3M 90543 4DC Worktunes Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Your ears are extremely sensitive to the sounds you expose them to each day. Everything from mowing the lawn to going to work can add up over time to cause significant hearing loss. In fact, this3m workout headphones could be why close to thirty million people currently use hearing aids to amplify the sounds around them.

This hearing loss could be prevented with regular use of earbuds or protective earmuffs.

The good news is that you can take great strides to protect your hearing using Bluetooth technology headphones and earmuffs like the 3M 90543 4DC Worktunes.

By wearing these wireless hearing protector ear muffs, you’re offering a shield for your eardrum that can help maintain your hearing through the years ahead. There are many top name brands on the market for a headset with noise canceling properties, and you can check them all out in our review here.

However, what makes this version from 3M one of the top safety earmuffs on the market?

The 3M 90543 4DC Worktunes are far more than a pair of headphone or common headsets.

Many online reviews are quick to point out that the Bluetooth features are possibly one of the best capabilities to be included in a set of electronic earmuffs. This function allows you to do your job without losing the enjoyment of listening to your favorite music.

Most consumers prefer this version of safety ear muffs because of its Bluetooth capabilities. You can work on the mower while listening to a podcast or audiobook without having to worry about dangling cords. This makes it much easier to move around while still maintaining a protective covering for your eardrums. [toc]

You can purchase these protective ear defenders in two varieties, with or without the Bluetooth package (90543 vs 90541).

Using a digital device or Bluetooth-compatible mp3 player, you can stream your music and other audio directly into the 90543 headphones.

This model also allows you to listen to the AM/FM radio through an app on your phone, though the 90541 4DC and the 90542-3DC tend to be better for traditional AM and FM radio listening.

These are very similar to the Dewalt DPG15 Digital Hearing Protection but without the bulky earpieces that have an LCD screen.

One of the other major advantages to this set of earmuffs is their battery life. Batteries are one of the most expensive parts of opting for digital earmuffs over the traditional earplugs.

These 3M 4DC earmuffs run on the Alpha 1100 lithium-ion battery pack. This rechargeable battery prevents you from having to purchase new batteries every few days. Instead, it is rechargeable and you can purchase replacement parts if it ever dies entirely.

Keep in mind that other versions of the 3M WorkTunes headphones do not use the same lithium-ion batteries.

For example, the 90542 will only run on AA batteries which are not included with your initial purchase. But You Can Get Them Right Here.

After comparing it to other models, it’s clear that you can make the best investment by purchasing the 3M 90543 4DC Worktunes earmuffs.

What is the noise reduction rating?

Before you purchase any kind of ear protection, you should know what the noise reduction rating (NRR) is. These 4DC Tekk earmuffs and their 90543 3DC counterparts both have a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels.

This is lower than some of the other leading options on the market, including the Decibel Defense. This model has an NRR of 28 decibels but lacks some of the other enhanced features of the 3M ear protectors. Check out our review of the Decibel Defense headphones here.

While this may not be the highest NRR on the market, it is sufficient for most daily tasks. Mowing the lawn, working in the wood shop, or being exposed to a moderately loud environment can all be covered with the protection offered by these ear defenders.

Keep in mind that these are not hard hat earmuffs, like those offered in the 3M Peltor X-series. These will be a slightly larger profile that may not be comfortable for use with other personal protective equipment.

What Does Other Customer Who Bought 3M 90543 4DC Worktunes Has To Say:

Money well spent for sure! After reading a lot of comments before purchasing, I had a mixed feeling about making the purchase, but I’m glad I did! Very short and easy to follow instructions came with this lightweight product. The Bass Boost was a plus. It fits nice and tight, even with a ballcap on. Several people mentioned that the sound wasn’t always great, but I think it depends on the radio station you are listening to not the earmuffs. Very Very Very happy customer!
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Sturdy, passive earmuffs that have Bluetooth! These earmuffs do an impressive job of drowning out noise with a great seal. An added bonus is the built-in Bluetooth feature so you can listen to your phone if you so choose. They also have a microphone so that you can speak to someone on the phone while still wearing the headset. I’d say these would best benefit someone on an airplane who wanted to tune out the people around them and listen to music.
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Is Programming Easy?

You may be worried that purchasing a pair of the 3M 90543 4DC protective earmuffs will be too complicated for you to use. Particularly if you use them while working, you don’t want to have to stop to fiddle with the electronics.

Fortunately, this model comes with a built-in voice command system that allows you to do the programming without the button pushing.

Some users note that you will want to take the time to read the manual before you begin trying to use these headphones.

Be sure to purchase your pair today so you can upgrade your standard earbuds.

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Can I Take Phone Calls With These Earmuffs?

If you are purchasing the 4DC Bluetooth package, you may find yourself wondering if you can make calls through the headphones. Once you connect your phone and other products to the earmuffs, you can quickly and easily take phone calls as well.

This is a huge gain over standard earplugs because it means that you can take advantage of all of these technologies without the hassle. Free up more space in your workplace or your mind for other things.

While there are many locations where you can buy these excellent protective ear muffs, you should try to avoid stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot. They are more likely to sell these black earmuffs at their full list price.

Consumers can receive a much bigger discount by purchasing them through an online company like Amazon instead.

While you’re shopping, you may want to consider purchasing a hard case to store these headphones in. The hard case is relatively inexpensive and gives you greater peace of mind when it comes to protecting your investment. The case is also semi-waterproof.

Take the first steps to protect your hearing for the future by purchasing these 3M 90543 4DC Worktunes Today!