32 Best Lowes Kitchen Ideas

  • By: Monica Shulz

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. Having the same layout and design can be dull. But with lowes kitchen ideas, you can look forward to revamping your kitchen. Now you may not have a massive kitchen or a big budget for a remodel but that’s why we’ve included small kitchen options and DIY options. So no matter your budget or the size of your kitchen, you can find the layout, style, storage, and colors schemes right here.

Lowes Kitchen Ideas

  • Design and layout
  • Remodeling
  • Style
  • DIY color scheme
  • Storage

Design and Layout

The design and layout of your kitchen are a great place to start when planning a kitchen makeover. Once you know the layout of your kitchen, you will then know how much you are going to roughly spend on this remodel. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a project planner to understand these designs.

One Wall

Image Credit: dimensions.com

A one-wall kitchen layout means that all your kitchen essentials are against one wall. This will include your sink, oven, and refrigerator. Everything is connected by one long countertop. Your cabinets will commonly be found at the bottom of your countertop.


Image Credit: dimensions.com

A galley kitchen makes use of two parallel walls. You will have two workstations on one end and one workstation on the other. This is especially a great option if you are pressed for space. With this design, you get the benefit of long stretched counter space.


Image Credit: dimensions.com

With an L-shaped kitchen layout, you get a workstation that includes a sink, countertop, and refrigerator. This layout is easy to work in and allows you to add a kitchen island if you would like.


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A U-shaped kitchen is made out of three walls that give you a workstation on either end. This design is considered to be the most efficient with its clear and compact triangle between the sink, refrigerator, and countertop.


Planning a kitchen remodel can seem fun when you’re just thinking of ideas. But there’s quite a bit of work that goes into it. Not knowing where to start, could leave you with a kitchen that looks like a construction site instead of what you had in mind.

Fresh Paint

Image Credit: Dulux.ca

Applying a fresh coat of paint always adds a new look to space and it’s a cost-effective way to do a remodel. Now choosing a color can be a bit difficult. You should go with the color you like or with what color is currently trending at the moment. But if you can’t decide on a color you can take a look at the tiles that can be added to your walls.

Refresh Old Cabinets

Image Credit: Margot Cavin

Refreshing old cabinets is a great idea for a small renovation. You can simply add a new coat of paint or replace some of the handles. If you are looking to give your cabinets a complete facelift take a look at lowe’s project source kitchen cabinets.

Counter Top

Image Credit: timbercitywoodstock.co.za

A countertop has a great impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Deciding to update your kitchen counter might be the remodel you need. You can opt for something simple or flashy like granite.


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The flooring in your kitchen is a major focal point. If you are planning on a big kitchen renovation,  then you should think about redoing your flooring. There are a variety of choices available to you. This includes glazed ceramic floor tile, vinyl, and several others.


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Appliances can make a major difference to the remodel of your kitchen. You can install a new dishwasher, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. For a slick finish, try to get your appliances in the same color.

Kitchen Island

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A kitchen island serves as a workstation, storage space, and statement piece. Consider installing one if you are looking to add a new element to your kitchen. This is especially a great idea if you have a fairly large kitchen.

Open up Space

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Opening up your kitchen space is a great makeover idea. Not only will this add more light to your kitchen, but it also makes your kitchen look and feel bigger. Another great thing about a pass-through design is that you can entertain guests while cooking.


The style of your kitchen is completely up to you. But when planning a remodel, it can be hard to decide on one specific style. That’s why it’s important to shop around and get a feel for what suits you. You’ll be surprised with how many style options there are for kitchen makeovers.


Image Credit: Tessaneustadt

To achieve a boldly styled kitchen, you should go for a deep-colored kitchen cabinet makeover. You can go for colors like marron which will make your cabinets stand out. Your kitchen walls should also consist of deep colors such as grey or olive.


Image Credit: Homedit.com

To get the cozy look and feel you will use warm and inviting colors. This includes neutral colors such as white. You can also pair this color with wood-like tiling. The great thing about this kitchen design is that it can be done without the help of professionals.


Image Credit: Drurydesigns.com

To achieve a classic kitchen, you should opt for subway tiles on any exposed wall. Your cabinets should have a pearl-like tone to give you a classic but timeless kitchen makeover.


Image Credit: Michael Moran

A contemporary kitchen design is minimalist and sleek. To achieve this kitchen look, you can make use of bold yet simple colors. Silver metals such as stainless steel are commonly used to get this look.


Image Credit: Douglas Friedman

Modern-styled kitchens became popular in 2013 and have continued to be a popular choice. With a modern kitchen design, you should look into your lighting options as it sets the tone for your kitchen. You can then paint your cabinets and range hood cover to the same color.


Image Credit: Mikkel Vang

To get a rustic look, you should look into colors that have a more earthy feel. This will include ivory and bronze. With this, you can also add exposed bricks. Wooden cabinets are also a great decorating addition to a rustic-styled kitchen.

DIY Color Scheme

Your color scheme sets the tone for your home. A DIY color scheme allows you to plan your kitchen remodel by staying within your budget. Choosing one color also gives you creative freedom. Simply use this as a guide along with your style to help you decide on a color scheme for your kitchen renovation.

Bold Colors

Image Credit: Behr.com

White kitchen cabinets and walls are a common color scheme for kitchens. If you are willing to experiment, why not go with something bold? Some colors aren’t as common such as green, navy, and even pink. This is sure to give your kitchen the makeover it needs.

Accent Colors

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Accent colors are great if you may not be ready to start a big painting remodel. But would still like a pop of color in your kitchen. Accent colors complement the color scheme you already have, so basically, you should find items that would go with your kitchen colors.

Statement Piece

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A statement piece gives you something to talk about with guests and it adds something unique to your kitchen. You can always buy a piece of art or even a fancy chandelier. But there is a DIY option. This can be a remodeled household item. You can transform your old household items and turn them into the kitchen statement piece you need.

Complement Neutrals

Image Credit: David O. Marlow

Giving life to your neutral-themed kitchen is quite easy. You can bring in colors that complement the colors you already have. Now don’t worry, you won’t need to paint anything with this decorating idea, this can be done with plants, flowers, and even fruit bowls. With these items being in the same color pallet as your kitchen you can look forward to a more stylish kitchen.

Combine Old and New

Image Credit: lowes.com

Combine old with new can give you the kitchen design you are looking for. This is a great remodel idea to have especially if you have just purchased a home. The soft colors will allow you to keep the original look of your kitchen but it gives it a fresh feel. Remember to choose a color that will complement your modern stainless steel appliances.

Different Textiles

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You might want to add texture to your kitchen without committing to a full-on renovation project. Adding different textiles is a great way to give. This can be done with placemats, drapes and if you have a seating area, you can add throw pillows that complement the tones of your kitchen.


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Storage matters, regardless of the size of your kitchen. With the correct storage and organization, you won’t have to worry about how much space you have. You‘ll be able to add new appliances and use your storage effectively. Luckily for you, these lowes kitchen ideas come with storage options.

Mounted Shelves

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Mounted shelves allow you to make use of your empty kitchen wall and are a cheap and stylish decorating idea. You can use your empty wall space for storage space by adding mounted shelves or in other words floating shelves. These shelves will allow you to store everything from pots and pans to cookbooks.


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Baskets are a great option if you are looking to do a minor kitchen makeover. It is also a great way to optimize your pantry and cabinet space. Not only will you solve your stage problem, but you also will have a functional stylish element added to your kitchen.


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S hooks make for great hangers. You can use them to hang up your pots, pans, utensils, and towels. The great thing about S hooks is that you can find them at stores such as Home Depot and you can even install them yourself.

Island Storage

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Your kitchen island may serve as a countertop but it can also serve as a storage unit. This is done by opening shelving under it. Kraftmaid has a great island storage selection that you can look into.


See you don’t have to be a professional project planner or interior designer to give your kitchen the facelift of your dreams. You can start your kitchen remodel off small by just making a few simple adjustments and moving from there.