APEC RO 90 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

The APEC RO 90 is certified to provide the highest standard in reverse osmosis systems currently available in the market. This premium unit removes 99 percent of impurities from tap water, so owners can enjoy the cleanest H20 for both cooking and drinking. The system has been tested to remove chlorine, taste and odor contaminants, fluoride, arsenic, and other harmful toxins. APEC RO 90 filters are hard-working and long-lasting, requiring replacement every one to five years.

APEC water systems deliver the highest quality clean and fresh drinking water, which is perfect for cooking, drinking, entertaining guests, watering plants and outdoor gardens, hydrating pets, filling fish tanks or children’s swimming pools, making coffee, tea or baby formula, making ice, showering and bathing, and providing numerous beauty and health benefits. Removing the many impurities that can find their way into tap water and eliminate any added chemicals, APEC’s reverse osmosis systems help to make sure the water ingested is the safest drinking water around. Using cleaner water also means one’s hair, nails and skin will also be healthier and complexions will glow, so much so that others will take notice.

APEC has been in business for the past two decades, and its engineers specialize in designing and testing reverse osmosis systems, ensuring that each product which leaves the facility is free from defects. Every APEC reverse osmosis system is engineered to be leak free, noiseless and efficient. The company cares about the well-being of each household choosing to take that first step toward bettering their family’s lives, and this is evident in the quality of every component constructed.

What’s more, installing an APEC water will help homeowners spend less over time. Using tap water instead of having to purchase bottled water will save the average homeowner an estimated $1000 every year! There is also an additional savings of fuel and other travel expenses, and the savings isn’t just monetary, either. Installing an APEC system saves the trip to the store, which means owners are able to spend more quality time at home in their own kitchens. This equates to more time with friends and family, or more leisure time to take on the activities one wants to do rather than has to do. Everyone can appreciate having a little extra time each day.

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Many customers who are satisfied with their purchase have provided positive APEC RO 90 reviews

This is what they have to say:


Although I was hesitant to install the APEC RO 90 myself, after reading the clear instructions provided by the manufacturer, I had no problem getting it set up. Installing the reverse osmosis system actually allowed me to have a better understanding of our plumbing system in general. I now have a better picture of all of the connections and the functions of each under the sink. And, the filtered water is great! The product is well designed and very efficient. – A. Oda, Amazon, Verified Purchase



I wanted to install a reverse osmosis system during a kitchen remodel that I could use for both drinking and making ice. I did a lot of online research and decided the APEC RO 90 was the best on the market. I spoke with APEC’s customer service department a few times during installation and found the representatives to be very knowledgeable. It was a relief knowing I was speaking with someone who knew what they were talking about. Installation was very easy and only took about an hour. The tank takes up very little room under the sink and can be moved around as needed. Immediately after it was in use, I noticed a difference in our drinking water. Before purchasing the APEC RO 90, I would only drink bottled water. I love being able to have the best quality water right at my kitchen sink. The unit doesn’t make any noise, either. It was well worth the money! – Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase


I’ve had APEC RO 90 for about a month now and am perfectly satisfied with it. I was surprised by the excellent water pressure and was extremely happy I wouldn’t have to change the filters nearly as often as I did my previous reverse osmosis system. Most of all, I can rest assured my family is drinking clean water. Before I purchased the APEC RO 90, I spoke with a very helpful customer service representative. I wanted to make sure the system was capable of filtering out a specific chemical we had just discovered in our water. The representative actually researched it while I was on the phone, and sure enough, the APEC RO 90 would remove it. – Lynn S., Amazon, Verified Purchase

APEC Water Filter Replacement
The APEC RO 90 consists of five filters that perform very specific functions. The manufacturer recommends replacing the Stage 1, 2 and 3 filters once per year. The Stage 4 membrane and Stage 5 post-filter need to be switched out every three to five years.
The life of the APEC RO 90 replacement filters depends on the quality of the water and how much is used. Larger households that consume higher amounts of water may find the APEC RO 90 replacement filters wear out sooner than what the provider has estimated. Testing the water with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter will help a homeowner determine exactly when the filters need to be changed.

APEC RO 90 Replacement Filters
The APEC RO 90 requires five stages of filters. All filters are made in the United States and are of top quality. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE REPLACEMENT FILTERS FROM AMAZON!

The first stage is a five micron 10-inch high capacity polypropylene sediment filter that is capable of removing dust and rust from the water, as well as any murkiness. This filter extends the life of the membrane and the system overall.
The second and third stages consist of premium extruded carbon block five micron 10-inch filters that are responsible for further eliminating unpleasant tastes, odors and colors.
The fourth stage is a high-quality filmtec high rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane removes up to 99 percent of TDSs including arsenic, lead, fluoride, radium viruses and bacteria, to name a few.
The fifth stage is a coconut shell refining carbon 10 inch Total Contamination Removal (TCR) filter. This filter will remove any residual taste as needed.

APEC water systems
APEC delivers top-of-the-line water systems designed and assembled in the USA. The company’s products are made in California using premium parts. Every APEC water system is put through a ten- point quality control process at the facility to ensure utmost performance. APEC engineers build and inspect every system by hand, and are able to eliminate even the smallest imperfections so every piece that leaves the plant is free of leaks and noise issues. This means the company’s products are of a higher quality than some of the leading competing systems, many of which are assembled overseas and are subject to packaging and handling defects, as well as less stringent inspection requirements.

In business for the past 20 years, the company’s reverse osmosis systems have long been recommended by doctors and dieticians, as well as numerous happy customers, and the technology used by major bottling plants is also used in its reverse osmosis systems. APEC water systems filter water through a semi-permanent membrane much like bottling facilities, only the systems are designed to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants and cleanse water on a daily basis. This is even better than purchasing bottled water which can stagnant over several months on grocery store shelves. Using an APEC reverse osmosis system, owners can enjoy fresh and clean tap water whenever they wish.

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Water can also become contaminated at any point before reaching the kitchen sink. This occurs due to a variety of factors, such as corroded pipe solder, bacteria, and gardening or farming chemicals. Many cities also add impurities such as fluoride and chlorine to water. And, the quality of water is likely to decrease in the years to come. APEC water systems can help protect families against decreasing water quality and added chemicals. The best way to ensure every sip taken from the sink is healthy is install an APEC product.

What else do I need to know?
The APEC RO 90 system is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA). It meets all NSF/ANSI 58 standards. The product comes equipped with all five of the needed filters, as well as fittings and hardware to ensure installation is quick and easy. The APEC RO 90 also comes equipped with five feet of tubing, feed water adapters, a four-gallon pressurized tank, and a lead-free chrome faucet. A detailed instructions manual will show homeowners how to install the system step by step and APEC’s knowledgeable customer service team is available to answer any questions or walk individuals through the installation process.

APEC RO 90 owners can hook up the reverse osmosis system right beneath the kitchen sink. If the home consists of a basement with an unfinished ceiling, the system can also be set up there and tubing can be used to hook it to the sink on the main floor for space saving. The APEC RO 90 can also be connected to a refrigerator to filter water from the unit and generate purified ice. A special, inexpensive kit will need to be purchased in order to do so.
The APEC RO 90 system and APEC RO 90 replacement filters can be purchased directly from Amazon. TO PURCHASE THE UNIT, CLICK HERE.

Apec RO 90 Review