Dont Buy The Apec Before You Have Read This: Apec Water Systems Complaints

  • By: Monica Shulz

This is not a review, but breaking down the most common problems people have with each Apec water system model and the solution we found.


We have found common complaints and paired them with solutions, when applicable.


We’ve also included some constructive feedback and suggestions for future customers found on forums and amazon reviews from prior customers.

What You Are About To Learn

  • The most common complaints that purchasers of Apec systems have, broken down by model
  • If a simple solution is available, we will discuss it
  • Constructive feedback customers have left for the company

Complaint #1. Defective Parts

A major complaint for Apec Water Systems is that sometimes they have a defective piece, as if the company did not test each system before selling it.


This could occur with any product purchased that is already put together.


The most simple remedy to this problem is to run the system and monitor it as soon as it is installed.


In other words, do not have the product installed, or install it yourself, and then leave the house. Just in case!


You do not want a small, easily fixed, faulty screw to ruin your floors with flooding!

Complaint #2. Poor Water Flow

Although not a frequent complaint, it still occurs frequently enough for us to mention it.


After approximately 6 months, complaints have come up about a lowered water pressure.


It is difficult to come to a conclusion about the exact cause of this, one thing to check would be the filter.


Apec suggests changing your water filter every 6 months. This may vary depending on the quality of your source water.


For example, perhaps you are living somewhere with a lot of dissolved solids. You may need to change your filter every 6 months definitively.


However, if you live somewhere that the main reason for purchasing a water filtration system is to simply improve the taste of the water, you may be able to go a year or more without changing the filter!


This particular problem occurs most frequently with the undersink water filtration system, particularly the CS-2500P.

Complaint #3. Apec Doesn’t Always Stand Behind Their Warranty

A complaint that we see often in our industry, unfortunately.  But in this case, this customer was luckily to get a new product sent to them as per the feedback from the manufacturer.


Frequently what happens is people purchase an item and expect the manufacturer to uphold a warranty on their product.


Unfortunately, it often is dependant on where you purchase the product as to whether or not the manufacturer will honor a warranty.


If you are concerned about the warranty, simply check with whomever you are purchasing the product from.


If purchased directly from Apec, you should have no issues filing a warranty claim, but if purchased from a third party like Amazon, you may want to check with Apec first.


Sometimes, the company requires you to register your product after purchase and that activates a separate (but still worthwhile) warranty.


Complaint #4. Arguably Apec’s Worst Product, the Water Systems Tank-14

The top critical review from Amazon encompasses what a lot of customers this about this product,


“Holds more water then the tree gallon but not the quoted 10 gals. Only 7 to 7.5 gal.”

  • Alexl12349


Many customers have complained that the tank itself does not match it’s description.


Although the description does portray it in a certain light, it is also not directly untrue.


Let me further explain.


The description states that it holds up to 10 gallons.


Many customers find this fact alone to be false.


However, Apec clarifies that is holds UP TO 10 gallons, assuming the PSI is 70+.


Simply put, the tank holds more gallons depending on the incoming water pressure.

Complaint #5. You Must Frequently Flush The System

True. As with many water filtration systems, even a water filter pitcher, you need to run water through them 2 to 4 times before actually using the filtered water.


During the manufacturing process, particles may accumulate in or around the filter and therefore the filter need to be cleaned/rinsed prior to use.


Read what “I Really Bought This” said: on Amazon.

Complaint #6. To Precharge or Not To Precharge

Although not a frequent complaint, it is a significant one particularly for Apec’s Tank-14.


When a customer inquired to Apec asking if they should precharge the tank or not, they got conflicting information.


Initially told it should be precharged, the customer asked to what psi it should be and got the response of 6 psi.


Upon checking the precharge, it was only at 2 psi.


At this point, the customer decided to do some online research and found that the pump should be 2 psi under the cutin pressure.


The customer did the math and finally got it working properly, but wanted to warn others that they should acclimate the psi to their household before running the tank.


Since we have now detailed the most commonly occurring complaints for Apec water systems, you may have decided it is still the product for you!


This would be totally understandable, as many of the complaints can be easily averted now that you are aware of them!


Particularly as the major complaints were about a specific model that Apec has.


If you would still like to purchase any of these products, please go and read our review on the Apec RO 90 and Apec Roes-50 as these are two of the most popular products Apec has.

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Overall, the complaints for Apec are not all that specific to this brand as many complaints can be applied to any water filtration system.


Apec is a well-known brand and with good reason. Not only have they been in business for decades, but are known to supply a superior product.

Apec is one of the biggest brands out there for water filtering. But there have also been some complaints about using some of their products. We go through some of them.