46 Best Angle Grinder Hacks

  • By: Monica Shulz

The angle grinder is famous with the name of disc grinder, side grinder, and handheld power. This is the tool that is used for polishing and grinding. You can use it for more tasks by adding other devices to it. The Angle grinding hacks are several, and these are ideal for making their working procedure simple and easy for you. This will be an excellent option for you if you are using it with some attachments and tools. You also need to consider the condition of your best deal today. Which type of features it is offering you. Always choose a branded item because it offers high-quality features and good output.

The homemade metal grinder belt sander

Here you will learn how to build an Angle grinder belt sander attachment, which is the bigger brother to the power file DIY project. This tool fits onto a Makita GA4540C 114mm angle grinder. This grinder is picked because it offers speed control; without using this, the grinder would run too fast.

Angle Grinder Hack

Learn how to manufacture multiple wire wheel attachment that is highly wonderful for the majority of the users. It is similar to the power file DIT project. This tool is good to fit on the angle grinder. It is simple to use these hacks utilizing this grinder that works too fast.

Angle grinder chop saw jig

You are going to learn how to make an angle grinder chop saw jig that turns the angle grinder into a cut off saw. The working procedure of this chop saw is similar to it. This angle grinder is used to cut and trim ready bolts and rod for other woodworking jigs that are made here.

Angle Grinder Hacks

With the help of the Angle grinder hack, you will be able to make several works easy. Here, you can learn how to cut the steel sheet with the saw by attaching it with this tool. This tool comes with a variety of features is an ideal choice. These are highly wonderful because these are very easy to keep in the bag where space is premium.

Angle Grinder Sliding Cutting Jig

This is one of the tools that make your slide cutting simple and easy. This sliding jig is small and lightweight, and the majority of the users prefer buying this machinery. There are several reasons to purchase these machines. For full size, maybe someone has not enough space. To handle this situation, the compact item is the right option.

Angle Grinder Sliding Cutting Jig

This angle grinder sliding cutting jig is ideal for the majority of the users because it offers ease. The 1st thing that you will see here is the size of the device. It is available in a single frame and in a variety of sizes. It is quite low for the operators.

Making a Homemade Angle Grinder Stand

Here, you will be able to learn how to make a homemade angle grinder stand. This will be helpful for the majority of the people who want to make this stand at home. It is very easy to make with the help of this device.

How to Make Sliding Miter Saw with Angle Grinder?

To make a sliding meter saw is not easy for the majority of the users. Still, Angle grinder has made this task easy for the majority of the people. This tool is used to make accurate crosscuts and miters in the working area. This lightweight tool helps offer a quick onboard motion.

5 Amazing Angle Grinder Attachments

Here, you will be able to learn about the 5 tools of the angle grinder attachment; these are Angle Grinder Drill Chuck, Angle Grinder Sanding Belt Adapter, Angle Grinder Into Power Chisel, Angle Grinder Belt Sander and 1.5 Inch Chainsaw Angle Grinder. These are helpful for users to finish their tasks easily.

5 Amazing Circular Saw 

So, learn here about the 5 incredible tools, and these are used for many tasks. These tools are pipe sander attachment, angle to a circular saw, Prazi beam cutter, wood carving disc, and polishing attachments. You can use an item that contains smart features with a sleek design and great features. It delivers high determination that that is based on the parts.

How to Make a Lathe Machine using Angle grinder at Home?

You are going to learn about the Lathe machine making process with the help of the angle grinder. This machine is good for the rotation of a workpiece. It is good to work several operations like turning, facing, deformation, drilling, cutting, sanding, and others.

How to Make an Octopus Sliding Saw at Home?

So, you are going to learn about making the sliding saw with the use of the angle grinder. It is a lightweight and small tool that helps in cutting. It works quickly to make your work simple and easy. A quality set on the best deal today, however, should work well for you now and into the future.

How to Make a Disc Sander?

Here, you will learn about making disc sander. This disc is great for grinding wood sheets. A sander can make the surface rough very easily. The ordinary belt sanders are not suitable for the wide and huge surface. All these things are exceptionally useful in framing the best woodwork and keeping up the superb look.

5 Amazing Drill 

Learn more about the drills that will make your working highly simple and easy for you here. These items are 25-50L/min Drill Pump Water Pump, Drillpro Sanding Belt Adapter Set, Reciprocating Saw Adapter Set, Drillpro Upgrade Chain Screw Gun, and 11.5 Inch Chainsaw Angle Grinder. All these are compact, efficient, and high-quality products.

5 Awesome Drill

Know about amazing woodworking supporting stand for angle grinder and drill. The drill bench press stand, angle grinder to circular saw, drill jig holder guide stand, universal drill clamp, angle grinder stand. It has less hardware and processing issues. These are unique in performing high-class service and offer a good working speed due to the advanced processor.

How to make a sliding miter saw with Angle Grinder

This is a Do it yourself video. It will help you learn to make your own sliding miter saw. It makes use of an angle grinder, a rectangular box, and two wooden slides. This is a simple video that makes use of a screwdriver and makes a sliding miter saw.

Getting more from your angle grinder

This is a simple video by a person who is an expert in using angle grinders. He has shared his experience of using the tool for newbies. This video shows many different ways in which an angle grinder can be used.

Homemade circular saw from angle grinder

This video demonstrates another way about how to use an angle grinder. The video lets us learn how to make a circular saw at home. The method is simple, the video is detailed. You will definitely learn the skill from the video.

Coolest homemade out of Ordinary Bulgarians

This video shows you how to make simple homemade items from Bulgarians. You can a simple yet effective device that you can use for garage work, anywhere, or any type of work. You need some skills to make this device; however, it is a perfect one.

Homemade belt grinder from Angle grinder

This video shows how to make a belt grinder in your home. It is a do it yourself video. You will use an angle grinder to make to belt grinder. Using your belt grinder for such creative work is an amazing idea, and you will love it.

Angle Grinder Hack 7

You can do a lot of hacks using your angle grinder. There are many beautiful things to do with it. Some simple hacks will make valuable things. This video is a continuation of previous and has a hack that you must not miss.

Angle grinder hack 4

Chain saw is a useful machine. You had to buy it from the shop when need. However, this is an excellent do it yourself video. It will guide you about how to make your own chain saw in the home using the angle grinder.

Angle grinder hack 5

An angle grinder is a useful tool when you know how to use it. It is used for cutting different things. This video is an addition to the hacks that you can do from a simple angle grinder. It is fun to apply the tricks from the video.

Angle grinder hack 3

A strimmer is used to trim grass in your garden. However, buying it from the market will be an extra job. This video shows you how to make your own strimmer. The tool you need is just an angle grinder. Using it, you can make the strimmer.

Angle grinder hack 2

A belt sander is an expensive tool to purchase from the market. However, when you watch this video, you will be able to perform the same task with your angle grinder. An angle grinder is a useful tool that lets you do a lot of things. This one is another amazing creation.

Angle Grinder for cutting branches:

In this Hack, you will learn how to cut the branches into the small parts, so that it wouldn’t be difficult to dispose of them. Take 12 chains of small sizes, then attach them over the axis and cover them with a metallic box. After that, attach the angle grinder onto the box, and it will take about 11000 spins and cut the branches into small parts.

Angle grinder for cleaning purpose:

You can make a new tool, which can be made with two metal accessories. Attach a metal frame with the Angle Grinder with screws and attach a propeller at the place of the discs. After turning it on, the propeller creates pressure, and air moves out through the metal frame, and it can be used for cleaning purposes.

Making belt grinder from angle grinder:

Take two thickened steel sheets. And take the measure of the rounded belt and measure the length of the steel sheet with it. After that sharp, mold and prepare the steel sheets and makes holes into their ends so that two sheets belt can be arranged in both sides with screws and after that attach two rounded plastic holders on the side on which belt can be moved, and belt grinder is ready.

Mini belt sanders with an angle grinder:

For making it, you have to take a plastic holder and attach a screw within it and attach it with an angle grinder. Attach a plastic bar with it. After that, take a rounded sander belt and move it around the whole plastic bar and plastic holder, and then it will start working after turning on the angle grinder.

DIY cordless grinder with DC 775 motor:

Take out the D775 motor and then cover it with the plastic gun cover and attach it with the help of the screws. And then cover the open end with the plastic holder and make it tight with screws. Fill up the remaining parts with the small wooden parts.

Angle grinder circular tool:

In this tool, you can make the angle grinder to move in a circular motion. For this, you can take the Car Ac compressor. Take out the circular part of it. Take four small metal rods, and by attaching them with each other, make a rectangular shape. After that, attach the circular part, rectangular shape, and another plastic frame together with the steel rod and attach it with the angle grinder tools, and now you can cut any surface in a circular shape.

Turning angle grinder into surface sharpener:

In this video, you can learn to make a steel sharpener with the help of the angle grinder. Take a small wooden piece, make it sharp with the help of a grinder, and attach it with the grinder with the help of the glue. Then attach the two long sheets of the steel on both sides with the help of the screws and then mold them from the open end. The tool is ready, and you can sharp the surfaces with the help of it.

Angle grinder tool for cutting stone:

In this angle, grinder attachment, grind the nut first. After that, attach it to the plastic holder and attach it to the angle grinder. After that, take a sharp disc and attach it to them and then take the plastic holder and also attach it to the tool. After that, when you run it, you can even cut the stone with the sharpness and speed of the disc.

How to grind the drill bits:

This is the technique in which you can grind the drill bits at home easily. You have to first grind and shape the nuts and bolts so that the drill bit can fix them. After that, grind the drill bits with the tool according to your need, and it can be obtained within no time.

Homemade angle grinder support:

Cut the two pieces of metal stripes of length 6. After that, make its edges smooth by grinding it. Then create two slots into it so that a nut of 8mm can move through them. After that, attach bearings with it. After then attach the studs through those slots and then attach both parts to the angle grinder, and the angle grinder support is ready.

Make Drill Bit Sharpener Tools:

If you want to sharpen and cut the edges of small rods and metal, there is no such gadget available in the market that can make it easy to sharpen the tools. You can make your own tool sharper with the help of a little bit technique and, of course, angle grinder. People use it for the cleaning of their old metal products etc.

How to Make Angle Grinder Stand:

The aim to provide this hack is to transfer the techniques, and some easy to use the grinder to make different things. All you need is to follow the tutorial and perform the whole step one by one. For assistance, you can write down the necessary tools and things and make a list.

Homemade Angle Grinder Stand // Restore Angle Grinder Support:

For the easy performance of the angle grinder, you need to fix it on the rotating support. With the following hack, you can learn to make rotating support that will allow you to perform any task with a perfect setting. Moreover, the required tools and things will be easily found in the market.

Make A Sander With Grinding Machine/ Part 2:

This is the second part of making a sander with a grinding machine at home. The video is consisting of a detailed process of the homemade sander. If you follow the steps, it will take a few minutes to complete the whole task. You must observe the measurements so you can cut your material without error.

3 Best Workshop Ideas || Workshop Tricks And Tips:

To the accomplishment of every task is depending on the measurements and the right tools. No matter that you are a professional worker or not but if you follow the right instructions, you can easily transform a simple thing into an amazing gadget, for example, a simple rubber band can be used as a hack.

Make An Angle Grinder Attachment || Angle Grinder Hack:

If most of your tasks are related to the angle grinder, then you must make some attachments for the ease of the work. These small attachments can help you to use the grinder efficiently. Moreover, it makes it easy to use and manageable while performing any task.

Homemade Angle Grinder Stand / Angle Grinder Support:

The process starts with the perfect square measurement of the hardboard that you need to cut down according to the size of the grinder. The main aim is to provide support and perfect usage for you, especially when you are working alone. So, for the hassle-free work, you will need it.

Angle Grinder Stand For Grinding machine / Angle Grinder Holder. Angle Grinder Hack:

Very basic and easy to handle tools are used in this process. It is one of the hacks that you must try and utilize them in routine tasks. The angle grinder is providing an easy way to use for multiple functions. When you add a stand for the grinding machine, it will make your work super easy.

Make A Disc Sander || Homemade 8″ Disc Sanding Machine:

If you are not comfortable with the cutting or performance of the sander, you can make a homemade Disc sander. After making it, you can easily cut an ant edge or type of material; it will reduce your effort and give the perfect cut every time. The fixed platform gives it standing support that helps in performance.

Top 4 Angle Grinder Attachments:

When it comes to making the angle grinding support, you can make any angle and type. You must consider the way you use it without any problem; moreover, the process of making it is super easy, and if you don’t know how to make it, you must follow the link and take the assistance of an expert for cutting.

Building a Power File! Angle Grinder Belt Sanding Attachment | DIY Grinder Hack:

We are making the hacks to convert a long and tiring process into an easy and quick one. After using these hacks, you can be able to make different attachments for the angle grinder. With this hack, you can build a power file with an easy and quick hack. For assistance, you can watch the link.


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