Generac 6922 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

According to the Financial Times, the best time to buy a Pressure Washer is now.Generac 6922 Pressure washer

It is also recommended you purchase a pressure washer before you renovate your home.

The answer to a good pressure washer is not far-fetched…The Generac 6922 Pressure washer

The Generac 6922 Pressure washer is from the family of gas pressure washers manufactured by Generac, a company based in the USA.

All the gas pressure washers under this series have the same weight, engine, GPM and pump type.

The only difference between them is their Pounds per square inches (PSI) as this model has a PSI of 2800.

In This Generac 6922 Review, You Would Learn:

  • Factors to be considered before buying this model
  • The pros and cons of this model
  • How to properly use the Generac 6922 pressure washer


The Generac 6922 model was manufactured specifically for residential use and as such, it possesses the appropriate strength, reliability, and power to carry out home-based activities.

Its design is quite attractive and it can be used for a long time at a stretch.

That’s not even the good part!!!

Its water flow stands at an impressive 2.4 GPM and its pressure is as good as that of a commercial washer.

Axial Cam Pump is utilized by this model which makes durability and connection of hose quite easy.

Have you seen a better device around?

With its 10” wheels, mobility is quite easy and the 4 nozzle tips which can be changed improves cleaning.

The device can be used anywhere as it doesn’t need electricity.

All the wonderful features combined, you get a very impressive device.

You can say that again!!!

Its axial pump has a very high-pressure output.

Similar to the Generac 6921 and 6923, the 6922 model works on a gasoline-powered engine.

This pump has the capacity to function from about 50 to 150 hours non-stop.

If you need a more powerful device in the Generac family, the 6596 is a bit more powerful. Though this model is not CARB compliant.

Its 0.5-gallon detergent tank is the major distinguishing factor between the 6922 and the 6921 model.

Its hose is about 25 feet in length which are long enough for any activity. Its weight of about combined with its handles makes mobility very easy.

Let’s Look At The Pros And Cons Of This Amazing Pressure Washer



  • This pressure washer is CARB compliant and environmentally friendly.
  • It is multipurpose and can be used on any type of surface.
  • Its powerful engine has a capacity of 2800 psi which is similar to the capacity of commercial washers.
  • You can easily carry your detergent with its separate tank for oil, gas, and detergent.
  • It is very mobile, comfortable and accessible to various corners of your home.
  • Its spray gun is very convenient to use as it allows usage for hours without fatigue. The hose easily connects with the various nozzle tips and the spray gun to serve its purpose.
  • There is a 2-year warranty for this product. The manufacturer solves any manufacturing defect at no cost in the first 2 years of usage.



  • Some Generac 6922 reviews claimed that this brand made a lot of noise. This might be as a result of its very powerful engine. The Greenworks 1600 is a very noiseless model to consider.
  • You cannot use hot water with it as it is recommended to use cold water alone. The Force 2000 Pressure Washer is one brand that allows hot or cold water usage.
  • Its warranty is quite small and the second year warranty is only valid for its engine.
  • Some users also complained that the plastic material used to design the hose faded off easily. You can always replace the hose with a better model.
  • The Generac 6922 is not so effective for commercial operations.
  • This model does not have a pressure controller. If you need a brand with a pressure controller, OneWash Residential 6602 is a brand to consider.

Before We Go To The Conclusion, Let’s See What Some Customers Have Said:

I have not used many pressure washers in the past but the Generac 6922 was perfect in when used in washing my fence, sidewalk, mailbox, and vehicles. The mailbox was quite dirty initially but the pressure washer made a whole lot of difference. It now looks as good as new. I used it on my sidewalk and the difference is clear for all to see. Installation was quite straightforward but one should be cautious about the oil. According to specifications, the capacity of the oil sump is 600ml. I added 200ml and the oil overflowed despite the fact that the oil sump was supposed to come empty. I used this washer for over 100 minutes and its operation was seamless. Using it around my home produced exceptional results and there was no water leakage
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This machine functions perfectly well. Installation was very easy as I just had to couple parts together, add gas and oil, and that was all. Ever since I started using it, I haven’t had any issue. I switched to synthetic from oil and the machine is performing exceptionally. The Generac surface cleaner has also helped to make my cleaning exceptionally faster. Its been perfect for household activities as I have never used it for heavy-duty jobs. I am still observing its performance and I would update on my observation later.
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On Friday, my power washer was delivered to me after a year of deciding whether to purchase it. My husband always carries out an in-depth market research before he decides on purchasing anything. We installed and tested it today. From what I observed, it’s a very powerful product. It is also friendly to the environment as bleach and soap aren’t needed. We recommend that any prospective user reads the manual before using it. This is a standard brand and we have no regrets purchasing it.
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The Generac 6922 might look expensive but the cost is negligible compared to the benefits you get from this beast.
This model is everything you need in a pressure washer. It is strong, durable and powerful and effective in its duties.

It is quite reliable as its parent company, Generac is a renowned manufacturer that has been trusted for years.

All the features of this machine make it a top choice for prospective users.

With respect to its efficiency, the Generac 6922 has a very high cleaning power for any household activity.

However, if you want a pressure washer that can be used for commercial activities, you must be prepared to shell out a few more bucks.

Nevertheless, this pressure washer is perfect for activities such as washing cars and cleaning driveways and sidewalks.

The installation of this machine is straightforward and it is very easy to start.

Most Generac 6922 reviews online appreciate the fact that it is light and the controls are all on one side of the washer.

Its hose connector is also easy to use. Obviously, a majority of users are satisfied with the performance of this machine.

It is true that no machine is perfect.

Nevertheless, if you can cope with the lack of psi controller, the Generac 6922 is definitely one of the best options for you.