MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

How much hearing protection is needed when shooting? Many avid sports enthusiasts wonder how much protection is really necessary for the ear when shooting. These loud decibel sounds can cause serious and extensive hearing damage if you aren’t taking the proper precautions.MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X



Particularly when shooting is a part of your career, like it is for members of the special forces, you have to be careful to select the perfect noise-canceling headset. Any sound above 85 decibels has the potential to cause irreversible hearing loss, even in just one second.


In short, there is no simple answer regarding how much sound protection you really need when you shoot. It’s generally accepted that higher levels of protection are the best. Many of the best headphones on today’s market have a noise reduction rating (NRR) between 20 and 30 dB. While it won’t cancel out the sound entirely, it does muffle it significantly.


Shopping for the right set of headphones can be a real chore. This is why we’re taking the time to review all of the top-rated options, including the best headphones for construction. You’ll want to Read Our Full Review Of The Seven Best Models For Hearing Protection Here.


We also wanted to review one of the most popular choices in the industry for those who spend a lot of time at the gun range. Our MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X review will demonstrate just why this model is the gold standard for military[toc] usage.


Are These Headphones Comfortable?


Improving your hearing health is important, but only if you can be comfortable while doing it. Our MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X review gives you an inside look at whether the comfort is really worth the cost of this earmuff.


The Supreme headband real is very comfortable and adjustable. You can move the gear either higher or lower depending on what would fit you best. It does come with a cover wrap. Compared to the Howard Leight headband cover on the Impact Sport, these are an excellent option.


They also have similar ear cups to the Howard Leight Impact Sport gel cups. These tend to be more expensive, especially in comparison to cheap ear plugs.

However, MSA Sordin gel is considered a top of the line ear cup and it can be extremely comfortable. You Should Compare it To the Howard Leight Sport In The Full Review Here.


Their two AAA alkaline batteries don’t make these headphones bulky. Instead, they keep a slim profile that could easily go under a helmet.


What Is The Noise Reduction Rating?


First, we may need to answer a more important question. What is NRR rating on hearing protection? You have to know what NRR rating is before you can fully understand how this cover can protect you from the blast and frequency of loud sounds.


The higher the score on the NRR rating chart, the more likely the headphones are to protect your hearing. You may also hear of SNR vs NRR, but we will only be taking a look at NRR in our MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X review.


The MSA Sordin headphones have one of the highest noise reduction ratings in the industry for digital ear protectors. They advertise an NRR 33.


What is a good NRR rating? You may wonder how to answer this question before you decide which model to purchase. A “good” start for hearing protection is usually around 20 dB. The much higher number of these MSA models is ideal at a 33 dB.


It even trumps one of our other, less expensive models that comes in at 31 dB. If you need sound protection at this level but don’t have the budget for the MSA Sordin, this Clear Armor 141001 may be the right fit for you. Be Sure To Read The Full Review Here Before You Make A Decision!


This NRR will protect your ears from the high noise associated with ballistic firing, a gunshot, or hunting. Headphones are one of the basic accessories you won’t be able to live without, whether you happen to be shooting a pistol or a shotgun.

Let’s See What Some Customer Have Said About MSA Sordin Supreme Pro


Great protection when needed. The protection is just what you need when you need it, like in loud environments! It’s nice enough that it will adjust to the surrounding noise level and the small mics only allow wanted sounds getting to your ears. Money well spent on my future! Go Here To Find The Original Testimonial Of TyLittleTechGuyDad

Seemingly higher protection than advertised and great comfort! I wanted ear protection that I could wear for long periods of time for hunting. I was doubtful if these would work as well as a pair of Pro Ears that I have, but am happy to report they work well. Overall, the build is also impressive as they have replaced plastic with metal when compared to competitors. Click Here To Find The Original Testimonial of Allison A

Best Hearing Protection. By far the best part for general comfort is the gel cups. Such a big difference compared to the foam cups many ear muffs use. Although I wore glasses and a hat, these made no difference to the seal! I wore these while taking a class in the rain and I never had any issue with the water. Great purchase. Click Here To Find The Testimonial Of Josh.K


How Can These Headphones Improve Performance?


Any MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X review would be remiss not to mention all of the ways these electronic headphones can improve performance. For example, they can help to amplify normal sounds by four times to help you continue to carry on a normal conversation. Even an 18 dB whisper can be amplified so you can hear it.


This is very similar to some of the Peltor models from 3M available on Amazon. Many of these models, including the Peltor 97451, are electronic and can offer the same type of amplification. This is really the only comparison that can be made between MSA Sordin vs Peltor.


One of the other main benefits of the MSA Sordin is the improved communications. You have dual comm with a built-in mic so you can communicate more easily with others nearby. This is what the pros use to help them listen to the stereo even from underneath their helmet.


If you’re in the military, you may not have a need to plug your headphones into an mp3 player, radio, or cell phone. However, those who purchase these may prefer the entertainment factor available to them.


There is another option for improved communications from this same manufacturer. The MSA Sordin 76321 (Supreme Pro Headset) allows for a lower NRR on a neckband but still offers dual comm and a microphone.


If you take a thorough look at the reviews of these MSA tactical headphones, you’re likely to see that they guide you clearly in the direction you want to go.

You can be “pro ears” with this premium edition of the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X by Clicking Here.

Whether you’re at the gun range or out in the woodland areas, you can protect your hearing while you hunt down a predator.