Review of The Ridgid 5X Impact Wrench

  • By: Monica Shulz

Talk about fresh off the press!The Ridgid 5X Impact Wrench


The Ridgid 5x Impact Wrench is the company’s newest tool for their brushless 118-volt line of products!


It is continuing the trend of getting rid of those annoying cords and going cordless, while still retaining all the power of their corded counterparts!


The Impact Wrench has 4 different modes which will allow the person using it to alter both the speed and power depending on the job’s needs.


  • Automatic 2,100 RPM
  • Low 1,300 RPM
  • Medium 1,900 RPM
  • High 2,100 RPM


With 450 feet pounds of torque and 2600 max RPM, this is definitely a strong power tool.


Another great benefit?

It’s covered under a Lifetime warranty, the only in the industry! As long as it is registered within 90 days of purchase, it will cover any issues you may have with normal wear and tear as well as replacing the battery if ever needed.

With consumers consistently wanting more power, more battery time, and shinier new features the Ridgid 5x Impact Wrench definitely doesn’t let consumers down.


What You Will Learn in this Article

  • All the details about the Ridgid 5x Impact Wrench
  • Who will best benefit from owning this impact wrench
  • Pros and Cons of this tool
  • Testimonials of people who have purchased and used the tool

Who Could Benefit From This Wrench?

Anyone who needs a heavy duty, a hard working impact wrench.


This model has a Die Cast Gearbox that adds a professional quality look and feel as well as increases the durability of the tool.


If you are someone who could benefit from quick and easy socket changes, you will love the half inch Friction Ring Anvil that is amazingly compatible with all impact rated sockets on the market!


At a light 4 pounds (5.6 pounds if you include a 5.0 aH battery), this impact wrench would be great for a professional that must use it every single day. Due to its lightweight nature, it would definitely limit fatigue!

This fact would also benefit someone who may not be comfortable using power tools often.

Check out what some customers have said about the Ridgid 5X Impact Wrench

Landon Henderson really enjoys his Ridgid 5x Impact Wrench. He mentions that this particular item is Ridgid’s number 1 item. He also wants everyone to know that the battery charger is of a very hefty price.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Landon Henderson

Bought the tool from Home Depot and use it to remove and replace satellites, even in the rain! Overall, great tool. The LED lights are useful, particularly because you can use a one finger trigger.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Concerned Customer

Ridgid slightly stepped up their game with this most recent model. The 3 additional lights do make a difference and the slower medium speed is pretty nice. If you bought a Genx4, you can use that battery for this one too.
Click here to see the original testimonial from TRZ


The Pros and Cons of the Ridgid 5x Impact Wrench

An easy to spot pro is that it is brushless!! This means it will last over 50% more during the time it is running and it increases the overall life of the Impact Wrench.


Another pro is with the Auto Mode. This setting will automatically shut down the tool when impact begins in order to prevent over-tightening from happening.


A con is that the impact wrench does not come with a charger.


This may not be an issue if you are an avid Ridgid buyer and have perhaps purchased another Ridgid item that fits the same battery.


However, chances are likely that the aforementioned case is not your case and you will need to purchase a charger.


The Ridgid company is starting to target professionals, people who will use their product every day. To do this, they have started to improve the ergonomics of their tools and this impact wrench is no exception.


The gears stay in a die-cast gearbox which ends up adding to the balance of the tool.


There is also a paddle switch located near the bottom of the handle that allows you to turn the light on separately from the impact wrench itself. Could definitely be a helpful and handy trick.


If you are going to be using this impact wrench often, go ahead and do some tests with it to get comfortable with the different levels.


The automatic does not seem to be able to read the situation and acclimate as best as it could, so it is best for you, the machine, and the job if you can figure out the best setting on your own.


Overall, this is an impressive tool.


It really is a powerful tool in general, but also considering the weight of it and the cost!!


To still be a relatively new item, the price tag of about $150 and only $10 for an aH battery is not bad at all!! Particularly if you look at similar, competitor products.


The only major downside is the annoyance if you need to replace the battery, which can easily be avoided if you register your purchase and thereby qualify for the warranty protection.


If you want to compare it to other, similar impact wrenches, you will find that this one is a lot smaller, shorter really, and more lightweight.


Professionals or those who use power tools frequently will definitely notice this when they initially pick it up.


They should also notice the Hex Grip mold, which is what Ridgid has started applying to all of their products. This increases your gripping ability exponentially, particularly if you are someone who never wears gloves.


Easy to use and powerful, what more could you want?