Read This Eye-Opening Karcher K1900 Water Pressure Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Karcher K 1900 is an electric pressure washer.

This model we are reviewing today has 1900 PSI’s. 1.3 GPM, all plastic body.

It comes with a 25’ pressure hose and a 25’ GFCI heavy duty electrical cord.Eye-Opening Karcher K1900 Water Pressure

Recently I was at an industry trade show and one of the vendors was demonstrating this powerful yet lightweight electric pressure washers. What I found out will leave you astounded.

Karcher is the leader in cleaning equipment not only for residential, commercial but industrial use.

What they know about pressure washers is that they have reduced the amount of water that you would normally use with a garden hose and pressurized that amount down to using 50 percent less water than its competitors.

Who else is looking for one of the finest and most durable power washers on the market that can handle all of your cleaning needs?

Q&A Karcher K1900

I scoured the net to find some of the most asked questions that consumer has about this little pressure washer.

Can you use an extension cord with the Karcher K1900?

A: It is best not to use an extension cord while pressure washing with the K1900.
Electric pressure washers pull 13 Volts of power which is why you need to have a dedicated electrical outlet that doesn’t share with other appliances.


In cases where an extension cord needs to be used, most manufacturers recommend using a heavy gauge extension cord.


The Downside To Using An Extension Cord Is Two-Fold:

  1. Possible overheating of the cord, popped breakers, GCFI could fail over these conditions.
  2. Reduced performance. This is why if you have to use an extension cord make sure its heavy duty 4 Wire 12 Gauge 125/250v 20 Amp no longer than 50 Feet.

Q: Does The Pressure Gun Have a Control For Continuous Flow?

A: No. The reason for this is that pressure washers produce high-pressure water and could be dangerous to the operator if they do not have full control over the wand. As a matter of fact, I checked the other models Karcher manufacture for residential use and none of the other models have a continuous flow control. There is a common safety feature built into all the pressure washer I have seen and reviewed that feature is the unit will stop if your hands are not holding the trigger down.


Q: Will The Karcher K1900 Work For 230Volt Rated Utilities?

A: No. According to the manufacturer, this pressure washer is rated at 110 volts 60 Hertz. Even if you were to use a transformer converter it still won’t work because these boxes are rated at 50 Hertz.

If you live in a country that is rated for 230 Volt, Kercher makes pressure washers for other countries Check the manufacturer’s website or Amazon UK for right voltage pressure washer.


Q: Is There a Limit To The Amount Of Hose You Can Use With This Kercher K1900?
A: According to the manufacturer’s manual a 50’ hose is recommended. Any longer than 50’ say a 75’ hose you will see a drop in pressure from the unit.

How much of a pressure drop that I haven’t tested yet.
As with any power tool you need to read the Karcher pressure washer manual pdf, plus it will help you with troubleshooting your machine. There is a good pump diagram.

Karcher K1900 Testimonials

The ‘designer brand’ of power washers. You will not be able to beat this product on price. A little more power than the average house needs, but not quite industrial, makes this washer a great middle ground machine. It is built to be durable and you can tell by the quality of the parts that it will last since they are made of metal and not plastic. Additionally, they’ve made it easy to change parts if you choose to use 3rd party add-ons. Definitely giving it high marks!
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Excellent power washer! Our oldest daughter already had one and let us borrow it. We loved it so much, we bought 2 more! One for us and one for our other daughter. Who would have thought a family could bond overpower washers? Just goes to show how easy and effective they are that we all love it so much!
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  1. I like the fact that the motor is a water-cooled induction motor, much like a pump this motor uses magnetic fields to produce power and the water cools the motor much like an inboard boat motor. Karcher uses this type of motor because it is supposed to last 5X longer than traditional electric motor types.
  2. Out of the box, this pressure washer was easy to put together. It only took 5 minutes and I didn’t have to hunt any tools to get it done.
  3. I really like the fact that it is Lightweight and portable because I can store it easily in my van or truck and it won’t break my back taking the unit out on the job.
  4. Quite is bliss. The K 1900 is a really quite machine when it is not running. And while working the noise level is pretty low compared to other machines. Even with this model, I will still wear a good pair of earmuffs to protect my hearing.
  5. The warranty is pretty amazing Karcher give you out of the box a 3-year warranty with the K 1900 pressure washer. You can also add a two or four-year additional warranty to that for less than $20 more.
  6. You can go to any Lowes, home depot or Sams Club, and purchase extra accessories such as nice foam cannon for your car or appliances or surface cleaner for driveways and patios because the K 1900 is compatible with industry standard pressure washer accessories.


  1. Hose connection leaks on a lot of these models. During the demonstration, the hose connection did not leak. Reviewers have remarked that theirs did because of cheap plastic. According to the directions you need to make sure that the black side is to the back and the yellow connector to the garden hose. If it still leaks use ½ Teflon tape and wraps the threads at least 7 to 9 times. That should take care of any water leaks you get with this machine.
  2. I thought the wheels should be a little heavier than they are but the demonstrator said that it will roll easily over most terrains including gravel.
  3. No extra nozzle storage or holes for extra tips if you purchase extra. You can use the hose caddy to store those though.
  4. One of my biggest pet peeves is with the hose storage. It is only big enough for the 25’ that comes with the machine so if you have extra long pressure hoses or extensions you will have to find some way to keep them close to you while working and store it elsewhere. I would use a Gorilla cart for all my extra parts to keep your work.


Final Thoughts

Even with four cons, this machine is very well made. Rugged design, along with a heavy duty frame.

The 3-year warranty is pretty much unheard of on pressure washers due to the rubber o rings, water inlet filter and other parts that can be broken by abuse, normal use or changes in weather conditions.

Out of experience and knowing how to use an electric power washer indoors and out the Karcher K1900, a good second choice in its prices range for homeowners.

I have seen this machine demonstrated although I don’t own one myself; I did thoroughly go over this powerful tool with a fine tooth comb. As mentioned earlier in this review you shouldn’t worry the unit is backed by a bumper to bumper warranty for 3 years. I do recommend that you read the user manual particularly the chapter on storage and cleaning references and it will last a long time.

There are many different residential power washers on the market, but if you’re sick and tired of renting or dragging a 200-pound gas powered pressure washer around your yard, that you can’t even use inside then this Karcher electric pressure washer, is going to be a breath of fresh air.

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