Apec VS Aquasana: Which One Should You Buy?

  • By: Monica Shulz

What You Get in This Article

  • The review of brands of water filtration systems, discussing the benefits and pitfalls of each
  • Pertinent information on different models of each brand
  • Reviews and comments from customers that have purchased each product
  • Answers to some of the most common questions asked

Comparing the benefits and pitfalls of both brands, Aquasana vs Apec

While both companies have been operating for many years, both excel at different functions and one may be better for you and your household than the other.

Apec vs Aquasana water system, reviewing and determining the best and worst functions of both products. Which is the better system overall and who will benefit most from each product? The higher the cost, the more proficient the system when it comes to Apec. The good news for all is that both brands are easy to install, so you shouldn’t need a plumber!


Apec As A Brand

Apec is a U.S. based brand that has a variety of water filtration systems, from reverse osmosis to salt-free and whole house systems.


Apec promises that their customers will have access to unlimited drinking water, tremendous savings, and be able to live healthier overall.


With over 12 models of reverse osmosis water systems, there is something for everyone and every type of household.


The Apec Roes-50 is one of the more popular models with a relatively low cost.

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Not only does it delivery great tasting water straight from your faucet, but it also makes an impact on dissolving solids.


A particular downside to the Roes-50 is the amount of waste water it produces, which is about 3 gallons per 1 gallon of clean water.


Another popular Apec model is the the Apec Ro-90.

Arguably providing one of the highest standards of reverse osmosis, this model removes 99% of impurities.


Among a few of the impurities it removes are chlorine, fluoride, and arsenic!


One of Apec’s more expensive systems is the Top Tier Alkaline Mineral, 6 stage reverse osmosis water system. Also known as Essence Roes-ph75.


Although the cost is high, 80% of the reviews on Amazon are 5 stars! That’s exceptional!

Exceptional 5 star ratings

One of the most favourable aspects of this product is the ease at which it is installed!


Many customers had never done any type of home-improvement work before and had minimal issues when installing this large, perspective wise, system.


Along the same line, the customer service is easy to get in touch with and can help with any potential issue you may find yourself having.

Aquasana Products

Aquasana also offers a wide range of products from under the sink water filtration system, to one that sits atop the counter.


One of their most popular models, the Countertop Drinking Water Filter System claims to reduce ten times more contaminants than the leading competitors.


Additionally, it reduces heavy metals commonly found in tap water like lead and mercury and reduces organic chemicals like herbicides and pesticides.


This last fact may be of particular importance to those living in more rural areas.


Aquasana also has a 3 stage under the sink filter system that you can purchase with a faucet as well!


It also boasts of being easy to install, claiming anyone can do it without having to hire a plumber.


The company suggests you replace the filter every 6 months, but many customers say that they get a lot more use from the filter than simply 6 months.


However, you should keep in mind that this will have a lot to do with where you live.


For example, if you live in an area where the filter is having to do a lot of ‘heavy lifting’, it may be best that you stick to changing the filter every 6 months.


What about the Pros and Cons?

Apec is a brand that is built using quality materials, including some of the best filters around which is the important part!


If you are a bit of a handy-man (or woman), you should be able to install an Apec under the sink system within about an hour if you so choose.


The biggest con for Apec systems seems to be the fact that once installed, you may have to flush the system a few times before using the water that is being put through the system.


You can read about other Apec complaints here.


Once an Apec system is purchased, on average you will only need to purchase a new filter through them about once a year and you will be good!


Aquasana in general does a good job.


Many suggest purchasing the company’s Filter For Life program that will automatically deliver a new filter to you when it’s needed, you won’t have to remember to go out and buy one yourself!


Very easy and simple to maintain, these systems can be easily used by anyone.


The most frequently noted downside to these systems is where the warranty is purchased, which is not quite the company’s fault.


If the product is not purchased directly from Aquasana or a dealer, the company may not honor it, but the company itself makes it difficult for you to follow their protocols in order for them to uphold the warranty.


If you purchase a full house filtration system, it can release charcoal as the water passes through which can leave deposits in toilets, sinks, and faucets.


This can end up being a major problem throughout your home.


Overall, the fact that Aquasana does not always honor their warranty makes the Apec systems the preferable brand.

You can ‘see’ customers displeasure with Aquasana’s warranty issue in their Amazon review system. In the time we write this review, out of 868 customers only 60% gave Aquasana a 5 star rating.   Compared to Apecs 3 stage; more people bought this product with whopping 1200 customer rated this product. And more than 70% rated this as 5 star. Even the 3 stage water filtering from Apec is the lower tier, so its cheaper. If you want better water filtering, you should check the other water filtering below.

Apec is a well-known brand in the water filtration department and that is an attestation to it’s ability to meet it’s claims which shows in their Amazon average review score of 4.6.

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The company’s products are very efficient and many customers love the fact that they can install the systems themselves.

Interestingly enough, the higher the cost of a system, the better they seem to perform.

You would think this would be the standard for every product, but that’s not always the case.

If you are trying to decide which brand to purchase, an Apec would be your best bet.

apec vs aquasana water filter comparison