Ridgid X4 vs Milwaukee M18

  • By: Monica Shulz

You may be a professional or you may be a weekend “Do It Yourselfer”, either way, you must have been wondering about power tools.Ridgid X4 vs Milwaukee M18


With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which tool is the right one for you and which brands are worth the money.


We are going to break down the best and worst features of each tool and what each drill excels at!

You definitely want to do your research before making an investment in a power tool that you may use for years and we are here to help you do just that!


Not only do you need to decide on the right tool for the job, but also with the model.


It seems like companies put out a newer model every year!

What You Will Learn In This Article

  • What all the Ridgid x4 has to offer
  • Detailed data on the Milwaukee m18
  • A few questions and answers on popular topics concerning both products
  • Which is the more preferable tool?!



Just like cars: You know the next model is going to have better features


So let’s see what each tool has to offer and what they are lacking.


Ridgid X4 Info

Ridgid X4 vs Milwaukee M18


Ridgid is well-known for offering warranties on all their products.


The warranty covers replacement batteries and pieces of the tool for 3 years and offers lifetime service as long as it is only due to normal wear and tear, meaning you need to be corrected using the tool in the first place.


The major drawback is that you MUST purchase from HomeDepot AND register the tool within 90 days of your purchase for Ridgid to honor the warranty.


They may accept a purchase from other retailers, but if the warranty is important to you, you should double check with the company prior to purchasing from someone else.


As an 18 Volt Impact Driver, the gen4x is an impact driver with charger and lithium-ion battery pack.


With a torque output of 1750 inch pounds, it is definitely a heavy hitting machine.


It is so easy to use, that you can change bits with one hand by using the snap load collet and it also easily ejects them too!


Also important to note that this IS a brushed motor. Just something to know.


A few people that purchased the Ridgid x4 mentioned the high pitch banging noise that it will sometimes make when trying to get loose a stubborn lug nut. The drill works to get them loose, even when it was over tightened like a lot of shops have a habit of doing.


A reviewer mentioned purchasing and wearing some good ear protection if you will be using the Ridgid for this purpose.


If you are interested in learning more about ear protection, check out our review of MPow Earmuffs!

Info on the Milwaukee M18
Ridgid X4 vs Milwaukee M18


An 18 Volt drill that it also brushless, makes a big difference. Not only is that one less part that might break, but it also ensures that the motor will have a longer life.


With a screw driving function, a regular drill, and a hammer, this tool is a nice and compact one that can do a lot of different aspects of any job!


Milwaukee prides itself on having the new and innovative technology.


You can see this with the Redlink Plus.


What is that?


It limits the ability of the user to overloading and thereby overheat the tool. This means that it is actually protecting the battery.

Pretty neat stuff!!


If you are new to power tools, this may be very useful!


Another reason this may benefit a new user is that the screw drive selector helps to limit over torquing.


Why might over torquing be an issue?


If you are trying to screw a screw down flush into a medium, you don’t want the tool getting away from you and placing the screw too far down into, let’s say, a 2×4.


Regardless of whether or not you are new to using power tools, it might be a good idea to test the materials prior to getting to work on your job.


The Milwaukee m18 is a very strong drill for its size, with a torque rating of 750-inch pounds.


Several people that purchased it stated that it is very useful if you need to drill into concrete!

This reviewer said that this drill has more power than most drills on the market, including a lot of the corded ones! They suggest getting and using, the 5.0 Ah batteries since they will give you a lot more torque and increase the time between charges.

Look What Tool Boss Said About The Ridgid X4 vs Milwaukee M18:

A Feature that Both Drills Have….

Since both tools feature a belt hook, you can easily hang it on either side.


Makes the tools easy to access any time you may need them!


Adding to their ease of use is the fact that they are both cordless.


Really makes a difference!!


Questions and Answers About Both Tools

Question: Does the Ridgid 4x come with a Torque Adjuster?

Answer: Not really. It has a preset max torque as well as a reverse torque, but that’s it.

Question: Will 18 Volt ion batteries work in the Ridgid 4x?

Answer: Yes, any of that size battery (that is sliding) will work just fine.

Question: Will the Milwaukee M18 work with a 20-volt style battery from a different brand?

Answer: No, you should only use the Milwaukee brand batteries.

Question: It has been mentioned occasionally that the chuck locks up a post using the tool in hammer mode. Does this happen often?

Answer: Only a handful of people have ever mentioned that this happened to them. The easiest solution is simply to run it in reverse for a couple of seconds and then problem no more!

Which Is The More Preferable Tool?

The cordless Milwaukee M18 with the brushless motor!


Ridgid X4 vs Milwaukee M18
Since this tool is brushless, the motor will definitely last a lot longer.