Costco Garage Storage: Complete Guide for a Organization System

  • By: Monica Shulz

Let’s say your garage is a magnet for random clutter that seems impossible to organize. Although this may not affect your lifestyle because your garage is merely a pass through for your car or a place to keep outdoor equipment, the vast mess could eventually make your life hell. It’s time that you gave your garage a makeover.


Costco Garage Storage System

  • Overhead Garage Storage
  • Costco Garage Shelving
  • Montezuma Garage Storage
  • Whalen Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage

One of the best ways to free up your garage floor space is the use of overhead garage storage. Costco’s safe Rack overhead garage storage will allow you to use the space on your ceiling as a functional storage area for most of your seasonal items like paddle boards, bikes, skis, snowboards, and kayaks.

Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit
Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

Costco’s safe racks overhead garage storage combo kit consists of two 4 ft x 8 ft overhead garage storage racks and an 18-piece duplex accessory kit. This heavy-duty garage storage rack is designed to enable you to minimize space wastage in your garage.

It uses a U-shaped 14-gauge industrial channel steel that provides you with maximum strength. The steel frame has a nice powder coat finish that gives it an appealing appearance and protects it from elements such as chemical, ultraviolet light, impact, and moisture.

Safe racks 4 ft x 8 ft overhead garage storage rack also has a thick wire mesh deck the provides you with a reliable stand that doesn’t rot or get corroded. You need to screw the ceiling brackets into the overhead joists using a stud finder. You don’t need to worry about the height of your garage. You can adjust the suspension heights of these garage storage racks to fit the size of your garage.

While using the Safe racks overhead garage storage, it is often prudent to leave ample space between items to assess them quickly. Consider installing this rack away from garage door rails to avoid limiting room for entering the garage. Additionally, install the safe racks a little away from your light source to allow the light to spread out to other areas.

Safe racks 18-piece Duplex Accessory Kit

Safe racks overhead garage storage 18-piece duplex accessory kit consists of galvanized steel hooks. This kit provides you with a feasible solution if you use your garage as a workshop and have an array of tools. The 18 galvanized steel hooks include single, double and deep utility hooks. This accessory kit helps you organize both small and heavy-duty tools, thereby reclaiming your lost storage space.

The single utility hooks come in a variety of sizes. You can get a one-, four- and eight-inch turn depending on your storage need. You could use this type of hook to store paint brushes, hand tools, small single items, or clothing. If you have heavier power tools, you could consider getting the double utility hooks.

This type of hook has a heavy-duty welded steel construction that can support 30lbs, and hence it would be perfect for storing your hose pipes, extension cords, small ladders, and lawn chairs. The deep utility hook uses a friction lock tab for sturdy and safe installation.

Richelieu garage organization system

Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

A garage floor space littered with numerous tools and sports equipment puts your family at risk of serious accidents. Costco’s Richelieu garage organization system is an easy to assemble storage tool that puts your wall into good storage use for tools such as shovels, rakes, ladders, hoses, brooms, extension cords, and various power tools.

This organization system consists of two rails, four hooks, and one large storage basket. Each rail is 24 inches long. The rails are made of heavy-duty steel with a loading capacity of 220 pounds each. This robust and durable multi-purpose storage kit offers you the optimal solution for your sports equipment and garden tools.

Richelieu’s Garage Organization System is a 9-piece accessory kit that could be an optimal solution for your organizational needs. The non-slip hooks will enable you to store several tools and help keep your garage clean. It has a working load of 100kg.

Richelieu’s 9-piece Garage Organization System is becoming more popular due to its multiple application. The set includes:

  • 2 mounting tracks, 24 inches long, and mounting screws
  • 2 hooks, 7-7/8 inches
  • 1 tool hook, 10-1/16 inches
  • 1 J-hook, 2-1/4inches
  • 1 hook, 9-1/2 inches
  • 1 hook, 10-3/8 inches

You could use this organization set to organize your garage items. However, be sure not to exceed its safe load.

Costco Garage Shelving

Years of piling and tossing tools and equipment in your garage have contributed to the clutter that you now dread every time you step into your garage. Costco garage shelving helps you to get rid of all seasonal items that you no longer need. There are various garage shelving solutions from Costco that you could use to transform your garage space.

Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

If you have heavy parts, tires, or cans of paint you need to store in your garage or workshop, consider getting heavy-duty garage shelving from Costco. Heavy-duty shelving provides you with solid and durable storage units available in various heights and widths.
Heavy-duty garage shelving from Costco gives you a range of configurations and sizes to choose from. You could select six, five, or four-level bays depending on your storage needs. Moreover, you do not need experience or a lot of strength to install the shelves. They are pretty easy to assemble.

Each unit has a nice paint finish that gives it an appealing look and protects it from corrosive elements. They also come with top and feet caps to protect them from wear. Heavy-duty garage shelving also has a wide range of accessories such as retaining hoops for censoring lights and cantilever shelves for end-of-aisle storage, euro containers, and archive boxes.

Light Duty Shelving

Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

You could also consider getting light-duty shelving units for your light industrial tools. These storage units come in a range of sizes and level bays. The bays vary from 4-5 shelves, and each frame has a weight capacity of 250 to 300 kg UDL. Depending on the size of the shelving unit, light-duty shelving can hold 2 to 14 bins offered in a variety of colors.

You could choose to keep the shelving units as stand-alone, or you could fix them on the wall. Either way, the assembly of the shelves is fast, easy, and bolt less. You only need a mallet or joining pins to assemble them.  All the units of the light-duty frames have protecting feet caps to protect them from wear and prevent damage to your floor, especially when moving them.

Wall Mounted Shelves

Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

The two by four inches pro series wall-mounted shelf is Costco’s new age garage storage designed to help you minimize floor space wastage and maximize valuable wall storage. The wall-mounted shelves come in various installation configurations for your convenience and have a loading capacity of 600 lb. It also has 1,25 inches safety lip and gives you 24 sq ft of elevated storage.

Montezuma Garage Storage

Give your garage a revamp with Montezuma garage storage from Costco. These storage solutions can help you store all your supplies and workshop tools in all sizes or shapes. Montezuma garage storage system has a patented folding design that makes it quite mobile and easy to assemble. It is a robust storage solution that can withstand daily use without deteriorating.

Montezuma Garage Tool Storage System
Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit


Montezuma garage tool storage system is a 9-piece combo workbench with a stainless see worktop and locking cabinets. The 12-piece consists of two 2-door and two 4-drawer base cabinets and two 1-door walls, two 2-door walls, and one pegboard panel. The Montezuma Garage storage from Costco is easy to assemble. You can easily set it up in your garage.

With the Montezuma Garage Storage, you can keep all equipment and tools that take up floor space. The special folding design allows you to customize your system into a combo kit that fits your storage space. The stainless kit worktops on the base cabinets also have an additional workspace to set down tools and four metal pegboards that provide you with ample hanging storage for your everyday tools. This Costco new-age garage storage solution is constructed from durable, high-quality steel.

Montezuma Garage Storage Cabinets
Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit


A modular organizer can be one of your favorite storage units in your garage, primarily if you sometimes use your garage space as a workshop. You can store your collection of tools in the modular organizer to keep your stuff in order and protect your children from stumbling upon tools that could cause dangerous accidents.

Montezuma garage storage cabinets have an innovative folding design that is easy to assemble and transport. All units are designed to fit together, and hence if you don’t like a particular design, you could mix and match the units to build a system that perfectly suits your needs. However, you could also choose one of the popular ready-to-order combo kits.

Montezuma Garage Storage Toolbox
Montezuma Garage Storage Toolbox

The Montezuma garage storage toolbox combines the efficiency of peg-style organization storage with the flexibility of a tool drawer. The excellent organization in the top chest of this toolbox saves you the time for rummaging through your tools by giving you a complete visual inventory of all the tools.

The toolbox is designed to keep each tool in a specific space so you no longer have to postpone a project because you can’t locate one of your vital tools. You no longer have to open multiple drawers looking for a specific small tool.

Montezuma 2 Steel Pegboards

Montezuma Garage Storage Toolbox

There are three types of pegboards that you could install in your garage; acrylic, wood fiber, and galvanized steel pegboard. However, if you need a solution that will outlive you, you should consider getting a steel pegboard mounted on a Montezuma garage storage combo kit.
A Montezuma 2 Steel pegboard is robust, rigid, and has a great appearance. It can be mounted on a Montezuma cabinet combo kit. If you wish to mount yours directly on concrete, consider using a hammer drill to prevent it from falling and dropping all your tools to the ground.

Although the acrylic pegboard is not as sturdy as the steel board, it has much versatility and strength. It is also lighter than the steel board, and hence it can be moved or reinstalled with ease. Additionally, unlike the steel board, the acrylic pegboard never rusts, molds, or reinstalled with ease.

Whalen Garage Storage

Whalen Garage Storage Workbench
Montezuma Garage Storage Toolbox

Whalen garage storage workbench is a new-age product that can be a great solution to your garage space and organization problem, especially when it has wheels, cabinets, and a pegboard for easy mobility and storage of tools and equipment. Whalen workbenches come with power and light outlets that increase the lighting in your garage. You can fill the drawers with all materials and tools that fit.

When selecting workbenches, choose one that is strong and made of durable material. A workbench made of solid steel and a lovely acacia tabletop offers you the strength you desire. It is easy to assemble and adjust and comes with all casters. You don’t need to worry about your height when purchasing a Whalen workbench. If you want to make changes, its height is adjustable.


The Costco Garage Storage System comprises newage garage storage solutions made of high quality, solid, and durable materials that give utility value to your garage and give it a fresh makeover. Some of the features that set this system aside besides quality and durability are customizable features that address each customer’s individual needs.

Although disorganization could be a sign of a creative mind, this notion hardly applies to a messy garage situation. Most people use this urban legend to avoid taking responsibility for the mess in their garage. However, it’s high time for you to give your garage a makeover by getting a complete system to a Costco garage storage.

Montezuma Garage Storage Toolbox