Check Out This Mind-Blowing Everlast Powerpro 205SI

  • By: Monica Shulz

There are so many awesome tools in my shop. Just a random walk will reveal a plasma cutter sitting next to my workbench, several MIG welders, my beloved ESAB multi-process and of course my tombstone welder.

Just that little trip around my shop made me think of getting a new multi-process machine for the field. So naturally, I started to get into full geek mode and research all the new machines on the market.

One machine, in particular, caught my eye: the Everlast powerpro 205si. I read about it quickly and liked what I saw: it’s AC and DC TIG capable, stick welding capable and has a plasma cutter attachment.  Those features and a good price point made me jump in deeper.

In This Everlast Powerpro 205si Review You’ll Get:

  • Full specifications on the Powerpro 205si
  • Some good features the come standard on the powerpro
  • Some upgrades that are highly recommended to on this unit
  • Other plasma cutters that I highly recommend

In the past I found MP machines to be a bit tricky. What exactly do I mean? I’ll tell you: some MP’s do everything, but nothing well. Kinda like a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. So with the everlast, I wanted something that has some strong capabilities … and this machine definitely does. I bought the machine and tested it on a weekend…

So, let’s get down to business and look at the specifications on this bad boy.

Everlast Powerpro 205si

Everlast and powerpro specifications

Sometimes I’ll recommend reading up on the company as part of my research. Why? Well, the more information you have on a topic the better decision you can make. So… I want to know as much as I can before I make a purchase. That way, if I run into some problems I know I can call the company and get support ASAP.


The Everlast company

So, who exactly is Everlast?

Well, they are fairly new to the welding industry and started as an e- based direct to customer business in 2004. What I found most interesting is that they use many parts from well-known companies like Siemens, Toshiba, and Sharp. So you’re getting well-known components inside your machine already… Which can make a pretty reliable machine overall.

Now that you know a bit about the company, let’s dive into the powerpro 205si.

Powerpro 205si Specifications

  • Unit weights 60 lbs
  • AC/ DC capable
  • TIG/ Stick and Plasma capable
  • 200A AC/DC and 50A plasma
  • Foot pedal and 4T ready
  • TIG Pulse arc capable
  • Inverter technology
  • Fully adjustable AC frequency


I haven’t welded in over 20 years, so I was a little hesitant at first, but this machine is really easy to set up and great to use.

Click here to read the original testimonial from Bill

Now you have an idea of the specs… but we’re not through yet.  Let’s break these stats down and see what this MP machine can do. I’ll break this down to the TIG process, the stick and then plasma.
The 205si’s TIG process

The TIG process has both the AC  and DC capabilities here. With the AC option, we can use that for metals like Aluminum and at times when we don’t want high penetration. When using the AC TIG we see the AMP floor at about 20 amps.

So, if you’re looking to weld thin material like 15 gauge Aluminum you might have a problem because you can get a low enough amperage ( like 5 or 10 amps).

When using the DC process the machine could get quite low and on the other end it topped out at about 180 amps. I got a steady arc @ about 170 amps resulting in a nice smooth weld on a ½ lap joint.

Dimes, no problem.

I do want to note that the Everlast 205 does come with a 4T switch on the handle… Which is pretty nice if you don’t want to use the pedal… but more on those items later.


Everlast Powerpro 205SI Video Review

The 205si’s Stick process

There isn’t too much to say about the stick process. It’s pretty straightforward – switch to your stinger and load your rod and set your amps. I welded a ½ mild steel lap joint again – no problem.


The 205si’s plasma cutting process

Again, this process was pretty straightforward. I hooked up the plasma gun and ran my airline in the back of the machine, then it was good to go. (when hooking up air, make sure its DRY air, or you will have issues with your machine)

I tested the machine on  ½ mild steel and it cut pretty nice – just remember to adjust your cutting speed. SInce Everlast claims there is low dross I wanted to see how the cut would be on a ¼ inch.

Well, on both the ½ and ¼ cut’s the dross wasn’t bad at all… and that means minimal cleanup time with my angle grinder.


Everlast Upgrades

Now, this machine is ready to go right out of the box. However, the pedal has is a bit narrow and doesn’t seem to take input well ( foot pressure). This one is great.  The TIG supplied with the machine works, but the hose is a bit rigid and doesn’t want to flex much – so I would upgrade that as well. I recently wrote a review about the Hypertherm, so if you’re just looking for a great plasma cutter, I would give this a read.


Overall I think this is a great machine to have in your shop. Should it be a primary machine for you to have? Absolutely not. Why? Well, for the TIG process there are some upgrades you’ll need to make fairly quickly. If you’re not using the machine very often you could get away with the supplied pedal and TIG setup.

If we are looking for a lightweight, portable machine to have available on the work site, then the Everlast is a great machine for the pro or semi-pro. Everlast also has a great warranty, 5 years on the inverter and components and 6 years on the torch… – not bad for a new company.

Oh, and their support is the US-based too – so if you run into an issue you can get help pretty quick.

A machine that I like because you do not have to upgrade the pedal or the TIG gun is the Miller Deverson.