Zoeller M267 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

If you were looking for the ½ hp pump that services multiple kinds of systems, you’ve found the right pump.Zoeller M267 Product

This sewer pump was built with versatility in mind.


Before you buy, read this review.


The Zoeller M267 is a solid product.

Here’s why:

  • It’s a high capacity pump for mini-stations.
  • Industrial quality with consumer pricing.
  • Macerating plastic grinder blade attached.

Waterproofing applied to the cast iron pump.
Ideal for under sink, residential, low flow, and basement projects.


115v that is more power efficient than most 120v models.


This particular effluent pump is under a limited 12-month warranty.



But not everything is about this pump is what it seems


The best low profile pumps are reliable and automatic but some customers report this pump failing quickly after purchase.


The most likely culprit is the thermal overload protection.


Overheating is one of the most likely problems with poorly engineered pumps and this model has reports that describe an overheat of the motor and subsequent malfunction



In this Zoeller M267 review we will go over


  1. What makes this pump such a popular design.
  2. What kind of plumbing systems this pump is best suited for.
  3. How this model stacks up against the competition.


Ready?  Let’s begin.


The Zoeller Commitment


Zoeller is a family-owned company based in Kentucky and is one of the oldest submersible pumps and water system manufacturer.  The American company got their beginnings in 1939 and have been making pumps since.


The company backs a 100% factory-tested underwater policy for dependability from the moment they are plugged in.


The Zoeller M267 is:

Cast Iron body

Plastic impeller blade and base

½ hp motor

2” spherical solids discharge and pass


But how does it stack up?



The Liberty Sump Pump vs Zoeller


The main competition for the Zoeller M267 is the Liberty 297 ¾ HP Sump Pump


The difference mainly being that the Zoeller M267 features a grinder blade


And the Liberty 297 features a floatless design that is the definition of pool sub pump models.


Wayne pumps vs Zoeller


The Wayne WWB WaterBUG Submersible  is a powerful emergency relief pump.


This kind of small pump is portable but not to be relied on for a dedicated system, likewise, replacement parts for this manual pump are hard to come by


Here’s what people are troubleshooting for the M267


Q: I am going to put a toilet in my basement along with a sink and utility sink. Is this the right pump for me?

A: My neighbor has this pump to service his entire house at high capacity… I use the pump for the lower half of my house, and it works for my house.

What is the lift capacity of this pump?

A:  The lift capacity of the Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump is 20′ vertical max.


Q: What basin stop valve do you use with this pump?

A: Any inline gate valve should be fine for these kits. I use the Zoeller manufactured one that is referenced by both the manufacturer on their website and by Amazon. Works fine and competitively priced.


Q: Is this pump 100 gpm or 200 gpm?

A: For information like this it’s best to give Zoeller a call, they have great customer service.


What’s the Use?


Zoeller has a well-built outline of pump products M53, n53, m98, m264, n98, m63, m57, m292, m266… the list goes on.


So what makes this one so popular?


These pumps offer power as subtle as ⅓ hp and ¾ hp and up to 2 hp and 3 hp so right away the choices can become staggering.


All you really need to know is below 1 hp is great for home drain and waste applications.  Above that is more geared towards commercial use.


If you’re shopping for home applications the M267 is a general pump that will fulfill most needs.


Check out what other people are saying:


I used this pump as an effluent pump in a commercial build, pumping solids and liquids… It did not hold [up]…If you need heavy duty look elsewhere.
Click here to read the original Testimonial of Daniel Marrazzo



[This] pump is a beast! Good float design. The only bone I have to pick is regarding the shipping from Amazon. I’m sure you could find this at Menards. The U shaped bracket slightly bent from being shipped without packaging but, no big deal I bent it back and dropped the sucker in the well! She moves water well. DON’T forget to drill your vent hole in the discharge pipe! I also ordered a clear check valve part to see how things are moving.
Click here to read the original testimonial from Leroy


One of the best sewage pump you can buy for your house. I spent a fair amount of time considering my options of different sewage pumps before settling on this one.  I felt it was critical to spend a little extra money for the peace of mind that I am less likely to spring a leak. This is a  cast iron unit and despite its weight was easy to install.  I run hot water on this pump and have it installed against flint walling … I would highly recommend it to anyone considering installing a star sewage pump.”
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In Review


The Zoeller m267 is champion design meant for all-purpose applications and used by h20 pro specialists


Some people have reported failures but you can help protect yourself against failures by ordering a float or an e284 gasket.


Additionally, a Zurn Water Key is a useful part of any plumbers tool kit and will keep you maintaining your plumbing solutions.