9 Best Earplugs For Noise Blocking

  • By: Monica Shulz

Have you ever wondered how to sleep with someone who snores? Figuring out how to deal with snoring and other consistently loud sounds can be a struggle. In fact, it’s estimated that almost half of people will snore loudly in their sleep at some point.

If that’s the case, you need to find a way to make sure that you can still sleep soundly with your partner, especially if they refuse a sleep apnea machine. The best thing to do is to try blocking the sound out altogether.[toc]

Some people may turn to noise-cancelling headphones that you can find at Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy, and other stores. You may be weighing the benefits of the Howard Leight earmuffs or the 3M Peltor X4A.

Headphones may have higher noise reduction ratings, with some ranking at an NRR 33.

However, these can have half an inch or even 1-inch titanium ear cups that make sleeping uncomfortable. You really need to learn how to use earplugs instead. These can help to muffle sounds that exceed 60 dB and can prevent damage to your hearing long-term.

Where can I buy earplugs? Most people know that you can pick these up in the pharmacy section of your local drugstore, but you’ll find a better selection online through Amazon.
Get ready to draw the curtains, shut off your alarm, and learn how to sleep through snoring with some of these options for the best earplugs for noise blocking.

Rave High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Rave High Fidelity Ear Plugs




If you’re looking for a noise blocking earplug that can change based on the circumstances, the Rave High Fidelity may be your best purchase yet. These can help to protect your hearing while working in an industrial setting or while you’re sleeping.

They come with an interchangeable filter that allows you to decide how much sound you need to filter.

It should also be noted that these earbuds are made of silicone, making them very easy to clean.


• Low profile design to make them less obvious
• Three-layer design
• Soft material that is comfortable to wear
• Clear or white depending on the filter

Noise Reduction Rating: 19 dB to 25 dB

Vibes Acoustic Filter Ear Plugs
Rave High Fidelity Ear Plugs


The Vibes earplugs offer a filtered experience that doesn’t force you to compromise the quality of the acoustic sound you hear. These have an attenuating filter that can lower the volume without making everything sound like white noise.

Many individuals also love these reusable noise-canceling earplugs because they are less obvious than other brands.

The Vibe earplugs may not be flesh colored but they blend right in with their glass stem and clear shell. This can give you the confidence you need to have happy ears without sacrificing your social status.


• Multiple sizing options for a custom fit
• Hypoallergenic silicone for easy cleaning with water
• Portable case

Noise reduction rating: 15 dB

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection
High Fidelity Hearing Protection


If you’re searching for one of the best products to block out the sound of your partner snoring, these DownBeats earplugs may be perfect. They allow you to experience high decibel sounds more comfortably without muffling the quality or making them completely soundproof.

However, conversation and everyday life can still get through.

These are also extremely low profile which makes them ideal for a consumer who is self-conscious of wearing earplugs in public. They are all clear in color to make them less noticeable on any skin tone.


• Extremely durable aluminum case
• Two sizing options (short stem and long stem)
• Does not filter out speech

Noise reduction rating: 18 dB

TheFitLife High Fidelity Ear Plugs
High Fidelity Ear Plugs


You can’t make your roommate stop snoring, but you can block out the sound with these fitted ear plugs. These offer the best quality sound compared to foam versions, as well as a more comfortable fit.

With these earphones, you can filter out the sound around you without sacrificing clarity.

One of the best features of these hifi earplugs is the sizing. Each pair comes equipped with three sizes so you can use them to help with hearing protection for kids or adults. They are simple to interchange without the need for a complicated size chart.


• Soft medical silicone construction for easy washing
• Three to four-year lifespan
• Compact aluminum case to store them in
• Three different sizes

SNR: 23 dB

EarDial Earplugs
EarDial Earplugs


Working in construction or being an avid musician requires superior noise-blocking while still allowing for conversation.

These EarDial products offer a solution for sensitive ears that allows you to filter out the sound and still maintain a conversation.

The profile of these earplugs makes them more appealing than the memory foam ones sold in bulk.

They sit low in the ear and are mostly transparent, making it virtually impossible to identify if you’re wearing them. Purchasing these is an inexpensive option compared to a custom made device.


• Soft hypoallergenic silicone
• Earwax protection to shield the filter
• Aluminum case with luminescent sticker
• Access to mobile app to determine estimated sound level

Noise reduction ratings: 11 dB

WINOMO Ear Plugs
EarDial Earplugs


If you want to buy cheap hearing protection that you can use for a variety of things, you can pick them up from a company called WINOMO.

You can use these for sleeping and guard your ears against water while swimming.

These ear covers are made in a Christmas-tree shape which helps to prevent injury or unexpected events, particularly if a child will be wearing them in-ear.

Wearing them around the home or apartment should be comfortable, but they may not isolate and differentiate sounds as well as the other silicone earplugs.


• Comes in a fifty-pack of corded earplugs
• Corded pairs
• Skin or putty color
• Comes with a carrying pot

Pinkies High Fidelity Earplug
Pinkies High Fidelity Earplug

What does silence sound like? You’ll be able to find out with these Pinkies High Fidelity earplugs.

These small wireless earplugs will help you to quiet the world around you discreetly.

The clear and pink construction is small and easy to hide within the ear in comparison to some alternative hearing aids.

These are not necessarily the most comfortable earplugs for sleeping. They are mostly designed for listening to music and going to concerts instead of drowning out the sound of your husband and his snore while you try to sleep.


• Silicone construction for easy cleaning
• Attenuation noise reducing filters
• Slim carrying case

NRR: Sound reduction up to 25 dB

Westone TRU Universal WM16 Professional Hearing Protection Filter Ear Plugs
e TRU Universal WM16 Professional Hearing Protection Filter Ear Plugs


You may be able to use the Westone TRU Universal earplugs for studying, but they are designed primarily for listening to loud music.

They can drastically minimize the impact on your hearing of attending concerts or practicing your music for hours at a time. Westone even reports that they can reduce the amount of heat that can build up with some rubber earplugs.

These surefire hearing protectors are also made of environmentally-friendly materials that will last for a long time.

These are a good alternative to Bluetooth headphones because of their noise attenuation filter. They have a great dB blocker without drowning out daily sounds entirely.


• Multiple size options with each purchase on Amazon
• Great for extended wear and to combat side effects from noise-induced hearing loss around music
• Neutral gray color

Noise reduction: Reduces sounds up to 16 dB

AVANTEK Hearing Protection Ear Plugs
AVANTEK Hearing Protection Ear Plugs


If you want some of the best earplugs for noise blocking, the AVANTEK Hearing Protection has a lot to offer.

They are constructed of a medical-grade TPE material to give you a more comfortable experience late at night when all the world is sleeping. However, they can also help you to listen to your music in a safer manner.

Much like many of the other leading name brands, the AVANTEK version also allows for noise attenuation. This gives you a surefire way to listen to your music without creating mini periods of noise-induced hearing loss.


• 18-month warranty
• Three sizes with each purchase
• Great for traveling on an aircraft or wearing around the home

Noise reduction rating: 18 dB


Purchasing the best earplugs for noise blocking should be a priority for all consumers. They offer a real advantage over the traditional earmuff that appears much more obviously than these smaller earpieces. With a little bit of help from these noise-reducing earplugs, you’ll find that you’re able to listen to music more safely, study harder, and sleep sounder than you did before.

Be sure to purchase your pair of pure earplugs today!