Klutch MIG 140SI Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

I love all welding machines.Klutch MIG 140SI


Not really

I really despise some


I try to find the good in all welders

Even if it’s hard.

I mean really hard.

And so

Today I’m going to review a Klutch welder

Specifically the MIG 140 SI

And I really had to look this machine over


It was hard to find the good in it.

But I did find some reasons that might make it good for you.


Quick Overview

  • Who would benefit from Klutch 140 si MIG most
  • Pro’s and Con’s
  • Some other machines that I would recommend



The great thing about being a professional welder…

Well, there are so many great things…

Besides wearing a cool hood

And looking like Darth Vader

But with stickers

And making some awesome stuff…

Is that I get to try all kinds of tools

Power tools

And welders

But to be completely transparent

I haven’t used the Klutch 140SI

And I refuse to


Because… It’s like the matrix

I’ve seen too much

And I can’t go back!


I’ve taken the red pill of welding…

And once you use some beautiful machines

You can’t use anything subpar

And that’s how I feel about this Klutch MIG 140SI

That doesn’t mean it’s bad –

So let’s get down to business on this machine



  • Lightweight – only 27 lbs!
  • Spool gun ready with a gun change and flip of the switch
  • Cast aluminum drive
  • MIG or flux capable
  • If the machine is overheating a warning light alerts you.
  • Power inverter



  • Duty cycle is very low – 30% at 90 AMPS
  • Price
  • Power switch in the back of the machine
  • Cheap gas regulator provided
  • Holds only a 10lb spool of wire
  • Infinite wire feed adjustment


Now that you know the good and the bad – let’s talk about it.

Some people really have the audacity to call this an “industrial machine”


If you’re building Legoland, sure.

Let’s get something clear.

Klutch 140SI MIG no way an industrial machine.

Not even close.

This is a pro machine

And this is a heavy duty DIY machine/semi-pro.

 Klutch MIG 140 Testimonials

This has been one of the best purchases I made all year. It does have some issues, like cheap knobs that break and the gas regulator is junk. Overall I have used both Flux and gas – both produce really good welds. I repaired a muffler, some farm tools and even broke into my safe when I forgot the combination.
Click here to see the original testimonial from this Amazon Customer

This welder is great for a first-time welder – I would say it goes head to head against the blue. I’ve welded with flux core and had no issues. It’s lightweight, easy to use and in 10 minutes out of the box, I was welding.
Click here to see the original testimonial from dave sinner

Let’s talk about the good

Klutch 140SI is lightweight.

Mostly because of the inverter it uses.

And most expensive machines use a power inverter to save weight

And size.

A power inverter will take your regular 115v power at home

Convert the AC power to DC

Send that power through a step-down transformer

And deliver the AMPS you need to weld

So you can lay some sweet stringer beads

Or basket weaves

Or spot welds

I mean, it’s all good in the hood right?

Especially when you have good gear


Don’t forget the ear protection

Most welders forget their ears for some reason…

Back to my point…

So it’s lightweight.

SO what?

If you need to fab something lightweight in the field

This machine will do the job

Light gauge material really.

Klutch 140SI MIG says it can do 24 gauge in one pass.

Or say you need a light repair done on your farm equipment – fine.

But with a range of 30-140 AMP’s it is a weak machine.

And there are some other things to consider

The power button is on the back

And I know

That sounds like it’s not a big deal


I can’t tell you how many times I left my machine on

When the button was on the back


When you don’t shut your machine off

And you leave your valve open

Your wasting gas.

Let’s see what The Shade Tree Fix-it Man said in his video review

Or look at Ben Trimble’s Review of the Klutch MIG 140SI

And let’s see what Carlin Comm says about the Klutch MIG 140 while he welds his school bus

WOW!!! That was a lot of video reviews…. I want to give you all the information you need before you take your decision….

Let’s continue

I like all my controls in the front…

A quick glance

And I know what’s going on with my machine


The Klutch mig 140si has infinite voltage control


Klutch claim that is for precise wire control

And it is

Especially when you’re doing thin metal

But really

I think it’s a waste of time

You spend time looking for just the right setting

And that problem is eliminated with stepper control.

Which as you can tell – I really prefer

And with this machine especially –

Here’s why.

This machine is for a beginner


Someone who uses it infrequently at best

Think about the stats on this machine :

  • 10 lbs wire spool
  • 140 amps max
  • 40% DC @90 AMPS


And infinite control will definitely waste your time.

Klutch could have done much better with a stepped voltage control.

But I don’t want to hate on this machine too much

I do like the spool gun switch.

If you want to weld some aluminum

Just switch your gun

Flip the switch on the faceplate

Adjust you infinite control

And your welding aluminum!

Pretty simple.


My Klutch MIG 140SI Conclusion

For the price point- I think there are much better entry level machines


I really like the handy MIG


The Klutch does use tweco parts on the gun

Which are from ESAB

And you know I love ESAB

But that’s like putting $5,000 rims on a used Toyota Corolla.

SO I think for a limited machine (AMPS wise) and with the price point, I would skip it.

Even for the shade tree mechanic.

Go with a Hobart if you want to step it up..

And you’’ have a machine that will last you for years

With more power

A longer Duty cycle

And a good warranty.