic. This makes it long lasting notwithstanding its exposure to pressure.

The pump shaft is made of carbon and ceramic whose properties improve its durability and resistance to permeability.

The Zoeller m53 is quite cheap and easily affordable for the average homeowners. It can be trusted to carry out its work at any given time.

This pump is also very noiseless and works at a steady rate. It is almost impossible to decipher when the pump is operating unless you are very close by.

Isn’t this amazing??



  • The pump is quite efficient with respect to its energy usage. It possesses various features which makes it efficient.

This makes it the number 1 option for many homeowners.

  • The pump’s impeller is made of cast iron making it straightforward to grind large particles into a powdery form.

This feature doesn’t exist on any other submersible pump model.

  • This pump c8an be used by anybody as it is quite easy to operate.
  • Unlike the Zoeller N53 brand, this brand comes with a vertical float which ensures it doesn’t get filled with water.
  • This pump is very effective and its running is smooth and seamless.
  • You can trust it to keep your basement dry as it is flexible, dependable and firm.
  • The operational speed of this one would amaze any user. The amount of water it pumps per minute is impressive.



  • The Impeller usually draws in undesirable fragments. The Zoeller M264 is one of the few brands in the market that avoids this problem.
  • The pump needs to be cleaned every time to prevent the sump pump from being clogged with dirt.
  • Despite its reliability, it is better to purchase a DC backup pump like the Wayne WSM3300 in case of power outage.
  • The pumps follow holes usually suck impurities too.
  • The switch doesn’t last long and might have to be replaced soon enough. A replacement can be gotten.
  • The pump has two different assembly points which usually get clogged leading to an airlock. These holes need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Even though this pump has low noise, you might need to buy a silent check valve like the Brady Check Valve to make it totally noiseless.

M53 Testimonials

I have patronized the Zoeller brand for over 3 decades and I have no single regret. I would continue using this product. The only little problem is that Zoeller keeps changing codes and model numbers frequently which makes everything tricky.
See the original testimonial from this Amazon Customer here

The Zoeller m53 is an efficient brand that has endured a lot of turbulent rainfall without any issue. Installation is very straightforward and it does not disappoint. I have used it for over 1 month and it has kept me happy.
See the original testimonial from Jacqueline Zablocki here


I bought this pump to replace a pump I had previously used for almost 20 years. The previous pump was a hard worker and I slept through rainstorms confident of the fact that it would keep my house safe and dry.

When trying to replace this pump, my plumber bought some other brand at a local store. He wasn’t satisfied with his efficacy and tried yet another one. This was before he urged me to find and buy the model I used previously. In no time, I located the Zoellerm53 on Amazon and it was delivered free to me within 2 days. Till date, my plumber respects the fact that I understand good products, unlike other people. He then said ‘Excellent European Imports never disappoint’.
See the original testimonial from Karin B. here

Zoeller M53 Video Testimonial


The Zoeller M53 pump should be the first choice pump for any homeowner who wants to keep their basement dry or empty a pool.

This pump is perfect for either commercial or residential purposes as it is very powerful. As a result of its ease of use, it can be used by either experienced or new pump users.

If you are considering the quality and long life, this pump is on top of the list.

Most people consider noise to be a problem when purchasing their pumps. As a result, they try to avoid loud pumps.

The Zoeller M53 gives no such problem as it is quiet and it’s difficult to detect it in operation.

Sounds amazing….Doesn’t it?

This means you can use it any time of the day without disturbing your family or neighbors.

We can go on and on about the many wonderful features of this pump.

Another excellent feature that makes this pump exceptional is its design which is clog-free.

It can easily drain a dirty and muddy pool of water without any problem.

This is because the pump allows debris of about 0.6 inches to go through it without damage.

The Zoeller M53 pump offers many excellent features and durable components that cannot be overlooked.

This machine also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Zoeller M3 VS N53

M53 vs N53

Zoeller is one of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to sump pumps.




Well, the fact that they are one of the oldest companies producing pumps within the United States might mean something!


The United States specifically has seen a rise in the purchasing of sump pumps.


Like anything else, the reason to ‘why’ can be debated.


What can’t be debated is the fact that the weather is playing a large part!!


Just last year, 2017, the world saw a dramatic increase in storms which brought with them a lot of damaging water!


That’s where the sump pumps come in, to help protect your home and belongings.


Depending on what your needs are, this can be used to divert external water from your home or remove it from the interior of your home.


When comparing the Zoeller M53 vs N53 models, you are probably wondering about some of the basics.


Which Zoeller model works most consistently? Which model is stronger? Why should I buy either?


Well, truck along and we will find the answers!

What You Get in this Comparison

  • All the important information about the Zoeller M53 vs N53
  • Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions!
  • Which sump pump is the best for your home?
  • Some ideas about what others think about each product


Introduction To The Similarities of the Products

Made of cast iron, the M53  AND the N53 are both considered lightweight at 21 pounds.


Interestingly enough, out of all similar sump pumps, this is considered heavy!


If you are not familiar with sump pumps, you will want one that is light enough for you to move relatively easily, but heavy enough so that when it becomes completely submerged, you don’t have to worry about it moving!


Both models are also 0.3333 HorsePower with 115 Volts and have stainless steel fittings, so rusting is never an issue!


Additionally, each product will have been fully submerged prior to selling to test for any potential issues.


Zoeller prides itself on making quiet and efficient pumps and these two models are no exception! Many people have installed them in a utility room and had no issues with noise!


Zoeller also has many of their own Zoeller pump parts and an impressive Zoeller pump warranty.


Zoeller M53 Specs

The flow rate comes in at approximately 11’..


More specifically, about 30 gallons per minute!


M53 has a standard amount of power cord, at 9 feet. Although this does not give you quite as much flexibility as the N53, it is still a pretty standard length for the product.


Many zoeller n53 review have mentioned how affordable this pump is, considering how long it lasts and how powerful it is!


Have I mentioned the impeller??


It is also made of cast iron, making it extremely efficient when it comes to grinding any sized particles down!


What does this model have that others do not?


A vertical pump!! This helps to ensure that it does not become weighted down with excessive water.

What About the Zoeller N53?

Definitely has a longer power cord, 15 feet of it!


This model is a non-automatic one, so this may or may not improve your view on it.


With a non-automatic sump pump, there is not a switch, floating or otherwise.


In other words, you will need to install one yourself. It’s a relatively simple process and seems to last just as long as the pump itself.


As a really powerful pump, you will need to make sure you drill the weep hole pretty low within whatever basin you make, or buy, for it.


Wondering how powerful exactly?


zoeller n53 revieweasily moves 34 gallons of water per minute! Whoa.


On the other hand….


Some reviews have compared this newer model to older ones and found it lacking.


Uncle Ted says that he had issues with the pump air locking due to its inability to prime itself, which is an issue he never had with an older model that lasted 13 years!

Question and Answer Time!

Question: What’s the vertical lift of the Zoeller N53?

Answer: A lot of variables will change the answer to that question! For example, if you are using the pump as an effluent or/and a dewatering pump… Also factor in the size of the pipe… BUT on average it seems to pump vertically about 7 feet. Keep in mind that horizontal pumping is not recommended!


Question: What’s the GPM per hour for the Zoeller M53?

Answer: A flow rate of about 44 GPM


Question: For the Zoeller M53, what is the startup height?

Answer: The height of the water needed to trigger the float and start the pump is about 4 to 6 inches


Question: Will either pump have issues with salt water?

Answer: Although not recommended, many people have reported using the pumps with salt water and have not reported any issues.


Conclusion, Which is the Best Pump?!


As the most reliable and powerful pump…..


The Zoeller M53 is the preferable model!!

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump


Due to its ease of use, it is the model that professionals and homeowners alike choose to purchase.


MCO on Amazon said that his Zoeller M53, used as a sump pump, worked reliably for 13 years and with zero problems! He also said that you may choose to add a float switch which will reduce the amount of unnecessary pump work.


As powerful as the Zoeller M53 is, another Zoeller product that may be used for bigger jobs is the Zoeller M264 which has a 4 HP motor….


Just something to consider if you have a need for a grinder pump that can handle more ‘flow’.




In Toddbu’s review on Amazon says he watched this model be made on Tv! Check out.


Looking for something smaller?


Perhaps a Zoeller sink pump could be something to look into.


The reality is, Zoeller has a pump for any need you may find you have!

Comparing The: Zoeller M53 vs M57

M53 vs M57


In this Comparison, You Will Learn:


  • The review of two sump pumps, discussing the pros and cons of each
  • Details about the company that produces the products
  • Testimonials from prior customers, telling you about what they liked and disliked
  • Questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions and complaints

M53 VS M57 Which Should You Buy?: The Zoeller M53 is a light pump at 21 pounds with a flow rate of 11’, 30 gallons per minute. With 9 feet of power cord, it’s easy to move around if the first spot doesn’t work great. The M57 model is a little heavier at 27 pounds with a 10 foot power cord and can handle 2,650 gallons per hour!

Introduction to Zoeller

This U.S. based, family-owned, company has been in business for decades.


The primary countries that Zoeller sells its’ products are located in North America, Canada, the United States, and Mexico.




They ship all over the world!


All pumps are made with high-quality materials and are tested for full submersion before being sent out for sale.


The company has 5 different product lines that will satisfy any pumping need you may have!


What you may need these two pumps for…

Have you heard the phrase, “better safe than sorry”???


That phrase may have already come to mind if you’ve been considering purchasing a sump pump.


These pumps will ensure that your basement stays dry, water-free, no matter the outside conditions.


Or even interior conditions!!


You don’t want to have your washing machine flood and all that water soak all of your possessions that you keep stored down there.


Not only used as a sump (dewatering) pump for your basement or pool but can also be used as ‘effluent’, aka for septic tanks!


Also, these products can be used for commercial or residential purposes!!


Zoeller M53 Specs

Coming in at a light 21 pounds, the M53 is a relatively light pump.


At 115 Volts and 0.3 HorsePower, this is a small, but useful sump pump!


Wondering how quick and efficient this thing is?


The approximate flow rate is 11’ which translates to 30 gallons per minute!


This model has 9 feet of power cord, so lots of extra cord to connect the machine to your house!


Zoeller M57 Specs

Slightly heavier than the M53 model, the M57 comes in at 27.1 pounds.


Also, the power cord is longer at approximately 10 feet!


Interestingly enough, the voltage and horsepower are the same as the M53 model, 115V and 0.3333 respectively.


This model has no screens that could be clogged!


Arguably the best part is that it can handle up to 2,650 gallons per hour!




Finally, it is a super quiet pump and very affordable compared to the competition!

What about the Pros and Cons?


If purchasing through Amazon, be wary. Although the warranty is not specific about where you buy the product, they often will not honor the warranty if the product was not purchased directly from the company.


Worried about the salt content of your water?


Don’t worry… For the most part.


Saltwater backwash isn’t going to be a problem for either the Zoeller M53 or the Zoeller M57, BUT it isn’t recommended for moving seawater for several years and on a regular basis.


Perhaps you are concerned about losing power during a storm and having your sump pump leave flooding in your house?


*Consider installing a backup battery, but know that you will have to wire it yourself.


Both of these products are cast iron pumps.


What does that mean exactly?


By using cast iron, it automatically makes the product heavier.


In this case, that’s a good thing as it will help prevent it from ever tipping over!


Why might it tip over?


If you are using this pump in a place where it is constantly submerged, you definitely want a heavier one!




Although this is a pro in some cases, it also makes it a con as it can be harder to move during the installation process.


Be careful not to drop it as cracks may appear!


Another big pro is that cast iron products last a lot longer and is super durable if you take care of them!


Reviews for the Zoeller: M53 VS M57

“I’ve had the M57 installed for several weeks now and it’s super quiet! I have used different types of pumps over the years and learned that once the water hits the electrical area, the pump is usually done for. However, it seems as though Zoeller has figured out using stainless steel fasteners really makes a difference! This combined with the fact that it’s cast iron makes this product last a lot longer than its competitors!”
Click on the link to see the original Testimonial from JVM


“I bought my first M53 12 years ago and it just recently quit working, as the switch can’t be relied on any longer. Since it lasted so long, I’ve decided to buy the same model. The difference between plastic pumps and cast iron is easy to see. The plastic ones have always seemed so unreliable to me. The only main concern I have is the float switch. You often have to clean it so that it will continue to run freely.”
Click on the link to see the original testimonial from Direwolf



As a physically smaller product, the M53 comes in at a lower cost of about $160 compared to the M57 at about $177.


When looking at the star ranking reviews, the Zoeller M57 just barely edges out the M53 with a higher percentage of 5-star reviews.




The winner of the two is going to be the M57!

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

For under $20 more, you get a slightly larger, heavier pump that has a longer extension cord giving you more flexibility to place it wherever you need it!


Overall, these are 2 great products.


Judging by the reviews on Amazon, many people who buy these products often buy another when the original needs to be replaced.

That says a lot about the products and the brand!

Zoeller M53 VS M98

Zoeller M53 vs M98


What You Get in this Comparison


  • Discussing the best and worst features of both sump and effluent pumps
  • Information about the company that creates these products
  • Reviews from those that have purchased these pumps and informing you of what they disliked and liked
  • Providing answers and alternatives to some of the most common complaints and questions
  • Overall analysis of Zoeller M53 vs M98


Introduction to What these Pumps Do

Essentially, these pumps take water from one place and move it to another.


This can be done within the house or outside of it.


Perhaps you have a swimming pool and needs to be cleaned??


Maybe you live somewhere that rains a lot and you want to keep your basement water-free??


Don’t forget about the snow!


That stuff will melt eventually and all that water has to go somewhere as you don’t want it to backup and end up seeping into the house.


Both the Zoeller M53 vs M98 models are top rated pumps on Amazon!


Additionally, they boast of having easy to follow manuals if you have questions about installation.

Zoeller M53 Specs

At 21 pounds, the M53 is a light pump considering it is made of cast iron.


However, keep in mind that this is significantly heavier than other pumps, which is a good thing!




Because when it is totally submerged, you don’t have to worry about it moving around!


With 0.3 HorsePower and 115 Volts, this pump is smaller than the Zoeller M98, but still useful depending on your needs!


Wondering how efficient this product is?


The flow rate comes in at approximately 11’..


More specifically, about 30 gallons per minute!


M53 quite a bit of power cord, 9 feet to be exact so you will be able to have some flexibility when placing the pump.


Zoeller M98 Specs

With a motor power of ½ HP, you will have your choice of either a 115 or 230 V.


The M98 also boasts of having stainless steel hardware which is a huge bonus compared to other pumps that have the fitting that frequently rust and break.


Just like the M53, the M98 is also cast iron, making it more durable and weighted down when sunk in water.


The highest temperature this product can handle while dewatering or effluent is 130 degrees Fahrenheit.




It pumps 72 gallons of water per minute and is made as a high capacity pump.

Popular Questions, Answers, and Alternatives

A note concerning the warranty…


Many customers have mentioned that if something goes awry with the product and you have a problem, the manufacturer may give you a hard time if you did not buy from them directly.


A number one question about the Zoeller M53 is if it works well, in general.


Although the machine runs smoothly, it has been known to have an issue with the float switch.


See what this guy had to say about it.


Oddly enough, the issue isn’t due to the switch not working, but instead working too much.


This is due to it only pumping about 5 inches every cycle because the float isn’t adjustable and significantly shorter than it should be for an average sized sump pit.


Think of it this way…


If you consistently have a trickle of water entering the pump, it may turn on frequently for very short periods of time, therefore overworking itself.


An easy, but somewhat costly way to fix this is to buy an adjustable double float switch that can bypass the float switch that comes standard on this model.


Apparently, this issue occurs frequently with Zoeller products and this  machine, says reviewer suggested replacing with a LevelGuard Residential Switch with 15’ piggyback cord that is super safe!


If you are looking for a pump that will pump out all but .5 inches of water, perhaps you might look into a Liberty pump….


Or if you need a backup battery system for your Zoeller, take a look at the packs that Little Giant has.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will the Zoeller M98 work as a sump pump under a house, (within a crawl space)?


Answer: Yes!! The M98 will work pretty much anywhere, just needs to be submerged so not on a flat surface. It is also a really quiet machine, says this customer!


It’s been asked about placing the pump into a utility room if the room is near a bedroom or somewhere you might be watching tv.


Yes, it is quiet enough that it shouldn’t disturb you~~


Question: Can you place these pumps on a flat surface?


Answer: Nope! You need to have something to put it in, like a basin, or place it within a dug hole.


Make sure you are aware of the difference between a pedestal vs submersible as both of these pumps are submersible.

Question: Can I use either of these pumps for sewage?


Answer: Please don’t! Both of the pumps were designed for strictly moving water. Both have small filters that will clog if anything (as big as pebbles) tries to go through it.


There is a big difference between a sump pump vs sewage pump and you definitely should figure out what your needs are before making a purchase.

Question: About how long will either pump last?

Answer: the Zoeller M53 has been known to last anywhere from 7 years to more than 19 years says this customer, running moderately frequently.


The Zoeller M53 definitely outlasts the M98 when it comes to longevity because most customers say this model only lasts about 3 years.


And the Best Overall Pump is….


The Zoeller M98!!

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

Why exactly????


MORE HorsePower, LONG lifespan, FASTER pumping speed, LONGER cord…


If you have need of a quick and powerful pumping machine, this product should be your go-to for superior pumping power!


If you ever find yourself needing additional parts, you can not only find them on the Zoeller company website but also on Coleman’s and Amazon.