Should I Go For Gas Or Electric Pressure Washer?

  • By: Monica Shulz

The popularity of pressure washers has now increased as a result of people’s desire to get a more specialized output.

As a result, pressure washers are not only used at garages and cleaning companies, many people now use them in homes.

Why is this so?

This is aided by the fact that most electric pressure washers are now cheaper and require less maintenance.

However, most professional cleaners would go for gas pressure cleaners because they are two times more powerful.

In this article, you would learn;

  1. How Pressure washers work
  2. Pros and cons of gas or electric pressure washer
  3. Factors to consider before buying a pressure washer



Pressure washers have various energy sources. The two most common are gas and electric powered.

Their nozzle and pump help them propel water at a very high speed.

Pressure washers are used to get rid of stubborn stains from boots, driveways, walls, chairs and other items that a hose ordinarily cant clean properly.

Pressure washers cost as low as $100 for electric washers and $250 for gas pressure washers.

Yes, you read that right!!!! 

It is better to purchase your own than spend $100 on rent daily.

According to Consumer Report, a test was carried out to ascertain which class of pressure washers had a more powerful performance.

The Gas Pressure washers came out tops over the electric pressure washers.

However, there is also a downside to this powerful performance as it leaves you and what you are washing prone to injury and damage.

So How Powerful Can a Pressure Washer Be?

The power of a pressure washer is ascertained by the type of tasks that it can perform.

The output of the machine and its effectiveness is measured in Gallons per minute or pounds per square inches.

A pressure washer with a bigger GPM and PSI would perform more admirably than that with lesser ratings.


It could cost more.

With respect to choice, people are still divided over the more superior between gas or electric pressure washer.

Some set of people are of the opinion that the gas pressure washer is far superior to the electric pressure washer.

The other school of thought opines that they need their electric pressure washer to survive.

Which of the two would you rather go for?

This review would go along way in helping you make the decision between gas or electric pressure washers.

Electric Pressure Washers

An electric pressure washer has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are that it is very strong, durable and some models like the Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer are capable of producing as high as 1600 to 2000PSI.

Electric pressure washers are very efficient for washing cars, walls, driveways, pools, and rugs.

Some of these washers come with various accessories that increase their efficiency.

They are light and can be carried by virtually anybody.

They don’t need a whole lot of maintenance and you wouldn’t have to spend an awful lot on buying gas or fuel to power them.

However, there are certain downsides to this efficient machine. As a result of their cheap price, most people opine that they lack the needed quality.

This isn’t far from the truth as the average pressure cleaner is not expected to last up to a decade.

Most people would rather shell out more bucks on a pressure washer that can last for many decades.

Another downside is the energy source – electricity. It is difficult to use electric pressure washers outside the comfort of your home.

Even if you have to use it around your house, there is a certain limitation as the power cable is usually not long enough to reach everywhere.

This is very inconvenient and can be frustrating. Another disadvantage is the fact that gas pressure machines are more powerful than them.

However, there are some that can compete favorably with the gas models.

An example is the Briggs & Stratton light-duty electric pressure washer which possesses the capacity to pump out as much as 1.2 GPM at 1800 PSI.

All in all, an electric pressure washer like the Greenworks gpw1702 is very satisfactory as it is efficient enough to thoroughly clean your home without damaging any property.

If you desire a pressure that would carry out its jobs without any hitch, then the electric pressure washer is your answer.

Gas Powered Pressure Washer

There is no gainsaying the fact that gas-powered pressure washers are more powerful than electric pressure washers.

The least powerful gas pressure washer has more a PSI of about 2000. As a result of this excessive power, gas pressure washers are not really ideal for residential use.

However, if you must use a gas powered pressure for residential activities such as cleaning of driveways, fences, and pools, the WEN PW3100 is ideal enough.

One of the advantages of a gas powered pressure washer is its portability.

They can be heavy as a result of their gas tanks but they have wheels that make movement easy.

Also, they do not have any limitation with respect to where they can be used.


They require a whole lot of routine maintenance, unlike the electric pressure washers.

If these maintenances are carried out when due, your pressure washer would last for many years.

The major downside with gas-powered pressure user is the high cost of purchasing them.

The smallest gas-powered pressured washers cost as high as $200.

For a price of $250, you would be getting a gas pressure washer that has the same performance with an electric pressure washer of $100.

You also need to purchase a lot of soap and oil for maintenance purpose.

This answers the question of gas or electric pressure washer for many people.


A lot of individuals that own a gas powered pressure washer rarely use them at home as a result of its high power.

On the flip side, an electric pressure washer is used so often because it is durable and can be used anywhere in homes.

However, gas pressure washers are much stronger than electric pressure washers.

If you want to consider price, it is wiser to consider electric pressure washers over gas pressure washers.

They also have a slight edge with respect to maintenance, weight, and flexibility.

This simply means that you should consider what sort of task you want to undertake before you make the gas or electric pressure washer choice.