Walker Hearing Protection Reviews

  • By: Monica Shulz

Walker Hearing Protection Reviews can easily be found and it’s no wonder why they are a popular product!Walker Hearing Protection


You can easily find reviews, check out this one on Amazon of the Walkers Razor slim, it’s both informative and whimsical!


In addition to using these as earplugs for the gun range, children can also use them at concerts or at any other amplified event!.


What You Will Get In This Article


  • Lots of great information about ear protection
  • Some Cons
  • But Mostly Pros
  • About Walker Hearing Protection
  • And other Options like Ear Buds and Ear Muffs



These elite, silencing, ultimate headsets and ear buds are great for all of your outdoor sound-canceling needs!


There is also the convenience factor…


Not only can you find Walker Hearing Protection online at Amazon, but also at Costco with some of the newest noise-canceling technology.


You can also easily find a case to buy, protect the protection!


Why might Walker Hearing Protection benefit you?

  • In-ear Bluetooth to drown out the sound
  • The slim design, low profile, and case makes them easy to transport for hunters
  • Walker Hearing Protection has some of the best reviews out there!
  • Shooters can enjoy hearing directions, while also canceling out gunfire
  • Don’t forget, hearing protection is important for you AND your kids


Speaking of Kids…

Walker Hearing Protection has folding game ear kid muffs, you guessed it, just for kids!

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They come in colors that kids LOVE, like green, blue, and pink.


With an easy-to-adjust headband, they fit kids as they grow up from just a few months to 8 years!


Just like the adult ear muffs, these also have a comfortable and adjustable headband with a 23 Noise Reduction rating.


Often it’s easy to forget that children’s ears are a lot more sensitive than us adults’! Kids’ ears can sometimes need to be protected from fireworks, concerts, power tools, you just never know when you may need them!

Also, do not forget about the outdoorsy women! They need silence enhancing muffs too!

These Testimonials About Walker Hearing Protection Are re-written And Shortened For SEO Purposes

As a firearms instructor, I am very familiar with all kinds of ear protection. Not only are they a fantastic product, just as advertised, but the batteries last a long time (I wear mine for 8 hours straight frequently). The only real issue I had with the Walkers Razor Slim was that they did not fit PERFECTLY under a standard arch helmet. You can still wear the helmet and earmuffs together, I just wouldn’t recommend you do so for very long.
Read The Full Original Testimonial From Amazon Customer Here

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Let’s Get Down to some Details

How does Walker Hearing Protection get power?


Well, the short answer is batteries. The long answer is, it depends on which model you purchase.


Many of the earphones use air cell batteries which can be purchased online or at your local retail store.


Both the Behind and In the ear headsets use batteries found in hearing aids and the Power Muffs us AA batteries.


Wondering about style?


Walker’s Razor Patriot series is where it’s at.


In addition to the adjustable volume control, it’s the best piece of gear for hunting and being around firearms, it comes with 2 USA flags! They also have a pretty sweet case.


Worried about getting your new headphones damp while sweating it out on the range?


Don’t be! These things are made for sport and lots of moving, so they’re waterproof!


Did we mention they have Bluetooth capabilities?!


Simply connect the earbuds to your Smartphone’s Bluetooth just like any other accessory and voila!


What if you want to go wireless?

Walker’s Silencer Ear Plugs are what you are looking for.


As an In-Ear piece, the earplugs are secure fitting with Small, Medium, and Large options for both the foam parts and the fins.


AND they have independent sound control.


What is that exactly?


You can control the volume in each ear.


Plus, the battery life is about 80 hours with normal use. In other words, if you are using them on-and-off for their noise-canceling capabilities.


Feel like being super active?


The earbuds come with an attachable lanyard if you choose to use it.


Finally, the carrying case is included with your purchase. How convenient!


Perhaps you are looking for something at a bit lower cost?


Walker’s Alpha muffs may just be what you are looking for!


Think of these factors:

  • Each muff has its own volume control!
  • Wind resistant
  • High-Frequency microphones
  • 5 times hearing enhancement!


You won’t have to worry about germs either because like all Walkers Hearing Protection muffs, they are anti-microbial! Perfect for letting you get tactical outside and dirty, even if you’ve been playing with the dog!


Also available, Passive Protection

Perhaps you do not shoot very often or if so, you may do so alone and not need the ‘fancier’ details mentioned above.


Walker Hearing Protection also offers Passive Protection in the form of slim muffs.


Similar to other ear muffs we have discussed, these are low profile ear cups.


Additionally, they also fold into a more compact size, making it easier for transportation!


These earmuffs are still noise dampening, they simply block ALL noise.


Let’s Talk Competition

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs are second best to Walker Hearing Protection but is still good quality.


Keep in mind that these are earmuffs, not earbuds.


Howard Leight’s run about the same cost as Walker’s, so that is not a differentiating factor.




They do have an added AUX cord so you can listen to your music if you do not have access to Bluetooth!


Also, one of the lowest costing electronic earmuffs… Winchester Electronic Earmuffs.


Listed as being lightweight, these earmuffs were created for all-day wear.


Requiring 4 triple A batteries, many reviews state that they do not last very long.


I guess you get what you pay for?



Now, back to the good stuff

Some of the best features…


Digital Bluetooth earpieces all the way!!


Earbuds that actually stay in your ears AND silence the sounds you don’t want to hear.


Most models allow you to choose the volume on each side. So….. If you’re at the range and need to hear the instructor on your left, you can!


The batteries are easy to find and replace yourself, unlike your watch battery, ugh.


With a sleek and slim, easy to fold design they not only work well but look good too!




Walker Hearing Protection is great for the whole family! You don’t have to go to a separate brand to buy for your kids for once!


Not only do you have your option of earbuds, muffs, Bluetooth features, or just all-out noise canceling, but you can pick your color too!