Ridgid Gen5x Brushless Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Ridgid has really been working overtime on producing new projects in the last couple of years.Ridgid Gen5x Brushless


Since this is a generation 5, you know they have been putting in work to improve on one of their most popular products!

What You Are Going to Learn in this Article….

  • Who this tool is best for
  • What this tool is best for
  • The details and specs of the multi-use tool
  • How it compares to other similar items in the market
  • The best place to find and buy it

So What’s the Deal with the Ridgid Gen5x?

With a weight of 4.7 pounds, including the battery, this tool is made for long hours in tight spaces.


Definitely useful for those that use these tools every day or the occasional weekend!


One of the best parts of this drill is the 3 different modes that you can choose from!


No more setting down one tool to go find another one for a different purpose.[toc]


Need a drill? Check!


Need a screwdriver? Check!


Need to hammer a nail? Done!


Definitely a handyman’s friend!

Another great detail is the torque power, which is 2,250-inch pounds by the way.


As always, the Ridgid Gen5x Brushless is covered in the Lifetime Warranty. So if the battery won’t charge or you notice other issues due to normal wear and tear, just contact the Customer Support and let them you so they can help you out.


Note on this; Once you purchase the product, be sure to register it within 90 days so there are no issues if or when you need to call on the warranty.


This is very important and will save you a lot of money in the future!!! You never know what could happen and want to be prepared.


Speaking of purchasing, not only can you find it at Amazon, but at your local Home Depot too!


If you decide to purchase it online, perhaps you should stop by your local retailer and hold the tool. Why? Because you will be able to feel the grip and balance of it.


You will also be able to see the new design of the LED lights that are around the Chuck.


Now they are not just above it, but on either side as well, giving you a lot more visibility!

Let’s Talk About Low-Stress Situations


Low stress and high speed are two things that sounds pretty fun together and it’s no different when speaking of the Ridgid Gen 5x!


During testing, this model will outperform other similar models that cost a lot more!


Keep in mind that this is also a compact model, so it will definitely pack a punch.


Since it’s a brushless motor, the drill itself will actually last a lot longer than some of its predecessors.


Plus, that’s one less piece of the tool you have to worry about messing up and having to replace.

Wondering About the Screwing Abilities?

The impact power of this driver makes it exceptionally easy to get screws even below the surface you are working on!


This definitely demonstrates the power of the drill, but if you are wanting to keep the screw flush, perhaps consider keeping the speed on a lower setting.


Until you get used to this tool, you might want to practice the material before you get started.

Having said that, it is a good suggestion…  Doing a test every time you get a new tool until you get used to the tool and the medium you are using.

Let’s see what some people have said about the Ridgid Gen5x Brushless

Great for doing decks! A charge will last almost 8 hours consistently driving 2.5” screws, which is something I’ve never seen in a tool before. I would definitely recommend this drill to others.
Click here to see the original testimonial from John in Orange Beach


An easy pro to see is the price, it can’t be beaten for what you get. The 4.0ah batteries, battery gauge, and LED light are also great aspects of this drill. A major con with this product is that the LED light is always on since the trigger button is very difficult to not engage.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Mark’s Amazon

Overall Impressions…

For the price, the Ridgid Gen5x Brushless is your go-to tool if you need all 3 of its abilities.


If you are looking for simply a hammer drill, there are others like the Dewalt 20 Volt that may be preferable.




You will not find a better 3 in 1 tool with comparable power or with 2,250-inch pounds of torque.


Don’t forget about the grip overmold… A lot of people take that for granted.


Ridgid puts the Hex-Grip on all of their products and it makes for a great balance and grip!


If you simply need a drill for working with high-speed conditions, this is the tool for you.


If you are looking more for a boring tool and are wanting to stick with Ridgid, you may want to bypass this drill.


Now, you’ve decided you want to purchase the Ridgid Gen5x Brushless, that is great!

Overall, this Ridgid Gen5x Brushless Review is a positive one.


If you are a professional OR weekend Do It Yourselfer looking for a well priced, triple action drill tool, the Ridgid Gen5x just might be the one for you.