Ridgid vs Dewalt: See This Amazing Industry Giants Comparison

  • By: Monica Shulz

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty, you probably are used to working with power tools.Dewalt 20 vmax power

If the prior statement is true, then you know that tools like drills can get expensive.

After checking the reviews and going through the features we think that the Dewalt 20V is the best choice.

Please keep reading if you want to know why we have rated the Dewalt 20V as best drill.

You definitely want to spend your hard earned money on something that is going to last.


Hence us discussing the Ridgid 18v drill vs Dewalt 20v pros, cons, and finding out what others have to say about them.


Keep in mind that both of these companies are well-known throughout the power tools world.


Regardless of whether or not you use these tools every single day at work or if you use them for weekend projects around the house, you have probably heard of both brands.


Let’s determine what each of these tools can do and which may be best for you and your needs.

What You’ll Learn in this Article


  • What all you can do with a Ridgid 18v Drill or a Dewalt 20v
  • The best and worst features of both drills
  • What each drill has and can do
  • Which drill is the better overall tool

Ridgid 18v Drill Details

With settings for 2 different speeds, this tool can acclimate to whatever job you may need it to do.


Ridgid offers a rare thing for power tool companies…


What’s that??


A Lifetime Service Agreement!!!


Let’s break that down a bit…


The highlights:

Replaces Parts (like the motor, gears or switches), Batteries, and they will Service the Ridgid 18v Drill as long as it only has ‘normal’ wear and tear!


You just need to register the tool when you initially purchase it and you may want to keep your receipt when you purchase it, just in case Ridgid needs to verify that you purchased it directly from a certified vendor and not a person off the street.


Don’t forget that this tool is cordless, so you may need to have them replace the lithium-ion battery periodically AND the battery will fit any other 18 Volt Ridgid tool you may have or want!


A downside to the battery is that it takes quite a while to charge it says this buyer.


A major upside to the battery is that the charger gives you an update on how much the battery is charged. This is great if you find yourself in a pinch for time and just need to get the job done and may not need the battery fully charged!


It also has a 24-position clutch ring that will allow you adjust the torque to match the job!


Not quite sure how torque will work in this manner? Check out what Wikipedia has to say about itTorque wrench


You can often find this item on sale if you aren’t in a hurry to purchase.


Not only can you find it online at Amazon, but also at your local tool supplier like Home Depot.


This drill is also really lightweight, at just 10.7 pounds!


Surprisingly, the battery is also pretty light, so it doesn’t weigh it down at all! In fact, many people have expressed their surprise that an 18 volt is lighter than other brands 14 volts!

Dewalt 20v

Starting with a leg up on the Ridgid 18v Drill, this also cordless drill comes with two 20 volt lithium-ion battery packs!


As a lightweight drill, this product was built to be held for longer periods of time and in more cramped spaces.


A real working person’s tool!


The downsides to this drill compared to the Ridgid 18, it *only* has a 16 clutch setting AND limited 3-year warranty.


Bit of a bummer.


Upside? It’s made in the good ole United States!


But what do The People say?


BOTH DIY’ers and professionals agree that you get what you pay for!


The Dewalt 20v is definitely powerful and great for…..


You guessed, drilling!!


Along with the fact that it comes with 2 batteries, meaning you can always have one charged and ready to go, the batteries also charge pretty quickly!


With over 200 customer reviews on Amazon, you should see what a Top 500 Reviewer says!


Let’s Talk Questions and Answers

What amp rating is the battery for the Ridgid 18V?

Answer: The battery is 1.5 hr. A neat thing about the battery charger that comes with this drill is that there is a charge meter on it! It is also a slide on a battery that attaches to the bottom of the drill.

What’s the power supply line for the Dewalt 20V?

Answer: The charger is a 120 VAC, with 60 Hz. The cord attached to the charger is a standard US 120 VAC with prongs.

How is the bit released on the Dewalt 20v?

Answer: It’s released like most drills. Simply hold the cylinder, reverse the drill, and then lightly push the trigger and out it comes. Very easy to do and fast.

If I register the Ridgid Drill and then the battery dies, will they replace it?

Answer: Absolutely! Once you register your drill within the 90-day window, use the Ridgid website to locate your nearest approved repairman, just so you know where to go should you need him. After that, if something occurs just set an appointment with them and they should take care of you for free!



With a remarkably excellent balance, this Dewalt 20V drill will feel more like an extension of your arm than a powerful power tool!