3M Peltor X4A Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

When it comes to your hearing, you can never be too careful. Imagine waking up one morning to only the vibrations of your alarm clock, never hearing the sweet symphony of music or the chirping3m peltor headphones of the birds. Your children require your complete attention simply to have a conversation because you must read lips or use sign language.

It takes only a short amount of time to indefinitely damage your hearing beyond repair.

Did you know that sixty percent of childhood hearing loss is the result of a preventable cause?

Reducing your exposure to loud sounds can be extremely simple with a pair of the right noise canceling ear muffs. They can dampen the sounds around you to prevent hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds like woodworking equipment, industrial machinery, or everyday things like the lawn mower.

If you’ve decided to take more precautions with your hearing, you’ll quickly find that there is an abundance of hearing protection items available. Spend a few minutes browsing around Home Depot or Amazon and you’ll quickly be inundated with facts about the latest pair of top-notch noise-canceling headphones.

How Can You Determine Which Ones Are The Best?

We wanted to offer you a closer look at one of the top name brands with our 3M Peltor X4A review of these over the head earmuffs.

You should know how these X series headphones compare to the other top brands on the market.

At first glance, this pair of noise-canceling headphones provides a comfortable solution to preventable hearing loss.[toc]

3m Peltor X4A

The ear cups are clearly padded well and have a low profile image.

This helps to prevent them from interfering with too many of your daily activities. Their unobtrusive appearance makes it far more palatable to wear these regularly.

The 3M Peltor X4A earmuffs can easily be worn with other personal protective equipment, including hard hats. These should not be confused with the 3M’s helmet-mounted ear defenders.
(Which has a bit more to it than just ordinary earmuffs)

The headband is designed for your ultimate comfort, allowing you to adjust the size accordingly. The twin design keeps overheating beneath the band to a minimum and allows them to sit more balanced on your head.

In order to tell these X4A earmuffs apart from the other four options in the X-series, you should be aware that they do have a distinct color marking. The ear cups and headband are mostly black, but the cups are ringed with chartreuse or lime green. You won’t easily lose these protective ear muffs.

Fortunately, they aren’t quite as bright as the Pro For Sho Noise Canceling ear protection that comes in extremely vibrant shades (be sure to See a little Review We Have of Pro For Sho Among Many Others Here).

This is a subtle color difference that allows you to quickly identify which pair of earmuffs you have.

They are also relatively inexpensive, particularly when shopping online at Amazon. This model is extremely affordable, coming in at just slightly over $20. It seems like a small price to pay to protect your hearing well into the future.

What is The NRR Rating?

When it comes to hearing protection, you should be well aware of what the noise reduction rating (NRR) is.

This determines whether the earmuffs are best suited for low noise like dogs barking or higher decibel sounds associated with machinery and shooting ranges.

The 3M Peltor X4A is designed for high noise exposure with an NRR rating of 27 dB.

Let’s See What Some Customer of 3M Peltor X4A Have Said About It

Best find yet! I don’t often leave a review, so you know this product was worth it! I need quiet and I’m often in a situation where that is hard to achieve. After I purchased these, it made a huge difference in my life. They are very comfortable and fit well, which is exactly what I needed. The cosmetics are also neat as they look like trendy headphones, so people don’t realize you are totally tuning them out!
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The function is greater than fashion. Although these work great at keeping sound out, they may do their job too well. If you work in around loud machinery, these may be what you have been looking for. If you would like to hear a bit of what is going on around you, I’d look elsewhere. One warning for those who enjoy shooting rifles, due to the bulkiness of these earmuffs, you may have a hard time achieving a solid cheek weld.
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What If You Needed More Protection Than The X4A?

Fortunately, there is one more option in the 3M X-Series that could offer another solution. The X5A earmuffs will give you 31 dB protection for even louder sounds.

You could also opt for the ClearArmor 141001 earmuffs that offer an equivalent 31 dB noise reduction rating. You Can Take a Look At Our In-Depth Review Of  The ClearArmor In Our Review Here.

Are These Bluetooth Earmuffs?

Many individuals are looking for high-tech options that allow them to multi-task while they work. A pair of Bluetooth headphones with noise canceling properties allows you to do just that. You can often listen to music, tune into the radio, and even take calls straight from the headphones.

Unfortunately, the 3M Peltor X4A headphones are not Bluetooth compatible.


If this is a feature that was extremely important to you, you may want a different pair of earmuffs with a similar rating, like the 3M 90543. We also have a review of these headphones so you can Compare The Two Models Here.

Are These Safe To Wear?

Safety is one of the biggest priorities, particularly for individuals who work in heavily industrialized settings. The X-series earmuffs from 3M have already taken this information into account when they designed these models.

The headband is not only adjustable and comfortable for long-term wear, but it also serves a very important purpose.

The headbands are electrically insulated or dielectric. They have been covered with a non-conductive material to help protect you in the event that they come into contact with an electrical source. While they aren’t designed specifically for you to engineer this situation, it does afford you some degree of protection beyond what the basic headphones can offer.

Investing in a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones can give you a better chance of retaining your hearing for the years ahead.

This model offers a high degree of protection from loud sounds while still offering you a comfortable wearing experience. They come from a reliable name brand that is a leader in the industry of personal safety products.

There are a thousand reasons why the 3M Peltor X4A headphones could be one of the best purchases you’ll make.

After all…..

You can’t put a price on your hearing. Be sure to pick up your pair today!