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9 Best Angle Grinder Guide For Your Fabrication Shop

best angle grinder for fab shop

Best Power tools are essential in homes especially Best Angle Grinders as they help you get things done and fixed. At the top of this list is the angle grinder. When you need to cut or polish materials, the angle grinder is your go-to. However, when you consider buying this home essential, there are lots of things you must consider…

Angle Grinder Buying Guide


Just like the category of home use that it falls under, the power of your angle grinder must be put into perspective. Usually, they are powered either by electricity, petrol or by air compressors. Each power option has its pros and cons, no doubt. A simple instance when an electric angle grinder goes down, the charge goes down, which means the equipment would stop working. But for one that runs on petrol, once the machine is refilled, you can continue using it. Therefore, before you go all out to buy your power tool, weigh your options to see which would best suit your needs.

Disc Size

This is one of the very first things to look at when shopping for the best angle grinder to buy for your home. The disc is also known as the wheel or sometimes called the head. Its size usually indicates the strength and power of the motor which would also translate to how effective it would be. It, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you should go all out to buy an angle grinder with the biggest disc; you simply need to focus on choosing the one that will produce optimal efficiency for your tasks. A simple instance involves when you need your grinding to be extremely precise, your preferred angle grinder tool should be one with a small wheel. A disc that is large in size would certainly not be ideal in such a situation. The discs occur in different sizes ranging mostly from 4.5 inches to 9 inches.

Side Handle

If there is one thing to be on the lookout for with regards to handles, it’s ensuring you go for an angle grinder that has an adjustable side handle. This would make it easier for you to operate the machine using both hands. Interestingly, even if you find yourself needing to use just one hand for the operations you would carry out, it’s still a better option for you to opt for the adjustable kind. This is because you just might need it in the future. You should also check if the handles possess an anti-vibration feature. This would reduce the incidence of stress or fatigue if you find yourself using the equipment for a long period of time. This anti-vibration feature also affords you better control of the machine.


This is pretty straightforward, you want more power for your angle grinder, then get more wattage. The higher the wattage, the more the power of your grinder, the higher the ease at which it will grind and cut whatever it comes in contact with. And as expected, larger discs would require more wattage to provide sufficient power to match their actual ability, while smaller discs wouldn’t require as much wattage. It’s also essential to ensure your angle grinder has a higher amp; this way, you can perform heavy-duty operations with it.


The speed of the disc must also be put into due consideration before purchasing your ideal angle grinder. The higher its number, the higher its efficiency. Most discs usually rotate between 5000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute. This is a key factor to be considered because the actions of cutting and grinding required from your angle grinder are highly dependent on how fast its wheels are. This is what makes the angle grinder ideal for its purpose. Therefore, the better option would be for you to select the equipment with the highest disc revolutions. Another feature to also be on the lookout for is the device’s no-load speed. The common speed usually falls between 700 to 1200 revolutions per minute. There are, however, grinders with no-load speeds of up to 12,000 revolutions per minute.

Adjustable Guard

This feature is crucial as it will provide protection from sparks and debris that are as a result of cutting any material. So, when you find yourself shopping for your perfect angle grinder, look out for this feature and make sure it’s present. Because they are adjustable, they can be moved at will if the need arises, depending on the job at hand.

Soft Start

With the soft start feature, you can easily hold the machine while you are starting it up. The soft start prevents it from twisting or wrenching. You should, however, ensure that the motor is functioning at full speed before you attempt to use the angle grinder on anything. Don’t let the ease of handling at start-up tempt you into using it immediately. Most of the available large angle grinders have this soft start option, so, looking out for this feature is important when shopping for small angle grinders.


Having the option of changing discs and the other accessories as required is very important. Indeed, most of the angle grinders that are available today have this option of change. This would make your angle grinder more applicable to a vast range of functions. Therefore, it’s crucial that you go for a machine that would support the use of attachments at will.


Now that you have seen the basic features that should guide you in picking the perfect angle grinder for your home, how about a detailed breakdown of the top 9 angle grinders available on Amazon.

These are the top picks based on a balance in price and affordability, user-friendliness, durability, etc. They have been analyzed to ensure you will be getting the best deal for your home.


Read Our 9 Best Angle Grinders Reviews

best angle grinder review


#1. BLACK AND DECKER BDEG400 Angle Grinder

This is our no. 1 pick for a variety of reasons. It is a 4 ½ inch, 6-amp angle grinder that offers basically everything you would want in a modern angle grinder and more. Few of the important things include a very high built quality with a sturdy grip that can last you years without taking sweat. The wire quality lacks in many angle grinders which after tough use become torn, but there is nothing like that in this one, it has a great wire quality which can last for very long periods of time. The only thing I would like to mention here is, this angle grinder is rated to run at 120v and if even accidently you plugin at 220v it will burn, so keep that in mind. Here are the features that make this product stand out as a best seller on Amazon…

Metal Gear Casing

The nature of a workshop means your tools might easily be affected by the rough activities and components. This grinder is perfectly made to endure such adverse conditions with its metal gear case that serves to protect it from all the potentially damaging external factors.

The Black and Decker BDEG400 angle grinder is known for its durability. This means you get top value for your money as you can be sure it would last longer than most grinders within the same price range. The metal gear casing and its perfect structuring give it this property. Regardless of how much work you accomplish using this equipment on a daily basis, it would stand the test of time.

The Spindle Lock

The ease for change in accessories is an important feature of this equipment thanks to its spindle lock. The lock makes it easier to use this grinder.

With this button, you can easily change from one accessory to another as needed ensuring work goes on nonstop. When this feature is lacking, grinders can be difficult to repair. It makes it easier to handle your grinder.

One-Touch Release Switch

The one-touch feature of its release switch means you can shut off your Black and Decker BDEG400 easily and quickly. It is strategically located to allow for this, making it very convenient, and enhancing workflow.

Three-Position Side Handle

The more comfortable your angle grinder is during use, the better for you, taking away half the load of stress that might come with any activity. The Black and Decker BDEG400 ranks above all modern angle grinders with this feature as its three-position side handle provides for added comfort and control.

The even more comforting attribute that this brings is that despite working for long hours grinding and cutting metal, you wouldn’t feel as tired as you should. The Black and Decker BDEG400’s side handle is unique and one of a kind.

A Narrow Body

The Black and Decker BDEG400 has a distinctly narrow body that makes it easier to use and operate. This is an important requirement for a top angle grinder – manageable size, shape, and weight. It would allow for more comfortable and easy handling during use.

This narrow body gives the Black and Decker BDEG400 an edge over the other big name brands.

George R. suggests that do not buy the frequently bought attachments with this angle grinder unless you know what you are doing, because he ended up getting the wrong ones.

Affordable Price

Considering the affordable price it comes at and the features it offers, I will say you are getting top value for your money.


  • A one-touch switch release enabling easy shut-off
  • High Quality Cord
  • Narrow and light
  • Metal case gear makes it durable


  • The switch could prove difficult to turn off sometimes
  • Only runs at 120V




#2. DEWALT DWE402 Angle Grinder

The DEWALT DWE402 is a 4 ½ inch, 11-amp paddle switch angle grinder.

Dewalt grinders are known for their excellence. This model is even more impressive than the bulk of Dewalt grinders available, due to its impressive specifications. With an 11-amp AC/DC 11,000 rev/min motor. It is both powerful, durable, and reliable. The amazing thing about this angle grinder is that it weighs only 1lbs and packs a whole lot of power in it. It has almost all the features you could ask for in a small angle grinder. Considering its build quality and the high power it packs, the price is quite affordable for something like this that will last you years, it is also relatively affordable. Here are the features of the DEWALT DWE402 angle grinder…

Portability and Flexibility

Weighing 6 pounds, it might be a little bit heavier than other angle grinders in the same category, however, this weight doesn’t make its usage cumbersome. Indeed, this model could still be said to be quite portable. Its detailed work is enough to not really bother about the extra weight.

Interestingly, the size to weight ratio is one of the best available. It has been observed that if the angle grinder was smaller than it is, it would be much more difficult to grind with. This Dewalt with its one-touch guard, performs its job perfectly. The guard allows for incredible flexibility as you can rotate the grinder tool at an angle of 360 degrees in one simple and easy movement.

Dust Ejection System

This is one of the special features of the Dewalt Dwe402 angle grinder. It comes with an ejection system. So, you do not have to worry about any malfunction from your angle grinder due to the debris produced as a result of grinding. This ejection system acts to protect the equipment’s internal mechanisms from the debris build-up, and ensures that dust particles do not impede the optimal performance of your angle grinder. To top it off, with this system, your work area would remain tidy and not appear so messed up or littered all the time.

Quick Change Wheel

Imagine if you had to go look for tools every time you need to change the wheel of your angle grinder. Those days are gone. With the DEWALT DWE402, you can do this without requiring the use of any tools or any hustle. It has a quick change wheel function that permits you to perform this task on the go and easily, no tools needed.

One-Touch Guard

This amazing feature as mentioned above gives you so much flexibility. In just one movement, the one-touch guard affords you a 360o rotation on its axis.

Paddle Switch

This is very important for safety reasons. The paddle switch angle grinder provides a lock-off system. Keeping it in a sort of safe mode. It makes your angle grinder safe to use, preventing any accidents from occurring. An instance would be you starting the angle grinding mistakenly and hurting yourself as a result. This would be avoided.

Oversized Brushes

This feature was added intentionally to give you an angle grinder that would last twice as long as other competing models. The DEWALT models are well known for their oversized brushes.

Large Spiral Bevel Gear

This last feature is also one that gives the DEWALT DWE402 an edge. This bevel gear gives your angle grinder a longer transmission life, effectively affording you an opportunity to make use of it for several years into the future if you so desire.

Kaztheatre says that the angle grinder is perfectly fine proving a lot of torque, but it is tiring sometimes when using for longer periods due to its big size and power.


  • Flexibility – The DEWALT DWE402 is impressively flexible, it’s so easy to see this feature after working with it for just a few hours. It makes your work so easy, and it’s perfect for delicate jobs and those that require more precision.
  • Cleanliness – You don’t have to be a super clean person to appreciate this feature. You can use this equipment without messing up your environment or worrying about the accumulation of debris in its air vents.
  • Comfortability – This machine is very comfortable to hold, makes it very easy to use. You would be so impressed with this feature as we are when you use it. Despite its small gripping surface, it is big enough to hold without you worrying about dropping it. And you can use it for extended periods of time because your hands wouldn’t get tired from using it.
  • Longer Life Span – DEWALT has gone a step further to manufacture a well-made angle grinder that outlasts the competition. This is well pronounced with the awesome features of the DWE402 model.


  • Beginners shouldn’t go for it as it is comparatively big in dimensions
  • It’s somewhat more suitable for experienced users



#3. MAKITA XAG03M Angle Grinder

The Makita XAG03M is an 18V Brushless, Cordless 4 ½ inch angle grinder.

This gives another dimension to angle grinders with its cordless and brushless feature. It basically means you don’t have to worry about cords getting in your way while grinding. It comes well protected in its hard case which confers longevity on it. On first glance and while holding it, you would see that it’s well balanced and quite comfortable to hold.

Considering that it is a brushless cordless angle grinder, it won’t provide torque equivalent to any corded angle grinder, but it does the job pretty well and is best for home use.

It has a lockable switch and its batteries click in and out with ease. It also has a safety feature that prevents the machine from starting up automatically when you insert a new battery, even if the switch is locked-in on the “on” position.

On the first usage, flashings from different light combinations can make the charger’s indicator system pretty confusing. However, as time goes on, you would easily be able to identify when the battery is actually being charged. You would notice that the batteries by themselves do not possess charge indicators, you would find the indicator on the tool. Something to note, a minor convenience though it would seem, is that you have to put both batteries on to find out which one has the most charge.

The beauty of this brushless cordless angle grinder is so clear to see when you have to work at different spots on different objects. Cords would often and almost certainly get in the way, twisting and getting stuck or cut in between various things. However, despite this amazing attribute and advantage, it must be noted that grinding and cutting requires a lot of power and as with this case of the Makita XAG03M, the batteries bear most of the grunt. The batteries would often get heated up as the strain of the work increases, and at some point, it wouldn’t charge anymore, then you would have to set it aside to cool off before you can start again.

The harder the surface that this machine has to smoothen, the more the battery gets strained. The Makita XAGo3M comes with two batteries, so you could always swap one for the hot one for a much cooler one after a long stretch.

This equipment is extremely easier and more convenient to use than other angle grinders with cords. It has a soft start feature that makes it great for use with just one hand. You can use it on small pieces of materials, with a cut-off wheel, also when deburring and cleaning off spatter from the welding table.

Of course, welds demand more power, so they would wear the batteries down more, but you would still have unrivaled ease and convenience of use. It is easily the perfect grinding tool for smaller and flexible grinds.

The Makita XAG03M might struggle to handle the extreme power requirement of the cord angle grinders when it comes to weld removal, but for other tasks, this cordless brushless 4 ½ inch beauty is unrivaled for ease of use. Very affordable price for the features it offers, a must buy.

Tony Yunho Kim says that the angle grinder itself is quite amazing, however if it offered more power and work time it would’ve been much better, but obviously you can’t expect more from a cordless angle grinder.



  • Extremely easy to use and handle
  • Very safe for use due to its many safety features
  • You don’t have to worry about a cord getting stuck or drawing you back
  • Comes with two battery packs


  • It cannot work for extended periods of time due to battery overheating
  • It’s not the preferred choice when working on welds


#4. PORTER-CABLE PCEG011 Angle Grinder

This is the newer model of Porter-Cable PC60TPAG. This grinder/cut-off tool is one of the lightest angle grinders available today weighing only 4.1 pounds. It also boasts a high speed working at 11,000 rpm. It has a 6 Amps motor and a 4 ½ inch wheel. This makes it a very powerful and effective angle grinder. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most-sought-after angle grinders in the market.

Keeping in mind the high speed of 11,000 rpm it still cannot be compared to the industrial ones but obviously in this price range it is a great choice for anyone looking to get an angle grinder for home use.

This angle grinder features a 3-handle position, soft start, tool-free adjustable guard, and an integrated spindle lock which makes it easy to switch grinding wheels.

Its no-volt switch prevents accidental restarts after a power disruption. This safety option is an important feature; it ensures the tool doesn’t start by itself if the power goes off and comes back on unexpectedly while the power switch is still on.

It has a locking slide-switch as opposed to the paddle switch. Slide switches are usually preferred in situations where comfort is required for longer work sessions. Paddle switches, however, are “dead man” switches; they disengage once the tool is released.

If you are looking to undertake tasks that are much bigger, its cast metal gear casing facilitates heat removal. This machine affords the user a very high level of control and comfort, thanks to its three-handle position. With the Porter-Cable PCEG011, you get additional accessories such as a side handle, cut-off wheel, a wrench, and a grinding wheel. Productivity and safety can be enhanced with the two tool-free guards. You can easily adjust them to control the spark path.

Its lightweight means you can move it around without getting tired easily. Its ergonomic grip also makes it easy to twist and turn this equipment in just about any direction you desire without any risk of damaging or straining your wrist especially after using the equipment for long periods of time.

Key features:

Long-lasting 6Amps motor – powerful and durable motor, you wouldn’t have to worry about any form of breakdowns for a pretty long while.

An impressive amount of revolutions per minute – with an ability to reach 11,000rpm, you get easy and fast material removal. The Porter Cable is the best angle grinder for welding, it would increase your chances of finishing them in due time.

This is perfect if you have lots of welding to do, it would increase your chances of finishing them in due time.

Adjustable Side Handle – this feature would increase your level of control on your work.

Cast Metal Housing – this would help to prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

Quick release guard – in one swift motion, you can easily release the guard.

Spindle lock – enabled by just one wrench bit

Fast access – you get to save more time when welding as you can easily access the grinder’s motor brushes.

With the Porter-Cable PCEG011, you wouldn’t need additional equipment as you also have cut-off and grinding materials.

Danielle Scheffler says that the angle grinder heated up real quick when he used it for the first time; he even experienced some sparks coming out of the switch area. He gave the angle grinder a little rest and started again, but unfortunately the same thing happened.

Cheng says that the angle grinder started to heat when left plugged, He said that the product does the job well but overheating kills it. After a few weeks he updated that he experienced some sparks in the angle grinder and it stopped working. He said that he may have got a faulty one.


  • Has the ability to perform a wide range of functions
  • Simple Design
  • Very affordable and inexpensive


This power tool doesn’t really have any main disadvantages, there are, however, a couple of things that could certainly be improved on

  • Absence of a storage bag or case for moving the tool from one place to another despite its compactness.
  • No replacement brushes come with it.
  • An awkward angle position which occurs when you direct the handle to the left or right as it might slip forward a little too much. This would reduce the perfection of the angle, but it doesn’t really stop or affect the work.




#5. Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder

This handy, compact angle grinder is easily a standout option as a power tool. This angle grinder is very simple yet powerful and can deal with small tough tasks easily. It is built to withstand heavy duty cutting and does it very well. But make sure don’t use it for longer periods of time in one go.

Weighing less than four pounds and with a wheel size of 4 ½ inches, the Bosch 1375A can easily be moved around small corners. Extremely user-friendly and rotating at 11,000 no-load rpm, this space-saver can also produce the power required to get jobs done. The Bosch 1375A has a 6 Amp motor and a well-designed grip, two-position side handle, and a lock-on slide switch. You can use this equipment for a wide range of functions such as metal fabrication, pipe fittings, concrete repair, etc. It has a unique feature of service minder brushes that automatically prevents the grinder from working once maintenance is due. It’s coated with epoxy field windings to help increase its longevity.

Its lock-on slide switch, lightweight nature (3.75 lbs), and two-position handle makes it pretty easy and comfortable to control and operate. This tool has a 5/8-inch spindle thread that allows for easy attachment of common accessories and has various purposes such as grinding, sharpening, deburring, sanding, and brushing.

Sleek in shape, its housing two-sided handle has been designed to provide comfort. With a dust-resistance and protected motor features, you get longer service for your equipment. The spindle lock makes you save ample time as you can change the wheel quickly.

The Bosch 1375A also comes with a flange kit, wrench, guard, wheel, and side handle.


Bosch 1375A Features

A capacity of 6 Amps and speed of 11,000 rev per minute.

Lock-on/off switch allows for extensive user applications.

Its spindle lock allows for a quick wheel swap.

The epoxy-coated field windings provide sufficient protection from metal and dust particles.

It has a built-in secured switch. This prevents debris and other similar matter from finding its way into the equipment. This boosts switch life.

Service minder brushes act as a security measure by removing uncertainty. It stops the tool from working when maintenance is due.

It is double insulated, in compliance with OSHA and also listed on UL.

Specially designed is the two-position auxiliary handle which allows the user extra comfort and control.

Its 5/8 inch 11 spindle allows for enhanced flexibility required for attaching a majority of the most common accessories.

Spacraig says that the angle grinder is very smooth due to the fact that it has very less vibrations while cutting and its simple design makes it easy to hold and grip.


  • Very simple design
  • Very affordable and yet very affordable
  • Produces very low vibration, so doesn’t make too much noise
  • If compressed air is used, it can be utilized for about 8 to 10 years
  • When the air compressor is used, it takes in plenty of dust particles and once you can blow this out on a daily basis, then you have unlocked one badass tool.


  • Care should be taken with this grinder because most accessories that are intended to make this equipment more useful aren’t actually available despite being shown in Bosch’s brochures.
  • It is not recommended for heavy jobs because the motor gets heated easily.



#6. Milwaukee 2680-20 Cut-off/Grinder

The Milwaukee 2680-20 is a cordless angle grinder. It has a strong 4-pole motor, a tool-free guard, a paddle switch, a 3-position handle, as well as intake vents which serve to take care of harmful debris and dust. Weighing 5.9lbs, it comes with a Lithium-ion battery and rotates at 9,000 rpm. Considering that it is a cordless angle grinder, don’t expect a lot of power out of it, because cordless angle grinders tend to heat up quicker than normal ones.



If you have ever used a cordless machine before, you will see that the Milwaukee 2680-20’s configuration is somewhat similar to that of other cut-offs/grinders.

It’s been carefully designed to be relatively compact at 5.9 pounds and dimensions of 16.1″ by 6.7″ by 5.3″. Its compactness means you can easily perform overhead operations and work for long periods of time without getting tired.

Its paddle switch and 3-position handle make the Milwaukee 2680-20 easy and quite comfortable to use through a vast range of functions and positions. These features would also give you enhanced control of the device during use. They also eliminate the need for a lock-on button.

This device also allows for a firm grip due to its side handle which improves its efficiency and makes it easy to exert more physical force for tasks that demand such.

PowerThe Black and Decker BDEG400 grinder is known for its durability

The steel of the Milwaukee 2680-20 is its frameless 4-pole motor which spins the wheel at a maximum speed of 9,000 rpm. This device is perfect and powerful to handle most operations by metal workers, welders, masons, and other professionals. However, if you find yourself often dealing with heavy-duty cutting and grinding tasks, this machine might not be your best bet. The bare-tool version doesn’t come with any discs, yet, it sports the tool-less accessory changing option. If you have to remove any attachment, all you basically need to do is push and pull in the spinning direction of the wheel lock. With this, accessory changing becomes very easy and fast, even with your bare hands.

The Milwaukee 2680-20 also has L-shaped vents that help prevent harmful particles from entering the tool’s inner parts which could cause some real damage to its key components. This adds to increasing the lifespan of this model.


This model is part of the company’s M18 products. As such the grinder works perfectly with batteries from any of the series making it an excellent choice if you already own any of Milwaukee’s M18 fuel power tools.


The Milwaukee 2680-20 is a device with a beautiful combination of durability, speed, flexibility, and ease of use. It is quite powerful operating on a frameless 4-pole motor with its disc running at a speed of 9,000 rpm. It’s a very good choice for light-duty grinding and cutting functions.

Its incorporated paddle switch makes it very comfortable for use as well as its ergonomic design and superb balance.

With its tool-less accessory changing option and 3-position handle, using this machine is quite easy and less stressful while the L-shaped vents protect the internal setup from debris and dust particles.

Finally, you would be impressed with the level of performance of this beauty. It might not be the most powerful angle grinder on the market, but it does its work pretty well and effectively. You can use it to perform tasks such as metal polishing, cutting rebar, tuck-pointing, etc.

One Amazon Customer said that the angle grinder itself is good, however it is not built for tough jobs. If you are looking to buy an angle grinder for tough jobs than you should go for a corded one.


  • Paddle switch
  • Handles debris perfectly well
  • Easy accessory changing
  • Good for home use


  • The battery has a short life span – doesn’t last long
  • Not the best option for tough jobs



#7. DEWALT DCG 412B Angle Grinder


The DEWALT DCG412B is a 20V angle grinder with a brushless motor with a rotating ability of up to 8,000 rpm. Many cordless angle grinders come with an rpm of 11,000. However. In this case it is 8,000 rpm which is not bad either. I will suggest this angle grinder to beginners and for home use. It easily the better option and excellent solution for anyone who wants a terrific power tool that will prove its worth over time.

This machine comes with an ergonomic design and lightweight construction that makes working with it so easy. Along with its handy safety features, you will be getting a machine that gives you effective performance for functions both within the home and commercially.


Size – with an excellent size dimension of 7.3 by 16.8 by 4.8 inches, the Dewalt DCG412B is a pretty compact and handy angle grinder that gives you the chance to handle most materials with almost no strain on your muscles or fatigue.

Battery Type – it runs on the latest battery technology in the sphere of cordless tools with its feature of the 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery. You can work long and maximum hours without requiring to recharge. It’s a better alternative than the Ni-Cad options. However, this equipment doesn’t come with the battery, so you would have to purchase it yourself at an additional cost.

Weight – with the battery inserted, it weighs 5.1lbs. This makes it one of the lightest angle grinders available today. This light weight also means you wouldn’t feel the brunt of working for long hours.

RPM – this device works on a brushless engine with a maximum speed of 8,000 rpm.

Package – you would be getting only the bare tool when you purchase this angle grinder, so you would need to make arrangement to buy a battery to go along with it.

Chuck Size – it has a quick wheel release that makes it easy and quick for you to adjust and change the blades in only a matter of seconds. Containing a 5/8-inches arbor, you have a place where you can put various attachments for enhanced versatility.

The Machine

The Dewalt DCG412B comes with a compact design, light weight, and vast ergonomic features that would surely make you fall in love with the ease it affords and stress it takes away. It is a top-performing device with a higher top speed than most brushed motor models. Its different features make it quite easy to use and its high-power engine would give you all you need to get your grinding done promptly.

The device also has a quick-change wheel release. With this, you can change wheels quickly without using any tools. And its tool-free guard can be positioned as you deem suitable to your needs.

It has a two-finger-trigger switch and a lock-off button that will increase the comfort of your grip and afford you easy activation.

Its two-position side handle enhances the device’s versatility, control, and support.

With the Dewalt DCG412B, you can cut through rebar, threaded rods, and metals, etc. You can also get to sand flap discs, finish metals with wire stringer, and several other functions.


The price is not too low when you compare it with other angle grinders, but what you get is a tool that can handle most of the materials within your workplace.

Prose says that don’t go for the frequently bought discs as they are wrong usually, as far as the angle grinder itself is concerned it is quite good and gets all the easy tasks done without any trouble.


  • Brushless Motor
  • A significant deal of revolutions per minute allowing for convenient performance
  • High-capacity Lithium-ion battery
  • Compact and Lightweight



  • It’s quite expensive when you compare the prices of other angle grinders




#8. HITACHI G12SR4 Angle Grinder

This angle grinder features a 6.2 Amp motor with an ability to deliver a maximum power output of 980W, making it very suitable for heavy duty grinding jobs.

Keeping in mind its price, this angle grinder is one hell of a machine and has the capability to perform heavy duty tasks without any trouble, it does look obsolete but its performance is much better than all the new angle grinders available in the market in this range.

With a convenient spindle lock, you can easily and quickly make changes and adjustments to the wheel and other accessories in-between jobs. This ease of use is a big deal and is crucial when operating any power tool, and the Hitachi g12SR4 delivers this beautifully.

At just 4lbs in weight, and with a very compact body, this device is very easy to hold, ensuring comfort and no strain on the wrist.

It has a detachable side handle which can be fixed on either side making it adaptable for use regardless of the hand choice of the user – either way is just perfect, left or right.

This powerful angle grinder operates at variable speeds all depending on the requirements at every point in time. With a wide range of cutting and grinding wheels at your disposal, this tools helps you cut through even the toughest of metals with ease.

The wheel guard is easily adjustable for the safety of the user and the tool shuts down automatically once it becomes overheated. This helps to protect you from any bad occurrences.

The G12SR4 is available with a grinding tool, a wheel guard for protection, spanner wrench, five different grinding wheels, abrasive wheels, side handle, and a case.

The HITACHI G12SR4 is a versatile tool that gives you the ability to work on a range of different kinds of materials. With this tool, you can successfully remove excessive casting fin, finish different forms of metals such as aluminum, bronze, and steel. You can also grind slate, brick, synthetic resin, and marble as well as welded sections.

It is uniquely very adaptable as other accessories can be used with this tool. They aren’t necessarily included with the packaging of this tool. For instance, you can use a wire brush attachment with the Hitachi G12SR4. You simply need to follow the instructions when attempting to make use of accessories that aren’t included when purchasing this device.

This device has a trigger created with it that keeps the device on lock-down to ensure a smooth, continuous, and comfortable operation. There wouldn’t be any interruptions in process as the device wouldn’t stop and start at will. This allows you to get through all grinding activities in one stop.

With its five abrasive wheels, you are getting a brilliant bargain as you will have access to high quality grinding wheels every time you require them for different operations. Most angle grinders available in the market today come with just one or two abrasive wheels.

Dylan says that this angle grinder is a great option for professionals. It does the job pretty well and in this price range it offers quite bang for the buck features.


  • Its changeable speed means you can operate this machine at different speed levels depending on the job at hand
  • Powerful and reliable through even the toughest grinding jobs
  • With different wheels at your disposal and the spindle lock making the switch easy and quick, it is undoubtedly a great deal
  • It has been crafted with great caution to ensure the safety of the user
  • Comes in an attractive case that’s not too sturdy but an effective and portable storage unit. It has special cut-outs for keeping the fragile discs.
  • Price-wise, it’s quite affordable and represents good value for its worth. Plus, it has many features


  • The device’s weight might wear you out quickly. It’s not advisable for people with small hands
  • Using the device at low speed would make the grinder get hot quickly and you would have to let it rest before you can resume any activity



#9. RYOBI P423 Angle Grinder

The Ryobi 423 is an 18V Brushless angle grinder. This cordless tool operates at a no-load speed of 10,000 rpm. It is perfect for grinding and cutting operations. It has a host of user-friendly features that would make your work simple and effective.

This angle grinder is comparatively better than other cordless angle grinders as its rpm is 10,000 rpm which is quite great for something running on a battery. Obviously it is running off of a battery so don’t expect heavy duty angle grinder performance, but it gets the job done quite well. It is highly recommended for home use.

With a brushless motor, it has a longer runtime, offers an extended lifespan, and an enhanced power source.

Its compact and ergonomic design means you can use it for long periods comfortably. It also has a three-position side handle that allows for varied hand placements. And with its Gripzone microtextured overmold, you get a non-slip surface that you can easily grab and hold on to.

This device comes with a lock-on switch that allows for increased control and convenience as well as a spindle lock which makes it very easy to switch wheels. The lock-on switch isn’t a common feature in angle grinders in recent times, due to some safety concerns that warrant it being left out. However, plenty of users really like this function for its polishing applications.

The Ryobi 423 comes with an onboard storage for the spanner wrench that’s included. It also has a type 27 grinding wheel, type 1 cutting wheel and guard, type 27 grinding guard, and a spanner wrench.


Brushless Motor

Lock-on Switch

Three-position Side Handle

Versatile, compact, and ergonomic design

4 ½-inch wheel size

Gripzone Overmold

Onboard Spanner Wrench Storage

Spindle Lock

With its slide lock-on switch you do not have interruptions while working and its three-position handle means you can place your hand in a variety of positions, on the left, or the right, or top of the gearbox.

This device uses tool-less to adjust and change the blade guards. However, the arbor isn’t made to be tool-less for blade changes, this device is created with a flattened side handle that accommodates the spanner wrench which is a pretty important feature. This way, every time you want to change the disc, you do not have to stress yourself or go far to have access to the spanner.

It offers more runtime, more power, and an extended motor life due to its brushless motor feature. Plus, its speed of 10,000 rpm is quite impressive giving you tremendous power for a wide range of tasks

If you need to adjust the guard to make a deeper cut, with the Ryobi 423, you get to do that easily with just the push of a button.

This device weighs 4.3lbs, makes it very light. It is very easy and comfortable to use regardless of the action – cutting through metal or PVC, or grinding down a weld. Its three-positioned grip enhances comfort and steadiness during use, increasing efficiency.

It is offered at a very affordable price range, considering the fact that it is a cordless angle grinder and has an rpm motor of 10,000.

Melsman says that the angle grinder is a work horse. However, it doesn’t come with batteries at first he bought a wrong battery of 2Ah which caused the angle grinder to turn off while working, but later on upgrading it to 3Ah fixed the problem and it is working quite well.


Three-positioned hand grip



A lithium battery is not included with the pack

Less power at 18V


What Is The Best Angle Grinder?

I hope you have gone through the complete angle grinder guide and the recommendations. I am sure now that you must have got to know everything you need to consider while buying an angle grinder. The first thing in choosing the angle grinder is basically knowing the purpose you’ll utilise it for, if you want to get one for your garage/workshop for heavy duty work, then you should keep a little higher price in mind and choose the one that has higher rpm and power, For heavy duty tasks I won’t recommend using a cordless angle grinder as they don’t work well for tough continuous jobs. Obviously buying a cheaper angle grinder and it comes out to be of no use then your money has been wasted. If you are looking for something to use at home or for some DIY projects, then in that case I’ll recommend you get any angle grinder that fulfils the purpose you are buying it for.

Now talking about our recommendations, if you are a starter and want something basic to learn how to use an angle grinder in that case I’ll suggest you to buy  PORTER-CABLE PCEG011 Angle Grinder because it the best cheap angle grinder,  friendly to use and it is not underpowered at all like other cheap angle grinders. On the other hand if you are someone who is experienced and looking to buy something for your workshop or garage for tough jobs then I’ll highly recommend you to check the price on HITACHI G12SR4 Angle Grinder the reason behind is the power that it offers and the build quality which is quite sturdy and can last you years even with rough use. If you are someone who is looking for a wireless angle grinder and you already own a corded one, in that case I’ll highly recommend you to buy RYOBI P423 Angle Grinder because of the fact that it has a very high 10,000 rpm for a cordless grinder, and it gets the job done without any trouble. It doesn’t come with batteries so you need to buy them separately.

I hope you get to choose the best angle grinder that last for years.

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