WAYNE ESP25 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

One of the major concerns of most homeowners is about the efficacy of their backup sump pumps and its ability to stand strong when rainstorms come calling.WAYNE ESP25 Product

Backup sump pumps are great innovations if they can give their owners peace of mind.

No foundation is 100% waterproof and this is the reason every homeowner should have a backup sump pump.

Homeowners in the USA also qualify for a certain home insurance only if they have a battery powered sump pump installed.

Are they affordable?

These backup pumps are a bit more pricey than the conventional AC sump pumps.

It is therefore imperative to combine two pumps like the Wayne WSS20V and the Wayne WSS30V.

However, if you already own an AC pump and you don’t intend replacing it, you can combine it with a battery backup system like the Wayne ESP25 sump pump system.

In this review, you will learn:

  1. Why it is not good to rely on the check valve of this device
  2. How this sump pump compares with other models
  3. The advantage of the smart charge feature of Wayne ESP25


At just about $225, the Wayne ESP25 sump pump is quite cheap and efficient.[toc]

It is quite similar to the Wayne CDU980E with respect to its cost and features.

This backup pump hardly has issues with going off except in extreme weather conditions.

The pump has a 12-volt motor and is powered by Direct current (DC).

This pump is light as it weighs 12.9 pounds and measures 7.2 x 5 x 10 inches.

It has the maximum capacity to pump about 3300 gallons per hour and a capacity of 2300 GPH at 10 feet lift.

Yes, you read that right.

It has an alarm fitted which notifies users when the backup system is activated.

This powerful pump is manufactured in the US and makes use of strong materials that are corrosion resistant.


Its float switch also ensures that its operation is totally automatic.

It is very silent and it is barely noticeable when you are a distance away from it.

 ESP25 Testimonials

I recently installed my ES25 sump pump and I powered it using an Everstart 27 battery purchased from Walmart. It was joined to the previous 1.5-inch pipe according to instructions. I connected a garden hose to the pump and was impressed with the fact that it was quite strong. It pumped as far as 8 feet and even exceeded 10 feet before I got to my home’s exterior. There hasn’t been any issue and I would let you know if anything happens.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Thomas

This pump has a capacity of 12 volts but it has some shortcomings. It is not possible to use this pump to pump any amount of head. I used this pump with the Wayne CDU 800 ½ hp 120 volts to get about 10 feet of vertical rise. Its 12 volts capacity isn’t even as strong as using a garden hose to fill the pit. The pump now pumps water with or without enough power.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Matt


  • One of the major merits of this Wayne ESP25 pump is its high efficiency compared to similar models of the same price.
  • It consumes just about 10 amperes of power. This implies that it can complete jobs as fast as 4 times more than similar pumps. You can trust it to protect your house for a long period of time.
  • Despite the fact that there is no guarantee on the lifespan of any pump, this brand can be trusted to last for a very long time.
  • The installation of this device is quite easy though you might need the services of a professional if you don’t know anything about pumps.
  • Its smart charge feature ensures that it charges up in little or no time and its power saver battery helps it run for a very long duration.
  • Its body is made of thermoplastic which ensures that it is waterproof and can be used in any condition. This is similar to the Gould J5s.
  • It has a low noise irrespective of its operating power; a feature shared by the Zoeller N53 sump



  • It is advisable not to stick with the conventional check valve for the Wayne ESP25 as it usually makes a strange sound. The Brady Check valve is a cheap and better model.
  • Its alarm is not well designed. It doesn’t notify you long enough in case of a mechanical failure. It just beeps for a few seconds and goes off. The Zoeller M63 doesn’t have this issue.
  • You cannot completely rely on any sump pump to keep you safe as they can fail anytime. It is advisable to buy a different water alarm like the Basement watchdog to alert you.
  • Some users have also complained of the poor functionality of the battery charger. You can always get a replacement charger.

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The Wayne ESP25 has about 285 reviews on Amazon. There are 233 positive reviews and about 55 negative reviews.

Most users complained about its low efficiency and plastic design. If this is not something that would bother you, you can stick with this device.

With this review, it is quite obvious that the Wayne ESP25 battery backup system is one of the most effective you would get around.

As a result of its reliable battery backup, you can rely on this sump pump to completely protect your home from any water problem.

If you are in search of peace of mind during harsh weather conditions or a pump that can efficiently clean your wet basement, this sump pump is your best bet.

This sump pump is really impressive but if you would like to purchase a DC backup in place of your AC pump, you should try out the WSS300V.

You can rest assured that your home is protected even during the harshest of weather.