APEC Water Systems Roes PH75 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Prevention is better than cure………apec water filter

This is one saying that has stayed true over the years.

The easiest and cheapest means of avoiding sickness is by screening stuff that enters your body.

In the United States, a lot of money has been spent on fixing water contamination issues.

This shouldn’t be so.

According to Patch, a US-based company, Bloomfield is reported to have spent over $4 million in tackling water contamination.

Yet a lot of strange ailments have been reported.

The Chicago Tribune recently reported that brain-damaging lead was found in some water sources in Chicago.

Why is this so?

You can’t be certain of your source of water and its safety. This is the main reason you should purchase the APEC water systems roes ph75.

The APEC water systems roes ph75 is a water filtration device that ensures that the cleanest source of water makes it into your body.

In this review, you would learn

  1. How this water filtration system works
  2. The features of this device
  3. The pros and cons of this system

The APEC water systems roes ph75 is one of the best reverse osmosis systems on the market today.

This model is portable enough and can be installed under 60 minutes.

All its parts are made of high-quality material manufactured in the USA which makes it impossible for germs and bacteria to find their way through the severe filtration process.

The APEC water systems roes ph75 has the capacity to produce 75 gallons of safe, portable and 99% clean water per day.

Isn’t this amazing???

Its durable premium filters are not only capable of providing safe water, but they are also capable of lasting for a very long time.

This specific brand has a re-mineralization process meaning that people get to relish the benefits of re-mineralized water.

This system also has the capacity to add calcium to your water which in turn improves the pH value and gives it a great taste.

What’s more!!!…….

You don’t need to spend a fortune to purchase this fantastic machine.

Roes PH75 Testimonials

This is the second type of machine I have used, the first type I used was from a different maker. I bought this after I learned that it helps improve the pH level of water by accumulating calcium. I have been having to deal with hard water and this system has been of great help. This system has the capability of reducing a TDS rating from 450ppm to 25ppm. Nowadays, I and my family enjoy the taste of our water so much. Knowing that the water we drink has a good pH makes us happy. I choose this system as a result of the reviews I read online and I have no regrets about my decision. It has been durable and the installation process was seamless.
Click here to see the original testimonial from William P. Reilly

The system I used before this was installed by professionals. However, I installed this new system by myself as the instructions were self-explanatory. All the components needed for fitting were in the pack. Though you need to get more tubing and T-fitting if you want to incorporate it into your ice maker. The price is very favorable and it is manufactured in the United States of America. It also compliments my stainless steel Faucet perfectly.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Troy F.

The flow of the water is very powerful and unlike the Premier machine used previously, there was no gurgling sound. The handle helps you to adjust the speed to your requirement. The faucet is quite attractive, strong and secure. The installation process was also very easy. The Premier system which I used previously lasted for almost 10 years, and as a result, its faucet gurgles occasionally and this is something that gladdens me. I paid more to get this system because of it mineralization process which gives water a very good taste.
Click here to see the original testimonial from M. Howard


  • It has the ability to give a purity level of about 99% as a result of its 6 stage system.
  • Its re-mineralization process ensures the quality of bottled water with ideal pH
  • It has the ability to avoid dirt, dust, chemical and other harmful contaminants at a high rate.
  • Strict quality assurance is carried out to ensure that there are no problems with device parts.
  • The design is very efficient as the maker has a high reputation.
  • Maintenance is not an issue as the outer part is protected and there is enough space to store water.
  • This device is quite cheap as the amount usually spent to boil the water is saved.
  • Its ability to deliver 75 gallons per day means that you would never lack clean and safe water. It also replenishes itself very quickly.
  • Installation is very easy and straightforward as the instructions are clear and vivid.



  • Those that want to incorporate the device into their refrigerator need to purchase the ice maker kit.
  • There are less expensive options such as the APEC-Top Tier 5 stage filter which is also another impressive option if you can ignore the mineralization aspect.
  • The iSpring RCC7 is another cheap device that can deliver 75 gallons per day and also has a 5 stage process.
  • Unlike other purification devices, the APEC water systems roes ph75 is much slower in purifying water.


If you can neglect the little delay, the mineralization feature and cleanness of the water is impressive.

  • The device replenishes itself but it takes about 60 minutes to get filled up after being emptied.

The Roes PH75 slow compared to APEC RO 90 is much faster.



APEC water systems roes ph75 is a very good system and can be regarded as one of the most excellent water purification systems available in the market.

With its durable reverse osmosis feature, APEC water systems roes ph75 has proven to be one of the best filtration device money can get.

This system has the ability to permit 75 gallons per day which is very impressive and huge enough to cater for any family’s need.

This device is produced by one of the world’s foremost water systems producer APEC. This is enough reason to purchase this device.

People that purchased this device have hardly had any complaint with respect to its efficiency.

Its high purification ability, 6 stage filtration, and re-mineralization capacities make this product a must-have.

This product is recommended to any person who can afford its high price.

However, if you want cheaper options, you should consider the Home Master TMAFC or the APEC ROES-50 system.

Another issue with this device is its low speed. If you want something faster, the APEC RO-90 is the answer.

Other similar devices you can check out are the iSpring RCC7, APEC WFS-1000 and the Home Master TMAFC.