Ridgid Gen5x vs Milwaukee Fuel

  • By: Monica Shulz

Ridgid and Milwaukee brands are both well-known to many handy folks and professionals alike.

With differing warranty offerings and capabilities, both have their most strong assets that the other may be lacking.

Who would benefit more from each tool?

Read on my friends…

What You’ll Learn in this Article

  • Which tool is superior overall and with each task
  • The details of each drill
  • Who will benefit most when using each tool
  • Some pros and cons of each model
  • A couple statements from people who have purchased each drill

The Nitty Gritty Details of the Ridgid Gen5x
The Nitty Gritty Details of the Ridgid Gen5x

This drill is definitely made to be used by someone working long hours.


Many professionals love the light weight of 4.7 pounds, because not only will it not cause muscle fatigue, but it is also compact enough to fit in spaces that other drills might not.


Great news for those professionals that will end up using this drill every single day for days on end.


It’s also a brushless system, which is very new and exciting for Ridgid!


As a brushless motor, this will allow the motor to last longer and it will be one less part of the tool that you have to worry about possibly breaking and needing to replace.


The company has also stepped up their game when it comes to the battery, having changed up what goes on inside the housing.


Additionally, the Ridgid Gen5x has 3 different straightforward abilities.


  1. Drilling
  2. Screwing
  3. Nailing


The benefits for a handyman are increasing as we go along!


An extremely useful tool if you are needing multiple functions for one overall job.


Great for a handyman’s toolbox.


3 must be a magic number for this model because it also has a 3-speed motor.


Really great for being able to do different jobs!!! Different speeds give you a lot more flexibility on how you want to use this drill, switching it up between the torque and speed.


Speaking of that…


One key feature that outpaces the competitors is the torque power of this compact drill.


What is it you may ask? 2,250-inch pounds. Whoa!


It is rare to find that much power in any drill, much less one with so light a weight.


With 18 Volts and 2 lithium ion batteries, you should not have any problems keeping this drill charged and ready for use.


Two other improvements in this model that are definitely worth mentioning….


The grip has definitely been improved as have the placements of the LED lights.


Although to some the latter may not seem that important, it really depends on the job and having the lights completely surround the chuck really gives you a lot more visibility.


Keeping consistent with other Ridgid products, this model is also covered under the Lifetime Warranty.


What this means for you is….


If you ever have issues with the battery charging or you notice other, more cosmetic, issues due to wear and tear, Ridgid’s customer service will definitely help you out!!


The very important detail on this, the company doesn’t just replace their products willy-nilly!!


You MUST register your purchase within 90 days and it is easiest if you purchase through Home Depot.


Now, there may be other locations that you can purchase this from, but you will want to double check that Ridgid will place the appropriate warranty on it, prior to purchasing!


Now What About the Milwaukee Fuel?
Now What About the Milwaukee Fuel?

Also, an 18-volt drill and brushless, this 4.55 pound, 183mm length tool is also on the smaller side.

With a Redlink Plus intelligence that limits the amount of overheating and overloading, you won’t need to worry about damaging the battery of the tool itself.

A perk about this drill is that compared to other Milwaukee drills, it is completely cordless and a brushless motor. These two factors add to the durability and lasting quality of the drill.

If you are a big fan of Milwaukee, you may not be getting things done quite as quickly, but you also won’t need the burden of an extension cord to drag around.

If you are looking to drill into concrete, this may be your item.

This reviewer said it’s a great hammer drill for drilling into concrete block due to the powerful force it has. It’s also due to the screw drive selector because it limits the torquing which ends up not only protecting the tool but you as well.

What the Ridgid Gen5x has that the Milwaukee Fuel Doesn’t

The Ridgid Gen5x is a very powerful tool.

When it comes to comparing the Ridgid Gen5x vs Milwaukee Fuel with driving lag bolts, the Ridgid Gen5x didn’t engage in most of the 20 drilled holes!!!

That is definitely a testament to the overall power when it comes to the impact driver aspect.

Since the Milwaukee Fuel only has a 5-year warranty, the Ridgid also wins in this department as the Lifetime Warranty will exceed 5 years.

When it comes to motor speeds, it gets a little tricky deciding which drill is superior.


Although the Ridgid Gen5x has a better torque, the Milwaukee Fuel has a faster overall drilling speed.

Essentially Ridgid at 2,250 torque and Milwaukee with 2,000 RPM.

Finally, the Ridgid is also about $30 cheaper than the Milwaukee Fuel.


By looking at the cost and the warranty….. You’d have to buy the Ridgid Gen5x!!!


Ridgid Gen5x!!!
Since both drills serve a lot of the same functions, you really have to look at the cost of the power and what drill will give you the most over its lifetime.


The Ridgid Gen5x will definitely earn its keep regardless of whether or not you will use this tool every day or only occasionally.


Think of those 3 different modes, drilling, hammering, and a driver! This product will make projects so much easier since you will not consistently have to change tools depending on the purpose needed.