3M Peltor X1A Review: Little Known Factors That Affect Your Hearing

  • By: Monica Shulz

3M ear muffs is a general use ear muff that fits over the head to give you 22dB of hearing protection, while at work or play. While there are many types of ear protection available on the market 3m peltor headphonestoday, not all will properly protect your hearing from loud noises.

Knowing the right decibel level of protection, that you need is the key factor in finding the proper ear protector.

If you need them at work, your employer should provide you with the proper hearing protection according to OSHA requirements NRR 50 which is 85dB.

For individual use would depend on what type of activities such as using loud equipment, shooting firearms, or studying in a noisy environment.

What kind of Protection does the 3M Peltor X1A, give you?
As stated earlier the Peltor ear protector are for general use and your first line of defense against avoidable hearing loss. They are also the lowest decibel in the x series.

To give you an idea of the kind of protection the Peltor X1A provides all you have to do is stuff both ears with a cotton ball and then cup the palm of your hands tightly around each ear.

Then multiply the sound quality by two. If you have a set of good earplugs, insert them into your ear canal then cup the palm of your hands over your ears tightly. That just might be the level of protection that you will get with these muffs.


Test Of The 3M Peltor X1A- What’s You’re Hearing Worth?

When I first pick up my muffs, it was for keeping my lawn trimmed. They work well enough, that I decided to test them on the job. We contracted a vacation home on the lake where the owner was recently widowed and had 2 children. She forgot to winterize the home and it was a particularly cold winter that broke records. Needless to say, the pipes broke and flooded her home.

When we arrived, the mold was really bad. Drywall had fallen off the ceiling due to the fact that the pipes burst upstairs. I had set up dehumidifiers and fans in every room of the home to clear the moisture.

With a pro crew of four, demoing the home I had no problems with my Peltor ear muffs. They fit well with safety glasses and a half-mask respirator from 3M.

On Amazon, reviewers have given these ear muffs a 4.5 out of 5 stars combined rating. If I was to rate these it would be 4 stars. I’ll explain my rating in just a moment, first let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

3M Peltor X1A series over the head earmuffs review
When it comes to safety equipment, ear protection is the last thing that many contractors check off their list, if it ever get’s check off. I have been around construction all my life and I can only think of a few instances where I have seen workers wearing them.

Pro’s of the 3M Peltor X1A

• Comfortable headband: Made of hardened steel, brought to a nickel finish, insulated with a non-conductive material (known as dielectric,) in order to prevent low voltage electrical shock. This is a huge factor to consider as a contractor who works around electrical or even for those in the manufacturing industry.

• Swivel ears for a better seal: The fact that 3M thought of having swivel ears I great. It means that different head sizes will have more opportunity for a comfortable fit without too much worry about seal leakage. These things really do the job intended. They won’t cut out all the noise, but they sure do bring the decibels down to a tolerable level.
• Deep muff pockets: Give you a better comfortable fit regardless of how big your ears maybe. We had a female co-worker that had a pair of 3M Tekk ear muffs. She complained at lunchtime that her muffs made her ears hurt. She had piercings’ that crowned her ear from the top to the lobe. She tried mine on and couldn’t believe the room the Peltor X1A provided.


Don’t Wear a White Dress With These Muffs or Someone Might Think That You Were Going To a Star Wars Convention.


Cons of the 3M Peltor X1A

• Not low profile: This is one problem that I have with these muffs. They stick out like a sore thumb. They didn’t get in the way while carrying debris or while working. If you are into fashion, these earmuffs will not flatter you at all.

• Traditional headband, not the new band style: 3M has recently rolled out a new headband design for most of their ear muffs. It seems that they have excluded the lower price such as the X1A. The new band sports a little wider the rear strap to the muffs and squared off at the top. Too bad, they look pretty comfortable.

• Conditions that cause the seal to break: There are some conditions that will make the seal break, such as bumping the side of your head on a door frame or the muff swipes an open cabinet door because you were too busy texting to look up and notice. Of course, it all falls back on that these muffs are not low profile.

Before You Make Any Buying Decision You Should See What Others Say About The 3M Peltor X1A


Comparing the 3M to the FSL when both are a great purchase!

I was looking for earmuffs that would not only be great for me, but also my 3 year old since they’re around a lot while I’m out working in the yard. Although both were great for what they cost, I’d like to highlight why I liked the 3M so much!

Very light, small in size, and as fashionable as earmuffs can be.

The seal is enough to drown out noise, but you can still hear people talking that are pretty close by and they are comfortable.

Due to the matte finish, they seem to keep sweat at bay!

Additionally, they only cost a few dollars more than the FSL yet are still an excellent value.

Overall, I prefer the 3M due to the water resistance since I use them outside so often.
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Basically, because these muffs are not low profile and the fact that 3M’s corporate office didn’t find it necessary to add the new headband style to this models this is the reason for my score.

Of course, if you work in construction as I do, you might benefit from another review of the 7 best hearing protection for construction.
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I originally purchased this pair of muffs to trim my lawn also I could listen to music on my MP3 player by placing my earbuds in my ears and the muffs over them.

I saved money, over purchasing 3M’s worktunes, which are basically a noise canceling compact radio.

Cleaning the muff is pretty easy too. After a day of sweaty work, you may notice that the padding is wet.

How to clean them is pretty easy you can use a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipe over the surface of the muff.

Now that you know what these muffs can and cannot do, what are you going to do with the information you just learned?

It’s time to take action because if you don’t do anything you may be putting your hearing in jeopardy. Get your own pair today. Thanks for reading 3M Peltor X1A review