Zoeller M264 Review: Workhorse Pump

  • By: Monica Shulz

Zoeller is a family-owned company based in Kentucky and is one of the oldest submersible pumps and water system manufacturer.  The American company got their beginnings in 1939 and haveZoeller M264 been making pumps since.


The company backs a 100% factory-tested underwater policy for dependability from the moment they are plugged in.


Over the course of this article we will learn:


  • What Jobs This Pump Is Best For
  • Where This Pump Fits In With Other Similarly Priced Pumps
  • What a Mini Lift Station Is


Here’s What You Need To Know About The Zoeller M264:


Its housing dissipates motor heat and is coated to prevent rust for years of use.  First released in 2009, so you can read a review of this automatic grinder pump and buy with confidence


Item ships as a whole.



115 volts [toc]

Powered by a .4 H.P. motor

The ejector can discharge a solid 2” in diameter

Cast iron motor, switch cap, and housing

Plastic base

Non-clogging vortex impeller


This particular effluent pump is under a limited 12-month warranty.


What’s your budget?


In comparing the Zoeller M264 with other Zoeller waste mate line pumps it immediately becomes clear that Zoeller themselves puts out a product that is nearly identical.


The M267 is priced a little higher but boasts a ½ horsepower pump.


My guess is that for most of you the extra boost of power will not be necessary unless you are pumping from a particularly, productive bathroom.

For most full bathrooms the 264 will do just fine but if you’re worried that this model will fail on you, the extra money spent to get the M267 will no doubt offer a little-added peace of mind.


Grinder Pump vs Sewage Pump


Grinder pumps are similar to sump pumps but they also feature a grinding blade.  For those of you who are considering building their own sewage system or adding a bathroom to an existing system, a grinder pump is what you want.


Perhaps you live in a place where you are allowed to collect grey water and are looking to make a system that will be able to handle that job, then a sump pump might be adequate.


Getting a little lift


Aside from acting as flood control in a basement this unit can be combined with the 30-0151 2-inch cast iron slip x slip check valve union and is commonly used in mini lift stations To increase efficiency and reduce noise.


Alternatively, you can bundle for this purpose and go with the Saniflow Saniswift

A cheaper option at the cost of a power and durability.


With this option, you will not have an impeller designed to clear solids so you will have to take extra measures not to clog your system.



Here are some frequently asked questions:



Q: How high will it pump?

A: Some customers report it pumping as high as 10 vertical feet.


Q: Could this be used as a sump pump?

A: Yes, but the impeller blade would likely be unnecessary.


Q: Does the M264 come with a float and can it be moved to either side of the system?

A: Yes it does and no it can not.


Q: What is the impeller material?

A: The impeller is a plastic blade.


Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: The motor does not require any oil and the power chord is 15 feet long.



Pros of The M264


  • Small and quiet
  • Features an impeller blade
  • Made to be durable
  • Good for single bathrooms


Cons of The M264


  • More expensive than sump pumps without an impeller blade
  • Not as powerful as other grinder pumps
  • Bad for pumping any loads heavier than a single bathroom




Zoeller M264 Testimonials




Zoeller is the name of sewer pumps.  This is a great price on this common model for household lift stations.  I install a ton of these and this price is the best.
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Purchased this now and had it for 2 weeks before it got clogged.  The pump overflowed in my crawlspace. YUK! I gave it away as I couldn’t throw it far enough…[it] didn’t keep up with my one bathroom and kitchen sink draining into it.
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I really like this pump!  It’s very strong and does its job well.  I’ve had it installed or six months and there have been no problems.  I’ve never installed a pump before and had no problems with this one (my toddler helped 🙂 ). I used the silent check valve and it really helps with the noise…A toilet, shower, and sink in my basement use this pump.
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In Conclusion

Having seen a balanced review of the M264 you will be able to make another informed decision when choosing the key component of your next water system.

Here are a few of the things we learned:


This pump might not be able to handle an extreme load but it is small, quiet, and affordable.


This pump is basic in design and easily installed by a home handyman but powerful enough to be used by professional plumbers.


It is great for adding a single bathroom to an existing sewage system.


You can feel comfortable starting your next project with an M264 driving your plumbing and this listing on Amazon offers it at a reduced price.