Peltor 97451 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Did you know that more than 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss? While some people are indeed born with this unfortunate condition, others experience hearing loss as a direct result of loud sounds. This is known specifically as a noise-induced hearing loss.Peltor 97451 Product Review


The ear is an extremely sensitive part of the body and there is no replacement for it.

A loud sound (such as shooting a gun) or exposure to medium-level sounds (like city traffic) over time can cause harm to the sensitive parts of your inner ear.

Once the damage is done to the eardrum or middle ear, there may be no recovery for your hearing.


You could wear a hearing aid to help make up for the deficit, but it isn’t a true replacement.


Fortunately, there is a way that you can safeguard your hearing from these negative conditions. Wearing hearing protection like noise-canceling headphones can help to muffle the sound and reduce the decibels that your ears are exposed to.

It’s important that everyone consider the best electronic hearing protection available on today’s market. We’ve already reviewed the top seven active earmuffs for construction, so be sure to check out that review here.

Now, we want to give you a thorough Peltor 97451 review to ensure that you have all of the options for the best electronic ear muffs under $100.

An avid shooter will love this Peltor ear protector, specifically designed to help muffle sounds while hunting. You could use them for any activity, but they are particularly great for this loud outdoor sport or another tactical sport.

This headset is simple and the color is completely black so it blends into your surroundings perfectly. Compared to some other models that have bright flashes of orange or teal, this Peltor 97451 is truly ideal. It does come with orange ear covers that you can swap out if you prefer.

These are not Bluetooth compatible, but you can use them to play your mp3 player, to hook into your cell phone, or to listen to the dog tracker. You will find that your sports experience is much more pleasant. You may even find that you like wearing these for daily chores like mowing the grass or working around the garage as well.

You will need to be mindful of the external battery compartment. They require two AAA batteries and they do have auto shut-off to extend battery life.

What Is The Noise Reduction Rating?

These electronic ear muffs from 3M have an overall noise reduction rating of 20 dB.

This isn’t necessarily the highest degree of protection available from noise canceling headphones available on Amazon. In fact, the Peltor Tactical Pro and the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 both have a higher noise reduction rating (NRR) of 26 dB.

It’s next to impossible to find a quality set of earmuffs that have a super high rating like an NRR 50. However, this small reduction does give you the protection you need for extreme sports.

One of the major benefits of these sound reduction headphones is their ability to magnify certain sounds. Any noise lower than 20 dB is amplified in these headphones, making it easy to maintain a conversation or hear range commands. You can wear these even if you have to be indoor for something.

This is a part of what makes these some of the best digital headphones on the market. They are extremely convenient for everyday life.

If having electronic headphones isn’t paramount, you could purchase their 3M 105 earmuff for significantly less. It will have a higher NRR 30, but it won’t be able to amplify low decibel sounds.


Alternatively, you could also Check Out Our Review Of The Clear Armor 141001 Here. This model also has a 31 dB noise reduction rating, but they aren’t electronic.

What Has Other Customer Said About The Peltor 97451

Ear protection excellence. As the most comfortable ear muffs I’ve ever had, it is great that they actually work! Being initially skeptical due to the low 20 dB rating, I notice less noise than other ear muffs with higher db ratings! At first, I only purchased these due to the auto shut-off, but I’m loving them! Go Here To Read The Original Testimonial Of TrailMaster

Who would think they’d love ear protection so much? As a veteran and shooting instructor, I have significant hearing loss. Due to this fact, I try to protect what’s left of my hearing as much as possible. This Peltor model has improved control buttons, has an overall lower profile, and the little sound that comes through is clear and crisp. Click Here To Read The Original Testimonial of Marbury V. Madison

Muffs that are great! So comfortable, I purchased a second pair for my wife! In general, an outstanding pair of ear muffs. I also like the ease of sound transfer for voices while keeping out the louder sounds at the range.  Click Here To Read The Original Testimonial of E. Watson

Are These Headphones Comfortable?

Nobody wants to wear a set of ear covers that aren’t comfortable. These aren’t fashion accessories, and they do serve a real purpose. Once you put them on, you have to keep wearing them in order to ensure your hearing will be protected.

These are lightweight with ear cups that are designed to mold comfortably to your ear. Some people attempt to compare them to the Howard Leight Impact Sport gel cups, but it is really difficult to compare. These have a different profile than the Impact Sport gel cups will have, but that doesn’t necessarily make it uncomfortable.

You Can Check Out Our Full Review Of The Howard Leight Impact Sport Gel Cups Here.

The ear cups of the Peltor brand are ergonomically-designed so you should be able to wear them all day with no issues. If you want, you can purchase new ear cups so you can have gel cups like those found on other 3M models.

Are They Expensive?

Our Peltor 97451 review should really mention how affordable these headphones are in comparison to other top models. For example, they are significantly cheaper than the high-end TacticalPro headphones.

They are only slightly higher than the Peltor Tactical 6S.

When you purchase them from Amazon, you may even be lucky enough to find them on sale from one of their vendors.

If you want noise-canceling headphones from one of the top manufacturers, this Peltor 97451 review can conclude that these will be perfect. Overall, they offer a good source of protection from loud sounds at an extremely affordable price. Add in the fact that they happen to be electronic, and the decision seems simple to make these a part of your hunting routine.

Don’t keep waiting to start protecting your hearing. You can make a wise decision and purchase a pair of these headphones today!