Basepump RB 750 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Once your house floods, you are often never able to return it to its original state again.basepum


This can be detrimental!




It is very understandable why many people want a backup pump to their primary sump pump.


Once you have determined this is the case for you and your home, it is time to start looking at your options as there are many to choose from!

What You Will Learn In This Article

  • Who will benefit the most from purchasing a Basepump RB 750
  • How the Basepump RB 750 will work
  • Testimonials about the ease of the installation
  • If this additional pump will affect your current sump pump
  • How the two pumps will work together if they will at all


Introduction to the Basepump RB 750

The Basepump RB 750 water powered backup sump pump is a very powerful pump to be a backup!


One of the best features of this product is that it does not have a battery that you would need to replace, nor does it need a charger.


Similar to most backup sump pumps, this model will operate independently of your primary sump pump. This is great due to the fact that if your primary sump pump stops working due to malfunctioning, loss of electricity, or if it cannot handle the influx of water, your backup pump will pick up the slack!


This product is great for those who live in flood zones, experience heavy rains, or that live in an area with heavy snowfall because once that snow starts to melt, the water has to go somewhere!


A unique feature of the Basepump RB 750 is that it can be mounted upon the ceiling or wall above the primary pump which will not only keep it dry and clean but make it more accessible should you ever need to check on it.


At a light 5 pounds, this product is made from PVC and polypropylene with stainless steel pieces that will prevent rust and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

How Will the Basepump RB 750 Work?

The product will use your city (county) water pressure to push the sump water through the pump and outside the house, where ever your primary sump pump water ends up.


Keep in mind, you cannot use this pump if you only have well water.




Because you want to rely on this system when the electricity goes out, but when the power goes out, you will also lose your well water.


It is recommended you hire a professional to do the installation unless you have some experience in installing plumbing. The product will come in pieces, so you will have to install it from scratch. Not to say that an ‘average’ person couldn’t do the install, but if you decide to go it alone, make sure you have plenty of time on your hands!

See what some customers have said about this backup sump pump

The straightforward installation process, but you will definitely need the right tools on hand! A suggestion, do not make the plastic nipple connecting the pump valve to your plumbing too tight as this will cause a leak. Found that out the hard way!
Click here to see the original testimonial from D. Hotaling


Their customer support for Do It Yourselfers, like me, is really excellent. I ended up emailing them almost daily for a while and they wrote back instructions that were detailed for me specifically.
Click here to see the original testimonial from eh1160


Highly recommended product! The only main issue I have is that it makes a loud noise when it is operating, but since it only occurs during power outages (when I really want it to be working) it really isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Jeepmaster


Popular Questions and Their Answers

Question: Can you run the output through the existing, primary pump’s output pipe?

Answer: Simple answer, yes. However… Keep in mind that if your primary output line gets clogged, this will not only mess up your primary sump pump but the Basepump RB 750’s output as well.

Question: Will I need a backflow check valve with the Basepump RB 750?

Answer: Definitely recommended in general. Also, some cities require it so you should check with your local city codes if you are considering not installing one.

Question: If my pit (basin) is sealed, as it should be, will this affect the backup pump?

Answer: Since the Basepump RB 750 will be mounted to the ceiling or rafters, you will need to drill a hole in your basin lid to fit the 1.5-inch pipe down into it. Otherwise, how will the backup pump get the sump water? Regardless, the additional hole and pipe shouldn’t affect your primary or backup pump. Note: the base pump has a float switch approximately the size of a grapefruit, make sure your basin can fit this additional piece prior to purchasing it.


Although not as popular as a backup sump pump as the Liberty Pump SJ10, the Basepump RB 750 is still a good option for certain people.


Who are these ‘certain people’?


Primarily those that want a backup pump that can be mounted up high and not take up room in or around their primary pump.


Additionally, this pump is NOT recommended for those with only well water as it will not function when you need it to.


The overall note on installation is that if you decide to go it alone, the customer service for Basepump RB 750 is one of the best in the market! Particularly if you have some experience doing plumbing installations, you should be able to do this yourself.