Lotos MIG 140 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

When I weld usually stick to some heavy duty pro machines.lotos mig

I favor the pro machines because I’m usually doing heavier MIG work.

I’m talking ¾ inch…

½ inch…even up to 1-inch plates.


Naturally, I need a machine that can perform. Day in and day out – no breaks.

I use a Miller, a Hobart and my trusty Esab in the shop.

I even wrote a review of a Miller…

But wait!

Just because I’m using some sweet machines now doesn’t mean it was always this way…

In fact, my first welder was a Lincoln tombstone I haggled over on craigslist.

And that machine work flawlessly… and still does.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, a lot of new welders ask me “what would be a good first welder?”

And I have several I would love to tell you about…


In this review, you’ll learn about the Lotos 140 MIG Welder.  We’ll cover:

  • Pro’s and Con’s of this machine
  • Some great high-end features that will surprise you
  • Who should buy this welder and who should avoid it.

And I love sharing my insights about welders.  Partly because it gets me out of the shop …

And because welding manufacturers are an interesting group. What exactly do I mean by that statement?

I’ll tell you.

There are a lot of good machines, bad machines that look good and there are some downright terrible machines. They are almost like they are the “whole package” … but you’ll actually be wasting your money on a box of bolts and circuits.

I want to help you avoid that. I’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly…. and you’ll have enough knowledge to really make a great buying decision. And have plenty of money left over for safety gear.

How can you beat that?


Why would you think of buying a LOTOS brand welder?

Again -good question.

I always recommend you research the brand that your thinking of buying. I mean really, the more information you have access to, the better choice you can make.

And let’s take that statement to the next level. After you know the brand is good, and not a fly-by-night-operation… then it’s time to look at the specs of the particular machine your thinking about.

Even beak out an old school pen and paper checklist.

Go ahead – I’ll wait.

Ok good.

Let’s look at the brand first.

LOTOS is not as well recognized as Lincoln, Miller, and Esab. But does that immediately knock it out of the box as a contender? It could, depending on what level of welder you are…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Lotos as a brand is based out of California. They have a line of MIG welders from beginner to more professional style MIG welders with 220v and a variety of attachments. Their machines come with both analog and digital readouts… and they also make a line of plasma cutters too.

Even though they are based out of California, their items as far as I can tell are assembled in China.

And that’s pretty standard for the industry.

So we bounced around the company website and learned a bit more. Now let’s look at the welders and their warranty – because that’s an important thing to have. Especially if you’re new to welding.


Lotos 140 MIG Testimonial

I’m not going to build a space shuttle with this welder… but I am happily building small things in my garage. This little welder is great for small projects, I even fixed a garden tiller.  Seems reliable and it fit my budget.
Click Here to See the Original Testimonial from David Freeman

I think this is a great welder. I had an initial problem with the gun assembly .. I’m not sure if it was shipped with this issue or something that I caused. I did fix it myself and it works just as well as the MIllers and the Lincoln’s I’ve used
Click Here to See the original Testimonial from JMar


Imagine this: You might try something crazy with your welder and really have a * learning moment* – you fry your welder… what now?

Well, if you have a LOTOS and its 31 days after purchase… you are out of luck.

Hummm…. Sounds a lot different then Hobart’s 5/3/1 warranty.

And that information starts to really paint a  big picture for us.

Check this out :

If Lotos doesn’t really have a great warranty behind its machines I want to know why and what the weak point is for any of their machines….


  • 115v – can run off a household power
  • Euro-style connect – easy to switch polarity.
  • Thermal overload protection – machine shuts down so it doesn’t fry the circuits.
  • Weighs just under 60 lbs
  • Spool Gun ready for aluminum
  • Aluminum wire feed
  • Uses a transformer for lighter weight.
  • Comes with a regulator and everything you need to get started.


  • Jam-packed with technology – Specifically 2T/4T ( video link)
  • Lack of warranty
  • Digital displays for volts and amps
  • 140 amp max capacity – can weld up to ⅜” material

Let’s step back and look at what we know right now :

The company seems ok, the welders do not have much of a warranty and they are full of a lot of technology. Does this mean they are bad? Well, not necessary.

Let me explain:

If you really like technology and want some high-end features, then the  Lotos MIG 140 delivers.

Some high end features delivered on a budget

The 2T / 4T options are nice and you don’t find it on entry level welders. And that’s nice if you like bells and whistles. Because at 140 amps you are going to have a low duty cycle, and you’re not going to be welding for a long time anyway.

Here is a short video that explains the 2t/4t feature on a different welder.


It’s another item that can break….. And with no warranty, that’s going to hurt.

They have digital readouts for amps and volts. Again, not something you find in an entry-level machine.

But, when you’re just learning to weld you don’t need precision right away… hence my love for stepped voltage. So it’s nice to have the digital but it’s another bell and whistle


There are a lot of things l like about this machine, and it seems like a bargain for the price point. And Lotos seems like they are targeting the new welder and DIY community. That’s great – the more competition we have the better machines we will get.

However, I don’t think the Lotos 140 is great for a beginner.


Without a warranty, there is some much to go wrong. Sure, you can purchase a warranty from Lotos for about the price you paid for the welder itself.


Just buy a basic welder with a better warranty f and have peace of mind.

Here is a great Lincoln that’s lighter and has no bells and whistles.

Or my favorite for a beginner the Hobart 140.

Especially if you’re a DIY’er or new welder.

You don’t want all that fancy tech to get in your way of welding.