Apec VS Ispring: 🚰🚰 Which One Should You Shy Away From? 🚰🚰

  • By: Monica Shulz

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, then you’ve probably thought about getting a pure water filtration system for your home. After all, there’s nothing better than clean water and you want the best for yourself and family. That’s where this review of reviews comes in. We are going to take the blinders off, and compare the two best house water filtration system on the market today. ISpring vs Apec.

They are both great for under the countertop reverse osmoses systems.


After using both of these water systems units extensively for the past year…..

I’ve discovered that one of these products actually holds a surprising advantage over the other.

Apec vs Ispring; Which reverse osmoses system is best when comparing two excellent systems?  While the Apec delivers arguably the best tasting water, the Ispring does not waste as much water and adds valuable minerals back into your drinking water. Therefore, the Ispring is the best option for you!

Read on to find out more details about these top-rated water treatment system

Overview of Apec Roes 50 Reverse Osmoses System:

The Apec Roes 50 which is the best well water filtration system does a really good job of cleaning and filtering the water through the purifier.

That’s largely due to the following three features:

The 5 stage premium filter system:

If you need to remove contaminants from your water whether you’re on your own well water system or using city water, these filters will remove 99% of harmful contaminants including chlorine, arsenic, iron deposits, chloroform bacteria, fluoride, and a 1000 others according to the manufacturer.

Better Tasting Water At Half The Cost: If you take a drinking water test kit that includes parts per million (ppm,) you will find this filter system has generally between a 150ppm to 328ppm. Now do the same test on any bottled water.

Our comparisons were with Aquafina bottled water which tested at 20ppm.

There is a big difference….


You might even be able to sell your own filtered water despite these great advantages. There is one problem with the Apec Roes 50 Namely, that it pumps a lot of water.

Three gallons that simply goes down the drain every week.

That is a lot of water in order to purge the system.

I don’t think the best water softeners waste that much during the purging process.

That may not be a big deal for those that use well water, but if you live in the city and have to pay five cents per gallon of water used that adds up to $7.80 per year.


For people that live on farms, or out in the rural area, more than likely have a private well and don’t have to pay a water bill. Still, you should take notice of this one fact.

This reverse osmoses system is solid and well built in the United States, which means you’re not likely to find any glaring faults other than described earlier in this comparison.

For those that are concerned about the water waste, you may be disappointed.

Never fear….

I do have a classic solution that will make the Apec Roes 50 even more appealing with just a little extra work you won’t have to worry about a water shortage anytime soon.

Read on to learn how to fix this water hog flaw.


I did find a way to get around the water wasted from the purging of the tank.

Instead of running the purge line to your kitchen drain pipe all you have to do is secure the purge line to one of the three fiber filters that run vertically on the system using a couple of zip ties and have the end of the tube drain into a bucket.

We suggest using a 4-gallon steel tub instead of a bucket because the tub is low enough to fit under most cabinets.

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Overview Of The ISpring RCC7: The Best Faucet Water Filter

The ISpring RCC7 is also a great product and very similar in comparison the Apec Roes 50.

Which is why we are comparing these two Reverse Osmosis systems.

The ISpring is a little different than it is designed to rematerialize your tap water instead of just filtering out contaminants and has six filter stages.

That’s how to rematerialize ro-water.

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Owning This System:

The main benefit is the reverse osmoses filtering system which filters out 99% of contaminants down to 0.0001micron. That is so small only good water molecules can squeeze through this system.

European designed Brass faucet with a brush nickel finish makes this one of the best water systems because it will fit with most kitchen décor that most systems in this price range charge more to get. You can also install this system directly to your refrigerator.

Of course….

You will need the ISpring ice K connection kit in order to retrofit your fridge to the system.

Large tank capacity, that holds up to 3.2 gallons of water. This may be too much for homes with less than three people.

The ISpring RCC7 is really easy to install if you know a little about plumbing.

If not then you might want to hire a plumber for the installation of this system for you.

The whole unit is back by 100% money back guarantee for the first year, along with the manufactures 3 year warranty and lifetime technical support to help you solve any problems with this system.

You can find the ISpring RCC7 at the online superstore Amazon.com

What Is The Best Under Sink Water Filtration System

As mentioned at the beginning the Apec Roes 50 and the ISpring RCC7 are both solid h2o  filter systems.

However, overall I’d have to award the ISpring RCC7 as the CHAMPION for the best overall reverse osmoses water purification system.

overall reverse osmoses water purification system.

That’s simply due to the fact, that the  Apec Roes 50 wastes a lot of water. 2:1 over the ISpring.


The Ispring adds back much-needed minerals into the water after the filtering process.

Bottom Line…

if you’re looking best-filtered water without spending yourself silly on bottled store brands then you won’t go wrong by choosing ISpring RCC7.

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Comparing Apec VS Ispring