Wear Peltor Sport Tactical 100 And Conquer The Noise

  • By: Monica Shulz

Peltor Sport Tactical 100 earmuffs, is a great tool to have around when you need to silence loud noises on a construction site and yet be able to hear when someone is talking to you without havingWear Peltor Sport Tactical 100 And Conquer The Noise to remove your ear protectors.  With these on you can let the jacks hammer away, the payloads pop, and not have to worry whether you will be able to hear the latest episode of the walking dead when you get home.

This review is all about protecting the one thing most people neglect… even on television, what is it?


Come a little closer so you get the decibel just right…….

How To Change Batteries In The Peltor Sport Tactical 100

Battery changing is pretty easy and straightforward. If you look for the microphones which are on the front of the earmuffs, they look like an arrow pointing forward or a sideways triangle. The left ear cup holds the batteries. Turn the left ear cuff toward you and you will see an oval cover on the center. Look for the fingernail slot and lift upward. Now you can see where the two double AA batteries are concealed.

While we are talking about the battery cover, you’ll notice that there isn’t any seal or rubber gasket surrounding the back cover. Without a seal, these aren’t meant to be waterproof like Peltor tactical 7, tactical 100, and Peltor sport shotgunner ii. If you use a pressure washer a lot like I do or enjoy shooting in the rain, then you need to be warned that these electronic muffs are not meant to be used on a rainy day so save them for nice or at least misty days, because I have never had a problem with water from my pressure washer hurting these 3M Peltor electronic hearing protection.

Q&A: Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Plus Troubleshooting

  1. Does The Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Reduce Loud Sounds While Enhancing Conversations?

A: Yes, that is exactly what they do and how do electronic ear muffs work. Peltor uses a compression circuit in their electronics, while other manufacturers use what I term as clipping, and these seem to take a few seconds longer before they turn back on again.


  1. Do These Fit Comfortably While Wearing Eyeglasses Or Sunglasses?

A: Of course they do. I wear prescription glasses all the time and these don’t squeeze excessively where your earpieces make the back of your ears sore.


  1. Q: Are The Pelors ST 100 Compatible With MP3 Players Or Apple Products?

A: They are if you purchase a 3.5mm male to male audio cable. The Peltor Sport Tactical has a 3.5MM female audio input and most MP3 players and iPods have a 3.5MM female audio port. So, you can run a male to male cable from an iPod to the headset in order to listen to music. Of course, you have to turn the ears on, you will also hear surrounding noises. To be even clearer I just tried this test, your music player will turn off while blocking loud outside noises, at least mine did.


  1. Q: Will The HY80 Gel Sealing Rings Actually Fit The Peltor Sport Tactical 100?

A: Yes the 3M Peltor camelback gel sealing rings “HY80” gel pads accessories will fit the 3M sport 100. These gel pads fit tighter than the original foam pads. Here’s how to change them:

  1. Remove the cups from the headband so to get a better grip. Find the flat spot by the stud and start from the bottom half of the gel pad into the cup groove and push the lip into the groove pinching and pushing all the way up, while pressing down to keep the bottom half of the gel pad in the groove. You will get to the point where you are about one inch away from completing your mission but the gel pad doesn’t seem to want to go in. At this point, you will just have to force it the rest of the way into the groove or if you have a shoe horn, slip the tongue into the groove using your two thumbs stretching the pad into its slot. Don’t worry it’ll pop in. The first few times I didn’t think it would. The shoe horn helped but the second pad went on a lot easier and without the extra tool.


What Do Others Say About The Peltor Sport Tactical 100

Comparing the Howard brand to Peltor Since I have purchased both brands, I thought I would compare the two a bit. Overall, I prefer the Peltor particularly the way the ears seal. I have to wear glasses and they still seal perfectly. The sound feature makes it pretty easy to hear people that are near you while still drowning out the noise of gunfire. Keep in mind that the Howards work nice too and are of a lower price, but with my glasses, I really need a good seal and the Peltors can’t be beaten.
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Wonderful product! These were my first pair of electronic ear muffs and I wasn’t disappointed. They work exceptionally well and I really like that they muffle, or completely remove, the louder sounds while still allowing talking to come through.
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Pelter Pros

Super Fast shut off response, to loud noise. The electronics shut off almost before you know it happens. This may be a little unnerving for some people.

The response time for the electronics to turn back on was about two or three seconds to return to normal and you can hear other voices again. That is a lot faster than the Howard Leight Impact Sport that we reviewed. That was a short comparison of the Peltor Tactical Sport vs Howard Leight.

The rings have full ear seal even when wearing glasses that muffle the sound to a protected decibel in order to avoid hearing loss.

These ear protectors have a22db (that’s decibels) which would be like someone whispering to you from 5 feet away.

Pretty incredible and from what I understand from a the Peltor tactical Sport vs Tactical 100 review, the sport tactical100  has the same ear defense if not better than a pair that is $100 more.

Now that’s, incredible

Earmuffs are low-profile and the bottom cups are rounded. Low profile is an excellent choice for contractors because you can lug a good bunch of lumber on your shoulder without knocking around your cups and possibly unsealing, (sarcasm.)

The headband has simulated leather with a comfort pillow underneath. These earmuffs fit perfectly in Hermit shell carrying case when not in use.

When the power is OFF, these are quieter and appear to stop more outside noise than standard earmuffs. Just ask my girlfriend.

Peltor Cons

“The headband adjustment “prongs” slips around too easily for larger head sizes”

That’s what my carpenter stated, after trying the sport tactical for 20 minutes. But he’s a pretty tall guy with a large melon head. The fit perfect for my petite 6-3/4” head.

One thing that I didn’t like too much was when I was helping our carpenter build upper cabinets. The shop is always buzzing and I had to turn the volume down because of the constant noise from the planner.

I tested them with the constant sound of our Simpson gas powered pressure washer and they worked just fine.

Final Verdict

My first pair of good earmuffs were the ClearArmor 141001 safety ears I liked them because they were comfortable and later tried the ClearArmor34db response and the Pelter ST 100’s do have a much faster audio response and recovery time.

Not to mention these are low profile than the standard size. For those facts alone, makes these earmuffs my go-to pair. I use these every time I am working on construction and pressure washing.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety anymore.


You can even listen to music with the extra cable that was mentioned earlier.  Grab your Pelter Sport Tactical 100 earmuffs today, from Amazon and who knows with the super fast shipping, you may be wearing them in less than a week.