Liberty Pump Pro 380 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

In most of our reviews, we have always recommended spending enough money if you intend buying a pump that would last longer.Liberty Pump P382LE41

Most of the homeowners that hurriedly purchased pumps have complained about their pump getting damaged within few months of usage.

It is never wise to keep spending a lot on repairs when you can always get a sump pump that is reliable.

Using a defective pump can also usher in the negative consequences of flooding.

Flooding is known to cost Americans about $1.9 billion annually.

Rather than wasting your hard-earned money on trial and error, it is better to purchase wisely and enjoy your pump for years to come.

There are many high-quality pumps on the market that are bound to serve you relentlessly whilst keeping your budget in check.

In this review, you will learn:

  • The importance of the QuickTree technology in the Liberty Pump Pro 380 series
  • Operating conditions of the Liberty Pump Pro 380
  • How the Liberty pump P382LE51 compares to the Liberty pump P382LE41


The Liberty Pump Pro 380 series a design which boasts a huge capacity; this is perfect for tough soil conditions and bedrock. [toc]

The Liberty Pump Pro 380 series also has lengthier pump cycles (for longer pump life) and a big capacity of 41 gallons.

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This sump pump is already assembled in the factory ensuring that installation time and cost is greatly saved.

It is not strong enough for household purposes as it is best suited for household jobs. Its flow rate is 140 Gallons per minute and a motor output of 1/2 HP.

Isn’t this Amazing?

Let’s see what some customers have said about this water pump

If you want to purchase a quality sewage ejector pump, this product is the perfect choice for anyone. This ½ horsepower pump comes assembled with its pump and float kit. This implies that you do not have to bother about installation. All you have to do is plug in the power cord, connect the discharge pipe and inlet calves and that all.

I have installed several pumps for individuals over the years as a professional plumber. One of the topmost characteristics that the best pumps have is when you don’t have to get rid of the whole sump container to reach the float. Most professionals are aware of the fact that float switches are usually the problem when a pump fails to work properly. Liberty pumps manufactured this model to make sure that users can have access to the cord without any difficulty.
Click here to see the original testimonial from William Struse

I have had a very bad experience with this pump. My sump pump keeps getting spoilt every month. My landlord thinks it’s my fault but I did a little research and I discovered that this pump needs clean up from a professional occasionally. I had to pay a huge sum of $300 every 6 months to get this pump cleaned because my landlord wouldn’t pay for it. DO not buy this pump if you need more durability and long-lasting. Do have a great day.
Click here to see the original testimonial from yidel monroe

This pump is of a very high value and it is definitely worth every penny. Installation is straightforward as instructions are clearly spelled out. Additionally, the gaskets that help get rid of sewer gases is more than the number of gaskets found in other products. I have gone through the tank and pump and I am glad to say that both are well designed. I believe that quite a lot of effort was put into the manufacture of this pump.
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Like other Liberty pumps, its warranty is 3 years a and its weight stands at about 68 pounds.

Hot fluids of about 140F can be used in this pump and its thermal overload protection shuts down the system at 221F.

Its maximum discharge head stands at 24 foot with a 2-inch discharge.



  • The QuickTree Technology is a feature that makes sure that the switches of the pump can be easily accessed without any disturbance.
  • Its ½ HP pump is very effective for household and residential activities.
  • A piggyback float switch ensures that the Liberty Pump Pro 380 can be automatically operated and at longer cycles.
  • Its exterior is made of powder coated cast iron to ensure its reliability and durability for years to come.
  • Its rotor shaft is made of stainless steel whose bearings are permanently lubricated for long-lasting life.
  • Its warranty of 3 years is very impressive to doubtful buyers.



  • The delivery and the packaging of the Liberty Pump Pro 380 has been below standard as several users have been made to regret their decision.
  • This pump is not equipped to handle string debris and excessive dirt without breakdown. The Zoeller M267 is one pump that can perform the above admirably.
  • The Switch is not durable enough. Users should, therefore, be prepared to buy a replacement switch.
  • This pump is incomplete without a check valve and a ball valve. The function of the check valve is to avoid backflow while the ball valve helps to remove the lid before repair.


This Liberty Pump Pro 380 has about 28 positive reviews and 5 negative reviews. The 5 negative review shouldn’t be an issue as they basically talk about the same issue of substandard package and delivery.

This is an issue that is common to the Liberty Pro 380 series. If you cannot cope with this problem, it is advisable to stick with the Zoeller M63.

The Liberty Pump P382LE51 is popular as a result of its combined durability, ease of installation and efficiency.

It is a very good option if you are looking to get value for your penny. It is trusted to serve you for decades as its body parts are made of strong and standard materials.

The maintenance cost is quite low and even negligible and you don’t need professional supervision to get it up and running.

The Liberty pump P382LE41 is a low-cost option if you are looking for a sump pump with similar characteristics. However, the Liberty pump P382LE51 offers more in terms of speed, reliability and maximum head.

If you are able to maintain this pump properly, you should be able to use it conveniently for about 15 to 20 years without any major issues.

This sump pump is quite rugged but not strong enough to handle too much dirt. The PRG101A is a stronger machine suited for handling much debris.