Zoeller N53 Sump Pump Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Welcome to the Zoller N53 sump pump review…….Zoeller N53 Sump Pump

Statistics have shown that the USA is one of the country’s most prone to water disasters.

This has led to monetary loss totaling billions of dollars. For instance, the recent hurricane Harvey cost the United States about $1 billion in the loss.

You don’t need to panic yet!!!

All is well so far you have a plan to avoid such disaster.

You need an efficient submersible pump that can handle such volume of water.

The Zoeller N53 submersible sump pump is another top brand from the famed Zoeller pump manufacturing company.

Their other models include the N98, M264, M53, M67 amongst others.

This model is a big favorite amongst plumber and building specialists in the construction industry.

It is usually difficult to get rid of a submersible pump after it has been installed.

Why is this so?

To remove a previously installed submersible pump, the whole structure has to be removed.

This is why it’s essential to properly know the brand you are purchasing before you buy it.

It is also imperative to purchase less expensive and less cumbersome brands like the Zoeller N53 submersible pump.

Think about it!!!

Even if there is an issue with the pump, it can easily be replaced without any complications.

In this article we will learn:

  • The Kind of jobs this pump can be used to.
  • How This Pump Compares with other similar pumps
  • The pros and cons of this pump


The Zoeller N53 pump measures 7.8 inches by 10.5 inches by 10.5 inches and 21 pounds.

The exterior of the pump is made attractive with an epoxy finish and it is fitted with stainless steel screws.

Sounds cool….Doesn’t it?

Its shaft seal is made of ceramic and carbon to avoid water from getting access to the motor.

It possesses upper and lowers bearing with an oil-fed cast iron.

The pump has an engineered thermoplastic bottom.

Guard and handle are made of Stainless steel.

It can conveniently discharge 34 gallons of liquid per minute in a ten-foot basement.

Can you beat that?

The exterior housing of this pump is hermetically sealed and contains a 1550 rpm, 1/3 horsepower and a 120-volt motor.

The Pump housing, motor casing and switch case are made of cast iron.



  • The exterior is made of cast iron and painted with epoxy which is very attractive and durable
  • The powerful motor is hermetically sealed making it impossible for water to penetrate.
  • The power cord has a very good length of about 15 inches.
  • The handle provided makes it easy to carry the pump around.
  • The discharge is big enough to meet any standard sized pipe.
  • This model doesn’t come with a polypropylene float but has an inbuilt waterproof switch
  • It is pressure and hydro tested to ensure its working perfectly. The pump also comes with a year warranty.



  • Most users have complained of the very short lifespan of the switch. Try to pair the pump with a separate electronic switch.
  • The shaft connecting the switch to the float is can dislocate on impact.
  • This pump is not efficient enough. The M264 is more expensive but boasts a more efficient ½ horsepower pump.
  • The body of the previous version was made of cast iron while the base of this pump is made of plastic.
  • Some users also complained of the pump air locking by itself while others complained that the pump sometimes malfunctions as the pump cannot prime itself.

The Zoeller M98 Sub pump can solve this problem.

  • The nut that connects the motor shaft to the impeller was not properly engaged.
  • The Zoeller N53 is not an automatic pump and needs a float to function properly.

A perfect float for this brand is the Zoeller 10-055 variable level float.


If you want a sub pump that comes with a float, the Zoeller M53 53-0001 is a good option.

 N53 Testimonials

The Zoeller N53 is a very good pump and it is one that is durable. I installed my pump about 1 year ago and it still functions perfectly.
Click here to see the original testimonial of Michael E. Bender

Before installing my pump, I discovered that there was a loose nut that was supposed to connect the motor shaft and the impeller. The technical and sales team assured me that it was perfect and nothing was wrong. I later noticed that they were actually right. I installed my pump and everything has been perfect since then. This brand is very strong and makes less noise. Anybody willing to buy a new pump to replace their old pumps can comfortably buy this without any fear of disappointment.
Click here to see the original testimonial of Dave

This pump is very phenomenal and hasn’t disappointed me. I initially developed cold feet over buying an item I never trusted at that cost. I am happy I took the risk. The machine is very powerful, noiseless and quick. I was supposed to replace a ½hp pump so buying a 1/3hp pump didn’t sound like a good idea at first. However, this machine has been a perfect fit for my house. Try to avoid homemade and cheap pumps and buy this pump that would give you rest of mind for many years to come.
Click here to see the original testimonial Jabs


With all the mouth-watering features described above, the Zoeller N53 pump is one pump that cannot be ignored.

The pump is a powerful combination of an efficient motor, a great price and a very durable and attractive exterior.

This is what everybody looks out for before purchasing a pump. It also boasts an overheating switch and an impressive discharge rate.

You can never have issues with overheating or usage under excessive water. It can also be used for long periods of time without any issue.

In addition, every pump is properly tested and run under certain conditions to avoid problems such as leaks.

The interesting part is………

You can trust this pump to protect that your expensive machinery or uncompleted building that needs to be protected. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

The price is also mouth-watering as it is cheaper than other submersible pumps with similar characteristics.

With respect to the above-listed points, the Zoeller n53 Submersible is definitely one of the best on the market right now.