42 Best Kitchen Pass Thru Ideas

  • By: Monica Shulz

Does your kitchen need a facelift or are you simply looking to add more light or room to your living space? Take a look at these 42 best kitchen pass-through ideas. Don’t worry, you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to afford it. Here are some affordable ideas that you could even do yourself.

Kitchen Pass Thru Ideas

  • Small Kitchen Pass-Through
  • Outside Kitchen Pass-Through
  • Kitchen Pass-Through Window
  • Kitchen Pass-Through Decorating

Small Kitchen Pass-Through Ideas

Your home may be limited on space but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a kitchen pass-through. But how? Well, all you need for this project is a wall connected to your kitchen and you just have to be willing to break into it. In fact, here are a few small kitchen pass-through ideas:

Breakfast Bar

Image Credit: designingidea.com

Your home may be too small for a dining table but you can still have a breakfast bar. You can do this by simply utilizing your kitchen pass-through. All you need to do is add a counter and you’ll be all set with your breakfast bar.

In Cabinets

Image Credit: hgtv.com

We all want a kitchen cabinet refinishing done so you dont need to take it all down completely. There is other alternatives, such as kitchen pass-through made in your cabinets. Or go further down the list to find other suitable options.

Closed Layout

Image Credit: designingidea.com

You may want a kitchen pass through but you may not want your guest to see into your kitchen. So what’s the solution for this? A closed layout. This still gives you a kitchen pass but it’s higher from the ground and it’s a bit smaller than the average kitchen pass.


Image Credit: hgtv.com

Does your dining room offer a breathtaking view? Don’t let a kitchen wall deprive you of it. You can simply remove part of the wall and create a contemporary kitchen pass-through. Not only do you get to enjoy the view while you cook, but you get to add a new element to your home.

Dining Room

Image Credit: Rayzorworks

Add a new dimension to your home with a dining room kitchen pass-through. This can be done by adding a granite countertop and boom you have a bar between your kitchen and your dining room perfect for entertaining guests.

Farmhouse Style

Image Credit: Instagram.com

This farmhouse-style, simply has a farmhouse feel to it. Your kitchen pass-through will typically be built through a load-bearing wall that sits between your kitchen and your living room.


Image Credit: vestadesignstudio.com

You may only have a small space to create your pass-through opening. But you can still maximize it with a fold-up-styled window idea. This window style is only functional but it’s really unique so you get the kitchen pass-through you want and you’ll have a great conversational piece.


Image Credit: housetipster.com

Much like the name suggests, a modern kitchen pass-through has a slick look. A kitchen pass-through like this can only add value to your home and kitchen. When trying to achieve this look you will go with solid neutral colors.


Image Credit: designingidea.com

Rectangles and squares are the most common shape for kitchen pass-throughs. But if you are looking to stand out, you would opt for a round. That’s right, a round pass-through.


Image Credit: designingidea.com

You may not be too keen on coving out a big hole in your wall and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you can’t get a kitchen pass through. You can create a small kitchen pass-through that still lightens your kitchen.

White Cottage

Image Credit: hgtv.com

Are you trying to revamp your old kitchen cottage? Consider adding a white cottage kitchen pass-through to it. The white will make your kitchen look bigger and the pass-through will invite some extra light.

Outside Kitchen Pass-Through Ideas

Take your love for entertaining on your back porch to a new level with a kitchen pass-through that connects to your backyard. With these kitchen pass-throughs, you won’t have to miss out on the conversations when grabbing snacks.


Image Credit: hgtv.com

You may be looking to add a new look to your cottage. A cottage kitchen pass-through could be a great addition. You can add some rustic chairs to complete the look.

Farmhouse Inside-Outside

Image Credit: industrystandarddesign.com

Similar to a farmhouse kitchen pass, a farmhouse inside-outside has a farmhouse feel to it. The only difference is that this kitchen pass-through opens towards the outside of the kitchen more like the patio that you can revamp to a beautiful seating area.

Glass With Transom

Image Credit: flipoutwindows.com

If cement is not enough for you then you should consider a glass with a transom. You’ll get the function of a large window, allowing in air and light to your kitchen. But you will also have the glass transom above it giving your kitchen a more open feel.

Glass Pivot With Metal Frame

Image Credit: melllawrencearchitects.com

If you prefer a more modern feel to your kitchen give a glass pivot with a metal frame a look. This window gets its modern look from the metal frame covering the glass.


Image Credit: tmdcustombuilders.com

An industrial-styled window is stylish and practical. You can add a table and stools to create a seating area on the other side of the window. An industrial-styled pass-through window will be framed with grey and black painted window frames.

Kitchen Pass Through for Outdoor Cooking

Image Credit: hillconstructioncompany.com

Take your love for outdoor barbecuing and entertaining to a new level with a kitchen pass-through for outdoor cooking. This kitchen pass-through allows you to keep guests entertained and prepare tasty bbq dishes.

Kitchen Pass-Through With Sink

Image Credit: hgtv.com

A kitchen pass-through with a sink built-in makes hosting parties that much easier. Your kitchen sink will be leveled with the counter of your kitchen pass-through. The style of the skin is up to you.


Image Credit: Sunriseappliancehomestore.com

Tired of that boring kitchen window that doesn’t add flare to your kitchen? Add the flare you need by turning that boring window into an outdoor kitchen pass.

Peninsula With Counter

Image Credit: designingidea.com

If you are tight on kitchen space a peninsula with a counter will be a great idea. You get the function of a kitchen pass-through leading into your dining room and your kitchen feels bigger with all the light leading in.

Screened Porch

Image Credit: samselarchitects.com

A screened porch allows the light in and can give the illusion of your porch being bigger. You’ll be able to keep guests entertained and while preparing your meals in the kitchen.

Slide-Up With Screen

Image Credit: benquieandsons.com

This slide-up kitchen pass works the same as a regular slide-up window. But what makes it different? The fact that this window has a screen is what makes it different. A screen helps keep out unwanted things like flies but you are still able to get the light that you want.

Backyard Kitchen Pass-Through

Image Credit: Sierrapacificwindows

Is your kitchen in the back? With this backyard kitchen pass, you won’t have to miss out on a thing. This kitchen pass opens towards your backyard, making passing drinks and snacks much easier.

Kitchen Pass-Through Window Ideas

Regardless if you choose to have a pass-through connected to your dining room or your outdoor patio, you can add a window to it. That’s right, there are a variety of styles that you can choose from. There are even great ideas if you are looking for a kitchen window replacement.


Image Credit: hillconstructioncompany.com

Do you know how a food truck window opens? Now an awning window is the same. To use this style your pass-through window will have to be fairly large. You will also have to remember to have a clear space before opening your window.


Image Credit: gontermanconstruction.com

The great thing about a bi-fold window is that it can be used in larger spaces. This also adds a slick sophisticated look to your kitchen pass. You should consider getting a bi-fold made of thinner material because it can have a bulk look.

Double Casement

Image Credit: hillconstructioncompany.com

You may not want to part with your casement kitchen interior and you don’t have to. You could add double casement windows. This allows you to stick to the casement style of your kitchen and adds a double window feature to your kitchen pass-through.

French-Styled Slide

Image Credit: nestandcompany.com

A french styled slide window has a french feel to it. When opening this window you will pull or slide the middle windows to either side. These windows don’t disappear all the way, once opened you will still have two closed windows on each side.

Galley Kitchen to Patio

Image Credit: designingidea.com

If you are limited on space, or simply don’t want the hassle of swing-up windows. You should consider a slide-up galley window. This kitchen pass-through window style still gives you access to the outside patio and gives you the open space you need.


Image Credit: shelterness.com

A garage-style kitchen pass-through is a unique kitchen window replacement idea. This is also a great way to redo your kitchen but still stay on budget. A garage-style window is just that. You can use an old garage door as your window.

Window With Counter and Seats on Both Sides

Image Credit: rogerperron.com

A kitchen isn’t a place to sit and talk. Well, not in the past at least. A window with a counter and seats on both sides allows you to continue talking with guests and even gives you a chance to sit down.

Large Flip-Out Window

Image Credit: flipoutwindows.com

A large flip-out window has several benefits. One is that it’s a great way to bring light into your kitchen. Before installing this window in your pass-through space, you have to be willing to create a large hole in your wall.

Slide-Up With Screen

Image Credit: benquieandsons.com

This slide-up window works the same as a regular slide-up window. But what makes it different? The fact that this window has a screen is what makes it different. A screen helps keep out unwanted things like flies but you are still able to get the light that you want.


Image Credit: mylhs.com

A slide-up window is simple and practical. Much like the name suggests, this kitchen pass-through uses a slide mechanism. Every time you open your window, instead of pushing or pulling to open your window, you will push it up.

Sliding Window

Image Credit: shelterness.com

Looking for a simple to use pass-through? Then a sliding window is your best bet. This window opens up when you simply slide it to the left or right. But that’s not all. A sliding pass-through window takes less material to construct.

Kitchen Pass-Through Decorating Ideas

Once you know what type of kitchen pass-through you want, you can move on to decorating. Now as exciting as this stage is, it can also be the hardest. But not to worry, here are a few different kitchen pass-through decorating ideas that you can use.


Image Credit: designingidea.com

Looking to add more than just a regular kitchen pass to your kitchen? Why not add an arched pass-through? This design serves the same purpose as the others except it has an arch in it.

Home Bar

Image Credit: designingidea.com

Do you enjoy having a drink with your friends? Why not create a home bar? You might already have the pass-through all you have to do is add a few bar elements decorations.


Image Credit: Sonata85

You can frame your kitchen pass through. That’s right, you may not have heard of this before but adding a frame to your kitchen pass through, is a great way of cost-effective decorating. Simply add the pieces to the outer layer of your pass-through.

Reclaimed Wood

Image Credit: kenlinsteadt.com

Reclaimed wood is a great kitchen pass-through decorating idea. It is also a great material because by using reclaimed wood, you would be recycling. But that’s not all, reclaimed wood is a low maintenance material, so you don’t have to break the bank trying to take care of it.


Image Credit: blindsgalore.com

Having a big gaping hole in your kitchen might not be for you. But that’s why you can add blinds. This way you get the advantages of a kitchen but the privacy you require.


Image Credit: hgtv.com

Deciding on a color for your remodel can be tough. Luckily you can always trust that it will be elegant, clean, and sophisticated. Adding a white can add new depths to your already beautiful kitchen.


Image Credit: younghouselove.com

The best way to do any DIY is to use what you already have. You can turn your kitchen pass-through into a DIY project by adding curtains you already have at home.

Rustic Styled

Image Credit: designingidea.com

You may not be ready to get rid of a few of your “outdated” kitchen decor. But now you don’t have to. A rustic style is a great way to mix the old with the new.


Image Credit: designingidea.com

If you keep going back and forth on decorating ideas maybe you should settle for something plain. Now you may think that this is a boring idea but less is always more. You could keep your kitchen pass-through plain and it will still be a statement piece in your home.


With these kitchen pass-through ideas, you have no excuse to start planning that kitchen remodel. Simply take a look at these ideas and see what pass-through works for your kitchen, budget, and style. Remember that no matter the size of your space there is a kitchen pass-through that’s right for you.