Liberty Sump Pump 237 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

A submersible pump is a pump which has an airtight motor fastened to the body of the pump.liberty sump pump

The whole pump is usually put in the liquid to be pumped.

This pump is favored by many people because it doesn’t allow cavitation of the pump.

They possess more efficiency than the jet pumps as a result of their ability to push water rather than pull it.

It gets better.

Submersible sump pumps are used for a wide range of operations and they are favored by industries, contractors, and owners.

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Sump pumps have various categories that should be considered before purchase.

If you comprehend these features properly, you would be able to make the best decision when buying your pump.


In This Article, You Will Learn:

  1. How this pump is 40% energy efficient
  2. The pros and cons of the Liberty Sump pump 237
  3. The 225% cooling capacity of this pump.


The Liberty Sump Pump 237 is a submersible sump pump with a 1/3 HP motor.

Its cool running and efficiency are as a result of it powder coated aluminum motor exterior that cools it by about 225%.

Its energy-saving feature also ensures that it conserves electrical energy by about 40%.

But wait -there’s more.

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This sump pump can be used in pits of about 10-inch diameter.

Its quick-disconnect power cord and vertical float switch ensure that replacement can be carried out in no time and enhances its quality.

Its impeller has a vortex style which makes sure that solids can pass through it without risk of getting clogged.

How can you beat that?

This pump is made of high-temperature engineering thermoplastic which helps improve durability.

Let’s see what some customers have said about the Liberty Sump Pump 237

I purchased and started using this device in 2014. 12 months later and it had already disappointed me. I purchased it as a result of the wonderful reviews I read on Amazon. I have used some other pumps in the past and none of them had disappointed me as quickly as this. It worked perfectly well throughout the 12 months it functioned but all that was in the past as I no longer enjoy using it. The rainstorm wasn’t as bad as that of previous years. I would contact the manufacturer to see if the warranty covers this issue.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Harry Madanyan

This sump pump has done an outstanding job for me. I just purchased it recently to swap a pedestal pump which wasn’t carrying out its duties perfectly well. My basement was at a risk of flooding as a result of excessive water and inefficiency of my previous pump. I installed this pump in less than 5 minutes and I used it in a tiny pit of about 10.5” width. This pump is a perfect fit for my needs. It drains water two times faster than my previous pump and it is quite noiseless that it is difficult to hear it running. When I test ran it, I couldn’t believe my luck as I barely heard the sound of the pump.
Click here to see the original testimonial from Wisneaky

This is a very impressive pump combined with the fact that it is manufactured in the USA. It is perfect for a 10” sump pit and still gives enough room to avoid switch movement interference. It boasts a special magnetic switch that isn’t prone to water. The switch shaft magnet uses a reed switch sealed in plastic and ensures durability. This pump isn’t prone to leakages either. I am very happy and satisfied with its design which is very much like Gould’s model. The Goulds model is quite costly but boasts a stainless steel exterior for its motor.
Click here to see the original testimonial from John Sedlock



  • Its Automatic Polypropylene Sump pump is efficient at getting rid of water.
  • Its motor housing is coated with powder and this helps to cool the cast iron housing by 220%.
  • Its magnetically operated VMF switch ensures it can be used in tiny pits as small as 10-inch diameter.
  • Its powerful 1/3 HP motor is durable and hermetically sealed.
  • Its universal 11/2” discharge can be used to swap other pumps very quickly without any adjustments.
  • Its 10” power cord ensures that the cord can easily be replaced without damaging the motor seal.
  • Its pump base can be removed and it permits about 1/8” suction.
  • Its 3-year warranty is an added advantage.
  • Its non-corrosive shaft and fasteners ensure that the pump is long last even when used in the toughest of pits.

Its bearings are also lubricated permanently for improved life.



  • The switch is not durable enough under heavy rains.

A more durable power switch can be gotten on Amazon.

  • Its 10” power cord is too short and cannot be used for most applications.

You can always replace the power cord.

  • The float has been known to malfunction as it doesn’t always activate or deactivate the pump when needed.

The Zoeller M63 is a durable pump whose float is known to function perfectly well.


The Liberty Sump pump 237 is a popular brand by buyers.

Its 74 positive reviews is a testament to that fact.

However, it also has about 4 negative reviews.

These reviews basically complained about the faulty switch and the float.

These are minor issues. But if you cannot cope with them, you can always get a replacement pump switch and float.

This is one model you cannot ignore when making choices for your sump pump.

This durable sump pump boasts some characteristics that make it superior to similar pumps.

For example, it has the capability of filtering solids as big as 3/8 inch. This makes it excellent for use in a water filled with debris.

Whats more!!

This pump is a household name as a result of its unbelievable power.

Its pumping capacity of 37 GPM is quite impressive.

Its maximum discharge head of 21 foot and discharge head of 5 foot is equally outstanding.

Additionally, most users love the fact that the machine is quite noiseless.

No neighbor would complain about noise emanating from it.

If you want a completely noiseless machine, you should try out the Zoeller N53.

In conclusion, the Liberty Sump Pump 237 has a special motor that helps save electrical energy by about 40%.

This is not even the best feature.

The best feature of this sump pump is its magnetically operated VMF switch which ensures it can be used in tiny pits as small as 10-inch diameter.