Ridgid 18 Aluminum Pipe Wrench Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Pipe wrenches are one of the important tools one must have at home in case of a water disaster.Aluminum Pipe Wrench

Often times, minor pipe issues have led to an evacuation and the cost implication is high.

Apart from water restoration companies and plumbers, homeowners should endeavor to have one.

What makes endeavor wrench so important?

The pipe wrench can be used to solve minor problems of an overflowing toilet or leaky faucet before they degenerate to bigger issues.

In this review, you will learn:

  • How this pipe wrench compares to other pipe wrenches
  • The advantages of the aluminum material used to make it
  • A cheaper version of this model


The Ridgid 18 Aluminum Pipe Wrench is a sturdy, strong and efficient yet light wrench which also offers convenience during usage.

It is quite light compared to the conventional iron brands. Its ease of use is another quality that makes this pipe wrench popular.

This pipe wrench comes with a strong I-beam which has a forged hook jaw.

What’s more?

This jaw also boasts self-cleaning threads, heel jaw, and a spring assembly that can easily be replaced.

Let’s not forget the non-stick adjustment nut which helps get rid of grime from the jaw shank thus improving reliability.

This Ridgid 18 Aluminum Pipe Wrench is perfect for pipe diameters which measure a minimum of 1 inch and a maximum of 2.5 inches.

That’s not all.

This makes it appropriate for a wide range of jobs.

This pipe wrench also has comes with a lifetime warranty which covers workmanship and material defects.
The Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench has the same durability and ease-of-use synonymous with other Ridgid wrenches.

Read What some people have said about this Wrench

I have been a plumber for over a decade and I have always stuck to Ridgid products. Any plumber who knows the value of a good work should always go around with a set of Ridgid wrenches. At one point or the other, we have always attempted to purchase cheap wrenches only to discover that they wear out too fast or they don’t grip properly. I have heard of a story where a plumber got injured while using a cheap wrench. The grip of the wrench slipped during usage and the wrench hit him on his head. Ever since then, he learned his lesson the hard way and promptly for rid of that wrench. Up to date, he has never purchased a cheap wrench. Soon after the incident, he bought a Ridgid wrench which he has used for about 7 years without any regret.
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For many years, Rigid has been renowned for the manufacture of strong pipe wrenches. The latest brands which are made of aluminum are lighter but as strong as the conventional cast iron brands. However, it I easy to damage the aluminum wrench when working with a torch. It is therefore imperative to be more careful to avoid damage from the heat. For almost 2 decades, I have been using this wrench to fix and unscrew galvanized pipe loading system. Mine has been stained with paint but the jaws still function perfectly. It is possible to replace the jaws with new ones but I have never had any reason to do that. I have utilized this pipe wrench for various DIY and home activities. Though it is a bit bigger when using it on a sink cabinet. In this case, I utilize a 10” wrench while using this as a holder. Ridgid wrenches would never disappoint if properly maintained.
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All pipefitters own a pipe wrench of about 12” to 14”. All homeowners also need a pipe wrench and that is why I purchased this at a nearby store. This pipe wrench is sturdy and strong yet doesn’t weigh too much. I always keep my plumbing tools in my truck and they usually get rusty very often but this pipe wrench is an exception. Its steel parts still look brand new. Its teeth have a very hard grip and this is perfect for intricate jobs. I don’t know why all pipe wrenches don’t have a rubber or plastic grip like pliers do. All in all, this device is long lasting and efficient.
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  • The Ridgid 18 Aluminum Pipe Wrench is 40% lighter than some other brands which measure up equally. It is also very easy to use and quite durable.
  • It boasts an I-beam handle which has a forged hook jaw. This feature is important for fast adjustments and stronger grip. This is similar to the Drixet pipe wrench.
  • It is quite straight which makes it suitable for a variety of jobs.
  • It is made of aluminum. This makes the Ridgid 18 Aluminum Pipe Wrench resistant to rust and corrosion.



  • This pipe wrench is quite efficient yet very expensive. It is not advisable to buy if you wouldn’t be using it frequently. The Crescent AC218VS is a cheaper version.
  • Its usage is not so flexible. You might have to reset it every time you use it.

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The Ridgid 18 Aluminum Pipe Wrench has about 145 reviews on Amazon. A staggering 140 make up for positive reviews while there are just about 5 negative reviews.

The 5 negative reviews are mainly centered around design issues which don’t affect the functionality of this device.

The cost is another problem as it is more expensive though more efficient than many other pipe wrenches.

That apart, this pipe wrench deserves all the accolades accorded to it. It is the perfect blend of durable, efficient, flexible and long-lasting.

If you want a pipe wrench that would last for several years, the Ridgid 18 Aluminum Pipe Wrench should be your definite choice.

You should, however, be prepared to shell out some bucks for it.