Zoeller M63 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Are you tired of using loud pumps?Zoeller M63 Product

Dou you want to use a pump that is quite effective?

You should try to purchase the Zoeller M63 pump as it is rated very high in the market today.

Before purchasing any sump pump, it is very important to know how a sump pump operates.

A sump pump is a type of pump that helps get rid of water that has been deposited in a sump basin such as a house basement.

That’s not all!!!

The sump pump is very vital especially in situations where the basement of your home gets flooded all too frequently.

Frequent flooding can weaken a building’s foundation and cause dampness.

The water that the sump pump gets rid of is discharged very far away from where it won’t pose any danger to the environment.

In This Review, You Will Learn:

  • The Kind of tasks this pump can perform.
  • How This Pump likens with other comparable pumps
  • The pros and cons of this pump

When looking to purchase an affordable pump, it is very tempting to go for cheap options sold at your local store.

These cheap pumps don’t usually last up to a year.

Nevertheless, if you don’t intend wasting time and money on inferior products, you should probably spend some more money and purchase a standard pump like the Zoeller M63.

This pump is guaranteed to last you for about 2 decades and it is worth every bit of its cost.

Just like the Zoller N53 and Zoeller N264, the Zoeller M63 is one brand that you would never regret purchasing.

What’s more!!!

It is one of the fastest available in the market and it is very durable.

It can be used for residential and minor commercial activities.

It doesn’t dissipate a lot of heat to its external environment which makes it very convenient too.

At its price….Unbelievable!!!

This sump pump boasts a pumping capacity of 2,600 Gallons per hour from a 1/3 capacity motor.

It makes use of 9.7 amps on 115 volts but it doesn’t have a DC backup.

Its lift is 19.35 feet and its working temperature is from 40 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sump pumps can’t get any better than this….Can they?

This machine has a vertical float switch; it self-primes and it is made of cast iron.

On its website, Amazon stated that its discharge size is 11/2” FPT which is incorrect as it is actually 11/2” NPT.

Let’s See What Other Customer Have Said

I couldn’t hear a single sound when using this machine. I had to pay proper attention before I heard any sound. It is much better than the previous noisy pump which I replaced. However, I would still give it time before a make a final conclusion. If it can last as long as 16 years, then my 5 stars would remain.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Earpaper

The Zoeller M63 sump pump is an exceptional machine. Its strong switch, cast iron impeller, and its lighted electrical plug make it an excellent choice. Its 5-year warranty is one of the best you can get around. I operated it on a desk and noticed that its operation was seamless. It discharges fluid very quickly and it is devoid of loud noise and vibration. It makes use of standard dimensions for its lift and diameter, making it easy to replace my former pump in the septic tank. I did a lot of market research on Amazon and I am highly satisfied with what I have seen so far.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Thomas J. Willard

The first pump I used was purchased was in 2002 and I used it for over 16 years. It is still functional but the float got stuck and it malfunctioned. I didn’t want to risk having a flooded basement. That’s why I had to buy another pump. These pumps are manufactured like tanks. If you can spend the extra bucks instead of buying cheap models, you would save yourself a lot of stress.
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  • The manufacturers give you a 5-year warranty which means you wouldn’t be spending extra cost on the machine within that duration.
  • Its exterior is made of stainless steel; this makes maintenance much easier and improves durability.
  • This machine has been pressure tested from the factory making it water and pressure proof.
  • It performs an excellent job of dealing with debris and muddy water.
  • Unlike other brands, it can be used for both residential and commercial activities.


  • It is large in size and might, therefore, consume a lot of space.
  • It requires more maintenance to retain its durability.
  • The float switch action is liable to damage. It is imperative to check it frequently to avoid damage.
  • It doesn’t come with a backup battery. It is recommended you purchase a DC backup sump pump.

The Wayne WSS30 is a very good and reliable DC backup sump pump.

However, if you need something cheaper, the Wayne ESP25 isn’t a bad choice.

  • This pump also requires a water alarm which doesn’t come with a new product.

You can purchase the Basement Watchdog and install it just on top of the float switch.

  • The Zoeller M63 is not the fastest in the market. If you desire a faster brand, the Wayne CDU1000 is a very fast model. You can also check out the Zoeller M264 which has an exceptional performance.



After all said and done, if you want to get a very reliable pump, the Zoeller M63 is the best option for any person looking for a durable pump.

It is very reliable for both residential and commercial purpose.

You would surely get your return on investment as it is useful for a plethora of activities.

It can also be used for a very long time so you don’t need to be bothered about your house getting flooded.

It would help protect your basement irrespective of the situation at hand. What else are you waiting for?

Try to buy this sump pump as its one of the best for your house.