Millermatic 252

Millermatic 252 Product Review

Every now and then a Miller machine comes around that impresses me. But It’s pretty rare Like every professional welder I have my preferences And certain welders I just don’t like Why? Can be as something as simple as a design flaw Or just a little something that gets under my skin It’s kinda like…


WAYNE ESP25 Product Review

One of the major concerns of most homeowners is about the efficacy of their backup sump pumps and its ability to stand strong when rainstorms come calling. Backup sump pumps are great innovations if they can give their owners peace of mind. No foundation is 100% waterproof and this is the reason every homeowner should…

Klutch MIG 140SI

Klutch MIG 140SI Product Review

I love all welding machines. Well Not really I really despise some But I try to find the good in all welders Even if it’s hard. I mean really hard. And so Today I’m going to review a Klutch welder Specifically the MIG 140 SI And I really had to look this machine over Because…


Hobart 210 MVP MIG Welder Review

I really like this Hobart 210 for a lot of reasons. And we will talk about all of them I promise I will Why? I really like Hobart welders. I love all power tools too… But that’s for a different discussion And my love of all ESAB stuff is well known too. I disdain Blue…

Liberty Pump Pro 380

Liberty Pump Pro 380 Product Review

In most of our reviews, we have always recommended spending enough money if you intend buying a pump that would last longer. Most of the homeowners that hurriedly purchased pumps have complained about their pump getting damaged within few months of usage. It is never wise to keep spending a lot on repairs when you…

Hobart Handler 130

Hobart Handler 130 Product Review

There are good welding machines. There are Bad welding machines. And terrible “ you couldn’t give me that for free” machines And then there are those in between machines Stop right there… You’re telling me that a machine can be both? Good and bad? Yes. Well, sort of. Let me explain myself so we are…

Ridgid R86034 X4

Ridgid R86034 Product Review

With respect to DIY and home improvement jobs, there are certain tools that are needed to keep ones home in order. One of such tools is the popular power drill. An upgrade on the power drill is the Impact driver. These two tools are very similar but the Impact driver makes work easier and faster….

Hobart Ironman 230

Hobart Ironman 230 Product Review

I love to weld. All kinds of stuff. Steel, Aluminum, stainless… Sometimes brass if I feel really good And I love my all of my tools Using them on job sites And figuring out which is best I especially like my Big yellow welder. Well, that’s my nickname for it I really hate big blue…

18 Aluminum Pipe

Ridgid 18 Aluminum Pipe Wrench Product Review

Pipe wrenches are one of the important tools one must have at home in case of a water disaster. Often times, minor pipe issues have led to an evacuation and the cost implication is high. Apart from water restoration companies and plumbers, homeowners should endeavor to have one. What makes endeavor wrench so important? The…