iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage Reverse Osmosis System Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

The iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage reverse osmosis system fits under the sink and comes with equipment designed to remineralize and neutralize the pH of tap water. The system also comes with an alkaline filter containing calcite and red mineral stone to effectively eliminate contaminants while maintaining healthy minerals. iSpring RCC7 filters can easily be purchased from the manufacturer’s website, as can replacement parts.

Included with the iSpring RCC7AK system is a lead-free brass body faucet finished with brushed nickel, a feature that can be installed on a countertop. The product can also be connected to an ice maker, coffee maker or refrigerator. Customers are offered a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a one-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support.

The iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage reverse osmosis system is an excellent choice for families, and particularly those with young children and pets, who are concerned about the quality of the water being dispensed in their home.  The system ensures all members are consuming only the highest quality H20, so there is no need for concern.  It is especially beneficial to those with compromised immune systems who need to closely monitor their diets.

Water from the iSpring RCC7AK can be mixed with baby formula, put into a dog dish, or dispensed into a fish tank.  It allows for more natural household cleaning as well as chemical-free gardening, and is great for simply hydrating without worrying about intaking unsafe additives or chemicals that can compromise the body, leading to less-than-desirable effects to the hair, skin and nails, as well as certain illnesses which can be easily avoided with the installation of a reverse osmosis system.

WQA gold seal

RCC7AK Testimonials

Many satisfied customers have left an iSpring RCC7AK review about their positive experience with the system. Here is what they have to say:
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Arrived quickly and most of the components came pre-assembled allowing for easy installation. The parts were high quality and the step-by-step instructions were easy to follow. Customer service answered one question I had about installing the system very promptly and the representative was knowledgeable. My water tastes great and is much better than it was before connecting the iSpring RCC7AK. I would recommend this reverse osmosis system to a friend.
Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase

I installed a reverse osmosis system back in 2003 and it was time for an update. I Googled products and the iSpring RCC7AK popped up. My 13-year-old son helped to install it, which was great practice for him. We connected the system to our refrigerator to generate ice, too. The water tastes great.
Chenpeng Tan, Verified Purchase

I installed the iSpring RCC7AK reverse osmosis system in my laundry room and connected it to the refrigerator and kitchen sink. The system was very easy to install, we have great pressure and the ice maker works well. The iSpring RCC7AK meets all of my expectations. I’ve had this reverse osmosis system for four years now and there hasn’t been any need for replacement parts.
exlogger, Verified Purchase

I wanted to remove all chlorine and fluoride as well as all the particles from my drinking water. I have a two-year-old daughter, so this was a health investment for my family. I read an iSpring RCC7AK review and checked out the company’s website. I ended up purchasing a whole house system, so we can have the best water quality at the sink, as well as in the dishwater, laundry room washer, and our bathrooms. The iSpring RCC7AK shipped very quickly and the construction quality of the product as great. It was easy to install, taking roughly just over an hour. I got it set up without having to watch the videos. The clarity of the water is crystal clear and its tastes much better. I ran a quick water test and the chlorine came out at zero. I am very happy with the system and with the iSpring RCC7 filter. I would definitely recommend it.
MacGuy, Verified Purchase


The iSpring RCC7AK 6-stage reverse osmosis system is built by a highly rated USA brand that has been doing business since 2005. The system is noiseless, unlike many competing products which create a constant buzzing sound upon installation.

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The manufacturer guarantees it will remove 100 percent of microparticles, including rust and dirt, as well as 99 percent of microparticles including chlorine, which mean the iSpring RCC7AK distills the highest quality drinking water possible for the whole family to enjoy.

The complete 6-stage under-the-sink kit comes with all the hardware you’ll need for assembly.  Upgrades such as an attractively brushed nickel faucet made specifically to fit seamlessly right at the kitchen sink, ceramic valves, and even designer-grade faucets are also available for an additional cost.


How to Install iSpring RCC7AK:

The RO system, in general, is relatively inexpensive for what it has to offer and will actually help homeowners save on water costs in the long-run by allowing them to switch from pricey bottled water to receiving high-quality H20 right from the tap.  There will no longer be a need to go to the store or worry about running out of the purified water.  An endless supply is available right in the comfort of one’s home. By now I think you have enough information to make a decision, Click Here To Get Your iSpring RCC7AK.

Alkaline filters
restore important minerals lost during the reverse osmosis process, injecting back magnesium and ionized calcium, sodium, and potassium ion into the water after they are initially stripped from it.  A pH meter, unfortunately, does not come with the iSpring RCC7AK system, so it may be beneficial to purchase one. This will allow owners to see just how much of the healthy minerals are reinjected after the filtration process and monitor their intake. PURCHASE YOUR PH METER AT AMAZON!