Zoeller 508-0005 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Most homeowners are usually confused as to why they need to purchase backup sump pumps.Zoeller 508-0005

Some others simply aren’t convinced of the need to purchase combination AC/DC sump pumps form the inception.

What’s the way forward?

Water damage is usually the biggest cause of damage to homes; it is there imperative to always have a backup plan.

It is pertinent to note that backup sump pumps are very crucial in protecting your home from damage caused by a storm that causes a power outage.

A combination AC/DC sump pump is usually recommended except you have a super-efficient pump like the Zoeller M267.

It never cost much to procure this system as it is better safe than sorry.

If you are looking to purchase a combination AC/DC pump that is properly engineered and would give you many years of service, your best bet is the Zoeller 508-0005.

It is a type of pump that you can install and forget for years to come as it doesn’t need serious maintenance.

It is basically an upgraded Zoeller M53 that can compete favorably with the powerful Zoeller M267.

Zoeller 508-0005 Overview

  1. How you can get a good battery in case of a power outage
  2. How the Zoeller 508-0005 compares to other models
  3. What makes this pump very reliable


The Zoeller 508-0005 is a combination AC/DC submersible sump pump which comes pre-assembled from the manufacturer.

Its primary pump is a Zoeller M53 while the backup is 508 model Aquanot which is powered with batteries.

Yes, you read that right.

The primary pump has a 1/3 HP 120V motor while its backup has a 12V motor.

The length of its power cord is 8 feet and its weight is about 41 pounds.

It makes use of a battery backup which doesn’t come with the unit.

Users would have to purchase a deep cycle battery with a capacity of a 175-minute reserve. The battery would have to measure about 13” by 7.5” by 9.5” to fit into its case.

Its warranty is usually 18 months from its manufacture date or 12 months from manufacture date.

This warranty can be extended to 3 years if the user purchases an Aquanot battery along with this combination sump pump.
The discharge flow for the primary pump is as high as 2,580 GPH at ground level but 2,040 GPH after 10 feet and it shut-off is recorded at 19.25 feet.

Zoeller 508-0005 Testimonials

This pump functions exceptionally well and carries out its job seamlessly. Installation was straightforward as it has worked perfectly with its battery for about 2 years. The only minor issue I have has to be with the faint text displayed on the LCD screen. The charger still functions well but I cannot confirm its status on the LCD screen. I cannot just replace the LCD as the screen is combined with the charger.
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The design of this pump is quite efficient and its noise level is very low. The LCD screen alerts one in case of A/C failure and it displays run time. I bought a Zoeller Mighty Mate some years back and it is quite compatible with this backup sump pump. Installation was smooth as I did it myself without any hiccups. I am still monitoring it ahead of serious rain but for now, it has proven to be quite efficient and functional.
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It gets better.

For the backup pump, the discharge flow is 2,340 GPH at ground level, 1,200 GPH at 15 feet and shut-off is recorded at 22 feet.

It is known to work in hot conditions of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit without any issues.

This combination pump can be used in pits with a diameter of 18” and 24” depth.



  • Installation of the Zoeller 508-0005 is quite seamless as you don’t need to have any special experience in plumbing. All you have to do is ensure the PVC pipes fit properly into the pit.
  • It is very noiseless, as inaudible as the Zoeller M63 and the Zoeller 507-0008.
  • It offers consistency and trouble-free service for as long as 10-15 years.
  • It is hand built in the United States of America and 100% tested against errors.
  • It has a massive 3-year warranty. However, you have to buy the complete system (Aquanot battery and Model 508) to have a complete warranty.
  • It is non-corrosive and has a quick disconnect discharge.
  • It has an LCD screen which displays useful data such as the voltage of battery amongst other essentials.
  • It has control box which has overcharge protection and controls battery burn-out.
  • Its charger incorporates modern switch technology which ensures a compact and efficient design.



  • You cannot use it without purchasing a good battery. Without the battery, the sump pump wouldn’t start up in case of a power outage. An example of a good and reliable battery is the MK E27-SLD-G.
  • The unit is made of plastic which isn’t as durable as a metal unit.
  • This 11/4 inch sump doesn’t come with an adapter making it impossible to install the anti-siphon valve.



The Zoeller 508-0005 has 32 customer reviews on Amazon. There are 27 positive reviews and just 5 negative reviews.

The few negative reviews centered around the poor plastic design. This is a feature that can be ignored considering the many positive features of this device.

In conclusion, the Zoeller 508-0005 is a perfect combination DC/AC sump pump and it is regarded as one of the most superior brands obtainable in the market.

It is not as smart as the Wayne WSSM40V but it offers a degree of reliability not obtainable in other pumps.

By purchasing this unit, you are assured of a trouble-free and waterproof unit for many years.

If reliability is your topmost priority, you should go for this unit.

If you are stuck choosing between the Zoeller 508-0005 and the Zoeller 507-0008, the 508-0005 offers more functionality as a backup sump pump.