How To Use An Angle Grinder Like a Badass

  • By: Monica Shulz

An angle grinder is basically a multipurpose machine that has a capability to grip over different types of wheels and frills. This machine is usually used for grinding and cutting. These are electric angle grinders and are used for carrying out heavy duty tasks, generally used in operations like construction and metal working.

Here are some real purposes of angle grinder:

  • Cut bolts, bars, and rods
  • Restore the cutting edges
  • Metal cutting
  • Cutting off old Mortar
  • Cut tile, stones, and concrete

Note: It is highly recommended to use the angle grinder with total safety while carrying out any sort of tasks. You must wear face shields and safety gloves as well. Try to keep the grinder quite away from any flammable stuff. Use safety guards while using it and after using, store it away from the reach of children. Always keep a solid grip while holding the grinder.

To use the angle grinders efficiently, you first need to have a pure grip over its tools and their purpose. If you know about all the tools and purposes well, then you can effectually repair or execute any task using an angle grinder.

Now mentioned above, you have known about some simple precautionary measures and few purposes of tools given with grinder, it does not seem so scary, right?

Let me give you a speedy overview of this article before going any deeper into the functioning of different disks in the right way.



Now, let’s get started and understand the safety measures and uses of different disks available with an angle grinder.


Safety Measures

Unlike any drill motor that runs at speed of about 700-1,200 rounds per minute, angle grinders spin at a really heavy speed of 10,000 rpm. And this speed is enough to be scary!

You must follow these precautionary measures for using grinder safely:

  1. Must wear gloves and a face shield while performing any task
  2. Always unplug the grinder from switches while changing its wheels
  3. Maintain a firm grip while carrying out any task.
  4. Try to attach the handle if available, before using it
  5. Always use the safety guard provided with the grinder as far as possible.
  6. Run new wheels as a trial for like one minute, in any secure area before using it directly on to the desired surface to ensure that the wheel is not faulty.
  7. Keep passersby away for their safety purpose.
  8. Everyone involved in the task should wear safety glasses.
  9. While using the grinder, try to keep sparks away from any flammable stuff.
  10. Store angle grinders away from the reach of children.

Knowing Your Tools

An angle grinder comes with a wide range of tools. From small hand-held grinders to the large grinders, these are available to serve different purposes, such as cutting wires, bolts, stones, metals and even glass. Therefore, it is mandatory to know which kind of tool is suitable to meet your requirement.

One thing you must keep in mind that elements such as power, size, speed, and safety, before purchasing any angle grinder, these elements should be undergone.

Grinding Stones

A grinding wheel is basically a cutting tool. It’s an abrasive cutting tool.

The abrasive part executes the similar function as the teeth perform in any saw. The grinding wheel usually has harsh grains circulated throughout the wheel. These thousands of hard and rough grains travel against the workpiece to cut it into tiny small chips of material.

Just fix the grinding stone blade into your workbench with clamps. Adjust the blade guard into grinder and orient it correctly to repel sparks from your body and especially face. Now align the wheel, start the grinder and move it gradually across the edge while applying some low pressure.


Cutting Disk

Cutting disc is an expendable tool, which is used with an angle grinder for cutting different types of materials such as steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. It is also used to cut material like stones, woods, concrete or other stuff. These disks are thin, round and flat panels, just like any DVD or CD.

Cutting disks were basically created to cut some particular solid materials which were impossible to cut at that time or too demanding in regards to cost and time. Cutting discs in angle grinders allow you to work with great flexibility, easiness of use and obtainability.

It is very important to know that while cutting, the disk creates a lot of resistance or friction. This friction develops a very high temperature at the cutting edges and it can cause undesirable modifications in colors or structure of your material. In order to avoid this situation, it is suggested to use this disc as thin as it is possible and try to cut wisely so that the product would not get heated up.


Wire Wheel

The wire wheel discs are basically used for cutting and grinding, but this wheel disc is mainly used for the purpose of removing any rust or paint or polishing any material. Therefore, if you want to remove any rust or paint from any object, this disc is your best companion tool. But make sure that the object which is under process is, hard enough, otherwise, the wire wheel can break the object brutally into pieces.


Sanding Disk

When you really need to sand or remove away a lot of surface wood, turning your grinder into a quick sander is probably the coolest and cheapest way to do this. With the use of a sand disk, you can do a lot of work effortlessly.

These sand disks are normally just some pieces of sandpapers. These are basically of Velcro-backed or comes with an attachment option so that it can be easily stuck to the base and that base is then attached to the grinder. Once this sandpaper has worn down, then it can be easily dragged off and can be exchanged with a new sand sheet.

Completing any project with the sandpaper can take much of your time. However, if one can do proper planning and use the right tools, it minimizes the work and maximizes its effectiveness while using sanding method.


Sanding Flap Disk

To turn your home angle grinder into an efficient sander, you need some Flap Discs. These flap discs are precisely intended for the purpose of making sands away from lots of surface area in a blink of an eye.

Not only these sanding flap discs make the sanding easier, but they also make it much more cost effective and quick. These discs are basically sanding discs with intersecting ‘flaps’ of sandpapers, finely arranged around the disks’ outer part. Sanding flap discs are exceptionally effective when you used in combination with an angle grinder. It removes the huge surface areas very quickly and effortlessly and making them perfect for people who like to do work with pallet wood.

as shown in the video, now I will tell you about how to use an angle grinder.

Operating an Angle Grinder Properly

Step 1

Always keep the guard on no matter what.

It is the fact that guard may get in your way while doing some projects, but please do not take it off at any cost. As it is not useless and provides you great protection from the flying debris that shatters during the projects. So, it’s better for the guard to get hit while doing tasks, instead you get hurt yourself.

Step 2

First of all, before starting any task with an angle grinder, put on your safety gear such as long sleeves, goggles, and full-face protection masks.

an angle grinder can be really dangerous without protection. One among its main dangers is the flying debris,  which includes the pieces of the attached tool, breaking off in the air and everywhere. so, protect yourself first with safety gears, so your eyes don’t catch any piece of debris, etc. For this purpose, safety goggles are quite appropriate, but a full face covering shield is much better. Also, protect your arms wearing full sleeves and hands with gloves.

  • Put some earplugs into your ears to cover them or wear noise-canceling earmuffs. this is important as the sound emitted from the grinder can be very loud, depending on the task, you are performing.
  • also wear a dust mask on your face for particularly dusty tasks, such as grinding and sanding, etc.

Step 3

Support the tool with both hands.

Hold tight and grasp the handle of the grinder with 1 hand. Look carefully for the dead man switch, if your machine has a dead-man switch, hold that switch too, with this hand.

The dead man’s switch is one that you must hold in place continually while your tool is on for it to work. Use the other hand and hold tight the weight of your machine.


  • Just grab the handle tight, with whatever hand you feel more comfortable.
  • The dead man’s switch is basically for safety purpose. The purpose that if the grinder accidentally drops from your hands, it will be off automatically.

Step 4

When sanding or cleaning, move the grinder constantly.

When you are performing a task like sanding, do not keep the tool static at one place, as this will lead your end product with gouges. For a more smoother finish, keep moving your tool in a rotatory motion continuously over the surface.

Same as in case if you are trying to clean or smooth any particular area, then do not hold the tool in on place, keep moving it around over the area until you get the desired results.

Step 5

Apply the light pressure while grinding or cutting.

Let your tool do the magic for you. While grinding or cutting, just keep holding the grinder tight and firm on the object and keep rotating and it will grind or cut the object for you. Just apply the light pressure, if you press down the tool too hard, it can cause the damage as the tool yank or slip on the piece on which you are working. It can also cause the tool kicked, that could lead to some major injuries. While in the case of sanding, you are allowed to apply a bit more pressure to get satisfactory results.

Step 6

Use the accurate angle for wheel attachments

It is also important to use the correct angles to put pressure on the surface for better results. For example:

  • When you are going to do sanding, apply the tool at an angle of 5°-10° to the work surface.
  • For grinding, try to be at an angle of 15°-30° and ensure that you are using the flat part of the attached wheel or disc.
  • While cutting, try to apply pressure on the side of the wheel/disc to cut the particular piece, that means, the wheel should make perpendicular to that piece you want to cut.

Step 7

Turn the grinder on and let it come to its full speed.

Just turn the power button on. Whatever you are doing the grinding, cutting, or sanding, just allow the grinder to come to its fullest speed. This will help you and make your actions consistent and smooth. In case you are cutting through the metal or any other material, you will get a much better result if the cutting disc will be at its extreme speed.

Step 8

Check the grinder properly before putting it down.

It is also important to check the grinder spinning is completely stopped, before putting it down. As if the wheel is still spinning, it can cause so many losses or injuries or it may possible that the grinder starts cutting things that you do not want to cut. Apply all the precautionary measures and take time for it to come to a full stop completely.


So there you have it a complete package. Now you are fully aware of all the precautionary measures while using the angle grinder. Also, you can now easily identify all the disks and tools related to the angle grinder to use it more efficiently. With a small amount of practice, you will be truly an expert of using angle grinders easily and with perfect expertise in the home at any time.
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