Liberty Pump P382LE41 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

If your toilet or septic tank is located in your basement, you would definitely want to get a sump pump.Liberty Pump P382LE41

There are many types of sump pumps out there on the market.

However, these options range from fast to durable while some other options are cheap failures.

Which would you prefer?

Everyone prefers a quick job which is why it is advisable to spend well on a good pump.

For this reason, it is better to install sewage ejector pumps to sewage grinder pumps.

If you need a sump pump for a commercial or industrial purpose, the Liberty Pump PRG101A is a very good option.

However, if you just need a sump pump for domestic purpose, the liberty pumps P382LE41 is one of the best you can get.

It is reliable, cheap and easy to install.

In This Review, You Would Learn:

  1. Why the QuickTree technology is very important
  2. How the liberty pump p382le41 compares with other brands
  3. The packaging issue most buyers encounter upon delivery


The Liberty Pump P382LE41 is a sump pump that comes with a shallow system design.

It is basically used for household purposes as it isn’t built for commercial use.

It boasts a flow rate of 124 GPPM and horsepower of 4/10.

Isn’t this amazing?

Its maximum head is 23 3/8 inches and a 27 5/8 inches diameter.

Similar to other Liberty products, it also comes with a 3 years warranty and weighs 60 pounds on arrival.

Installation is very easy especially in tough soil conditions because of its shallow requirement.

It has the ability to handle fluids as hot as 140F and has a thermal overload protection which shuts down the pump at 221F.

Yes, you read that right.

The Liberty Pump P382LE41 has the capacity to pump out 7680 gallons per hour at ground level and 5,760 gallons per hour at 10 feet.

Let’s See What Other People Have Said:

I have been using this sump pump in my basement for about 6 months and it has never disappointed me. It is quite silent but not quite enough. This powerful pump ensures that pumping speed is optimal but you have to ensure that debris isn’t blocking your plumbing. You shouldn’t forget the high water alarm. In totality, you get value for your money if you buy this product.

This pump still functions perfectly well after 12 months and I still haven’t had any problem. I also found out that the plumbing has to be secure to avoid any noise. I am really impressed.
Click here to see the original testimonial from just walking

The pumps were delivered to me in a shattered package that looked like it was tampered with. I snapped pictures for future evidence. The package was held together by a box that wasn’t even taped. After I unboxed this pump, I noticed something that many other reviewers pointed out. The motor and riser pipe was slanted and the motor was having contact with the tank. I solved this problem but there was another issue with the gasket. It was already torn. I agree with other reviewers about the need to improve on their packaging especially the motor that was dangling. I will contact them to see if they can solve this issue. Though I doubt if anything would be done about it.
Click here to see the original testimonial from craigster24


After I purchased this item, it worked perfectly fine. It is quite efficient and installation is straightforward. My only issue is with the packaging. There was nothing to secure the pump inside its container. When I unboxed the pump, everything seemed in disarray. The pump was having contact with the seal and the riser pipe. Though everything worked very well after installation.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Timothy Cummings



  • The QuickTree technology ensures that the pump is easily accessible and that switches are easily removed without any perturbance.
  • This pump offers value for money as it is quite cheap and durable.
  • It is completely assembled from the factory making installation easy.
  • It has a huge design that has a capacity of 41 gallons. This gives room for fewer cycles and a longer pump life.
  • The integrally molded torque ensures that the pump is properly held in position.
  • It also boasts an integrally molded anti-floatation collar.
  • The rubber seals which are permanently attached to the lid ensure it is air and water tight.



  • The packaging of this pump is very bad.

Majority of users have complained about its poor delivery.

Users should ensure all the parts are in order before installation.

  • The pump cannot handle heavy debris and runs at risk of getting clogged.

Professional clean-up is required frequently.

The Zoeller M264 is one of the strongest in the market as it can handle quite a lot.

The ball valve would help to remove the lid in the case of maintenance while the check valve prevents backflow on your discharge.


This device has about 19 positive reviews and 4 negative reviews.

There is no cause for alarm as the negative reviews all point out to the same issue – poor packaging.

If this is something you don’t think you can bear, you can go for the P382LE51.

In summary, the Liberty pump P382LE41 is known for its reliability, seamless installation, and convenience.

It is an excellent choice if you are looking to save money on your purchase.

It is durable as it provides efficient functionality for years, possibly decades.

Maintenance cost is quite low and it doesn’t need a ton of supervision.

However, if you need a stronger pump, the P382LE51 is a great option.

The major difference between the P382LE51 and the Liberty pump P382LE41 is the pumping speed, power, price and maximum head.

The P382LE51 is faster, stronger and has a higher lift but is more expensive.

Practically, most of these features make no real difference and are not really noticeable.

All things being equal, you should expect about 2 decades of service from your pump.

Another issue with the P382LE41 is its inability to handle a wide range of big debris that could damage it.

If you cannot cope with this potential issue, you can try out the PRG101A. It is more expensive but offers a stronger and more durable engine.

With respect to noise, this pump isn’t totally quiet but it doesn’t cause any disturbance.

All in all, you get value for your money by purchasing this product.