Goulds J5S Pump Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

When you are spending money on a pump, you should realize that expenses don’t end with the purchase.Goulds J5S pump

You should also budget money for periodical maintenance.

Your pump has to be checked and monitored regularly to avoid sudden breakdown.

According to Water Technology, pump breakdown can be as a result of wear, corrosion, viscosity, abrasion and trapped air.

We have all been there before.

Despite the fact that all machines are liable to natural breakdown, this issue can be avoided by carrying out routine check-ups to forestall errors that can creep up.

Goulds is a major manufacturer of pumps that specialize in the production of high-quality submersible, deep and shallow pumps.

The Goulds J5S pump is one model that has garnered a lot of positive reviews. It has outperformed expectations and its strong performance is second to none.

In this review, you would understand:

  • How the Goulds j5s pump is used
  • The advantages and disadvantages of this pump
  • Why you should get this machine

The Goulds J5S is one of the few shallow pumps whose capability would make you happy.

Manufactured with a 115/230V dual voltage motor and a strong ½ HP, its stainless steel shaft and cast iron exterior is one of the best today.

It is quite similar to the Zoeller M264.

Its plastic tubing is also manufactured from a corrosion resistant solid.

This jet pump also self-primes itself after preliminary priming.

The Goulds J5S boasts an impeller made of glass and approved by the FDA. This impeller is resistant to rust and abrasion.

You are amazed!! Don’t even try to deny it.

What’s more.

With the appropriate fittings, it can be used for deep and shallow wells.

It boasts a flow rate of 3500 RPM.

Its corrosion resistant fittings can be easily dismantled for clean-up

It boasts a sort of pull out design that helps get rid of issues on the pipe when servicing.

Goulds j5s pump weighs as much as 60 pounds


Its pressure regulator can be adjusted from 30 psi to 50 psi.

There is a stainless ring on the diffuser that improves its performance.
It measures 1 by 1 by 1 inches.

Let’s See What Some Customers Have Said About It:

We couldn’t cope with the irritating sounds that our old pump was making. The winter weather made the whole condition worse. After a decade of service, we agreed that our pump needed replacement but we found it difficult getting a good pump that was locally manufactured in NH.
When we ordered for this brand, it arrived very fast and the installation was straightforward. It’s as good as silent as we hardly hear any sound emanating from it. This pump was needed and it was a good choice for me.
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I purchased this pump to be my main source of water supply during summer. I could have saved a little money by going to a local store and buying a cheaper pump. But I needed something a bit powerful. I carried out a little bit of research before I came about the Goulds J5s. I liked the low price and it looks strong and silent. The jury is still out on its durability.
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I bought this pump to replace my previous pump that was functioning at a lower capacity. I am quite satisfied with the efficacy of this pump. I switched from a 30/50 psi machine to a 40/60 psi machine which offered a better performance for both indoor and outdoor activities. Anybody who requires a high-quality pump should order for this as soon as possible
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  • It can be used for a wide range of applications including farming, irrigation, water supply and boosting water pressure.
  • It is also very good for use in situations where a jet is needed in a well.
  • It draws out water without any disruptions
  • This jet pump also self-primes itself after preliminary priming.
  • It is very durable and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
  • It is very easy to install and it operates for long without any damage
  • It has protection against overload and its overload is built-in with auto-reset



  • It has limitation to its pump lift as it cannot pump more than 30 ft.
  • The pressure switch doesn’t last long. The Square D pressure switch can be bought to replace it.
  • Its efficiency reduces as total suction lift rises.
  • It easily gets damaged by sand and rubbles. The Zoeller M53 is a brand that is never affected by sand and rubbles.



The Goulds J5S pump is quite affordable, yet very powerful and sure to last for many decades.

Unlike the Zoeller M63, this brand is quite noiseless and it is difficult to decipher when its on. It wouldn’t be an issue for neighbors and family members.

Most of the reviews on this product stated that this pump should be the top of the list if you are looking for a durable shallow well jet pump.

For instance, a reviewer pointed out that he purchased this brand when he could no longer cope with the frequent noise emanating from his pump.

He decided to buy a new pump and settled for the Goulds J5S pump.

The delivery of the pump was very quick and he was startled at how noiseless the pump was.

He was of the opinion that this is the best product he has ever bought.

The performance of this machine is one that cannot be overstated.

Its high pressure and volume capacity are second to none.

If you intend getting good value for your money, the Goulds J5S is one of the best investments you can make.

It hardly has any cons and it is the best Deep and Shallow pump you can get today.

If you can ignore its pumping limitation of 30ft, this brand is an excellent choice for you.

It is designed to satisfy your needs and with the appropriate fittings, you can easily use it for deep purposes.