Esab rebel 215ic Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Let’s talk about welders…Specifically, the ESAB rebel 215ic. The funny thing about this machine is that it’s so polarizing.

When it’s a topic of conversation things get heated…Some guys love it…Some guys hate it…Some guys will not even touch it.


Let’s break it down.

In This Esab Rebel 215ic Review You Will Learn:

  • The 215’s Pro’s and Con’s
  • Drawbacks and upgrades you need on this welder
  • Who should buy this welder
  • Good welders for beginners and specialist.

Check this out:

I love cars. All types really…But my favorites are hidden deep in my garage: My ‘69 Camaro and my ‘68 Bullitt Mustang. (yes, welding has been very good to me)And those cars are great for pure muscle.

They go hard and fast, but you know what the car changed the game for me? My 2013 BMW 335xi.

You would never think I would love that car…but I did and still do.

The BMW handles like it’s on rails! It’s fast…Handles the twisties with ease…And is super comfortable.

My point is this:

The muscle cars and the BMW are both great but In different ways. The BMW has so much hidden technology to help me …And I am a much better driver…because the undercover technology does wonder.


The Esab rebel is just like my BMW…It has a hidden technology that will make you a better welder.


You have to be a good welder first to utilize this technology.


Let’s get down to business and talk welders!

Esab Rebel 215ic

What makes the Esab Rebel 215 IC different

That’s a great question, so let’s start off with what this machine is full of technology. I could talk for days about all the specifics…But then I wouldn’t be fabricating… and dropping sweet welds.

So let’s start off easy…


  • Multi-process machine – MIG/TIG/STICK (job sites)
  • 120/230 volt compatible
  • Just under 80 lbs
  • Digital readout
  • Smart MIG technology



  • No foot pedal for TIG welding
  • Digital readout – WAIT! I’ll explain this, promise.
  • 475 IPM wire speed
  • Upgrades needed – I’ll talk more about this in drawbacks.


Now… let’s dig a bit deeper because this is a multi-process machine and I love the fact I can switch a tank and…


I’m going from MIG to TIG at my job site. Also, It’s lightweight….so that makes it super easy to transport.

And that is one of its strengths. : It’s light and Multi-process which means that my rebel comes with me to every job site. Always. It makes me more efficient…And makes me more money.

And the money is awesome.

I can’t tell you how many times the GC came up to me…And asked me to help him do some small stainless work…Or fix an aluminum door the painters broke. So, on job sites…I make money with ease.

And the fact that I can switch voltage….

 That’s a Key Feature.

I have the 230v for job sites and heavier materials. And sometimes I need to help my buddy because he wants a small garden table and chairs..( for the wife of course)…And of course, he only has 115v. But that’s not a problem for the 215 because of the easy switch receptacle.

But wait!

I love this machine.All.Day.Long.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s perfect….There are some drawbacks. I know that’s hard to believe…But it’s true. I said that the digital readout is both a Pro and a Con.


let me explain.

I generally do not like digital readouts because they can be complicated…And when they break.


It’s expensive to fix and a pain in the but. However…Just like the BMW, I spoke about earlier…

If you’re going to have new technology…Then ESAB really is the best because Their digital readout is clear…Easy to ready…


simple to use.

Well, once you get used to it.

Another issue is the 475 IPM wire speed.b You might be asking: “Why is that an issue”Well, I’ll tell you..No spray transfer!


Esab rebel 215ic Testimonials

This is truly the best in class DC welder on the market. WIthout the AC option, and I would buy the optional aluminum spool gun too just so you’re prepared for any aluminum work. I also like the 115v and 230v compatibility. I really trust this machine.
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This machine is really impressive. I’ve been using a different machine one for 17 years. I already built a cart for the rebel. I love it because it can handle light sheet metal work and heavier work too….
Click Here To See The Original Testimonial From John S Ricke

Now, if you think that term means painting…Or has to do with a garden hose… Then read this wiki article here….

But basically, I cannot pump out large amounts of welds at once. Well, high-quality welds anyway.

So this eliminated the ESAB from a true pro machine.

Smart technology and Drawbacks

As I mentioned earlier the 215 is packed with technology and there are three specific technologies Esab has and we need to discuss…

215 Smart tech:

  • Lift start technology
  • Smart MIG technology
  • Preloaded software

Let’s start with the first one: Lift start technology

What is it? Well….Traditionally TIG welding comes with a foot pedal. Why might you ask? Basically more control… you can determine how much power to give your arc, Which determines how fast you form your weld pool.

And you can back off the voltage quick..,.

Without a pedal your kinda locked into the voltage you set. Personally, I prefer a pedal…But sometimes you can’t use one on the field. So, without breaking down the whole foot pedal discussion in this article of esab rebel 215ic.

I really like the smart MIG technology.

This technology is amazing …

How does it work? Well…You select the Smart MIG technology on the machine. Select your wire thickness…and your material thickness…and that’s it.

You’re good to weld.

The machine then runs its algorithm, and automatically adjusts to your travel speed, your torch angle, The gas your using, the material your welding…And your stick out distance.


If your mind is blown and If you have to buy this right this second…


This was amazing the first time I used it and one of the reasons I live the ESAB machines.

I also want to mention the technology programming quickly. There is a lot of preloaded software which will help you order parts and other items right through the machine.

It takes some time to get used to…So just be aware of that.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

There are some other issues with this machine however: The MIG and TIG  gun isn’t the best….

This guys review is spot on.

And like every welder…You have to upgrade the clamp, so to get this baby really humming…You have to drop a few bucks to upgrade.

But…It’s worth it.


As you probably guessed already….I love this welder. It’s the perfect marriage of technology and functionality. But still leaves one major question…Who should buy this welder?


Oh, and I wrote a full article about the Hobart 230 review

But Why isn’t this welder for me? Here’s why: If you’re starting out you need a simple machine So you can focus on one thing…Welding.

You don’t have the mental bandwidth to play with software…Different technologies…No foot pedal…Etc.

The point?

If you have mastered MIG, stick and are familiar with TIG then buy this machine right now. and spend your leftover cash of safety gear. It will make an experienced welder that much better.

And it will be fantastic on job sites.

And you’ll be able to play around with the software. Because you’ll already have master welding…

And spending that extra time learning your machine will not be an issue.