19 Best Kitchen Skylights Ideas – Light Up Your Life

  • By: Monica Shulz

When we think of redoing our house, often the first thing that comes to mind is painting our walls in order to get that fresh new look we crave. However, we’re here to tell you to look up for inspiration. Yes. We literally mean look up. We’re talking about more than just a fresh coat of paint. We’re talking about installing skylights


19 Kitchen Skylights Ideas

  • Fixed Skylights
  • Circle Skylights
  • Vented Skylights
  • Tubular Skylights

Let’s delve into the details of the kitchen skylights ideas mentioned above.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights provide natural light and no ventilation. Fixed skylights are ideal when wanting to expand a space that already has plenty of open windows providing fresh air. Fixed skylights are watertight and are the least expensive of all the skylights.


Have a skylight with a bright frame for a pop of colour

This will bring some fun and colour into your kitchen. You can create a contrast between your cabinets and your funky new skylight.

Have a kitchen skylight that opens to the view outside

Image Credit: knickerbockergroup.com

If you have a lovely view of the mountain or the trees in your yard, why not emphasize that view with your skylight. You can now bring the outside, inside.


Make a narrow kitchen look more spacious with a skylight

Image Credit: madaboutthehouse.com

Skylights can really open the kitchen and make it seem a lot more spacious by visually lifting the ceiling and adding an extra dimension to the kitchen.


Bring light into a dark kitchen

Image Credit: renovationdesigngroup.com

Darkly coloured kitchens seem to be the new trend for transitional kitchens. However, dark, or black surfaces quickly suck up any light in the room.


Get a linear kitchen skylight

Image Credit: tb-architects.co.uk

Linear in the shape of either a square or a circle skylights can offset a round kitchen table or round kitchen island nicely


Let the skylight be an architectural feature of the room

Image Credit: renovationdesigngroup.com

Skylights can have innovative finishes, frames, or additional trusses, to turn them into a statement piece rather than just a means to let some light into the room.


Light up your flat kitchen skylight with pendant lights

A combination of a skylight and lights hanging below it will bring your kitchen light whether it is day or night.


Match your skylight to your kitchen theme colour scheme

Image Credit: velux.com

If you have kitchen chairs or appliances of a particular colour, why not match your skylight to them? This will give your kitchen more of a well-rounded feel.


Get a rustic skylight look that matches your kitchen theme

Image Credit: francisgarciaarchitect.com

One can always find a skylight to match your kitchen style, whether it be rustic, traditional, or modern.  There is a skylight for everyone.


Bring dramatic effect with a vaulted ceiling skylight

Image Credit: Cathy Knight of Knight Architects

Vaulted and sloped ceilings lend themselves perfectly to skylights as they are much more spacious.

Place your skylight over the kitchen table instead of the kitchen island

Image Credit: MDSX Contractors

Placing a skylight over the dining space, still allows light in and creates a warm welcoming space for family interactions to take place in.

Skylight with frosted glass

Image Credit: Annie Schlechter

Limits the amount of light that comes in through the glass but maintains a nice glow.


Circle Skylights

Houses tend to be square or rectangle, having a circular skylight breaks up the ceiling plane. While the majority of skylights are squares or rectangles, circle skylights are a fun effective way to bring in light into a room. Circle Skylights add extra creative dimensions to any kitchen that has a flat roof.


Out with squares and rectangles, bring in the circle skylight

Image Credit: Berezen Studio

Nobody wants to be a square peg in a round hole so why should your skylight be any different?


Have a skylight that is made of stained glass

Image Credit: Virtual Imaging 360

Stained glass reflects colourful light around the kitchen and makes it beautiful.


Vented Skylights

Vented skylights are openable meaning that they can allow light and fresh air into the kitchen. Occasional a kitchen doesn’t have walls that are open to the outside, which means no winders, que the vented skylight. Vented skylights are usually sloped or vaulted and either open electronically using a button or manually. Vented skylights can help to regulate both the temperature and moisture levels in the room. Make sure to close them during a rainstorm though, as you may be met with a shock.


Have a skylight that opens to bring natural ventilation into any kitchen

Image Credit: John Maniscalco Architecture

Skylights that open can allow natural air into a kitchen space that may have previously felt stuffy. Less of a need to turn that noisy extractor fan on.


Get a large skylight to define the kitchens ambience

Image Credit: Amory Brown

It is the actual installation of a skylight that is expensive – size, in this case, doesn’t matter as much as you would think.


Bring natural light into any kitchen space

Image Credit: Sutton Suzuki Architects

Skylights are an energy-efficient way of bringing light into any kitchen space and are beneficial to all kitchen types, even light ones.


Get skylight blinds for better insulation in the room

Image Credit: Bill Fry Construction

Blinds tend to allow a person more control over the amount of light in the room and they also keep a bit of the warmth in (or a little bit of the cold out).


Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are composed of a diffuser, a tube, and a dome. The light travels in through the dome, down the tube and finally to the diffusers which effectively disperses natural light around the room. Tubular skylights are one of the effective and easier to install of the skylight types.

Get a tubular kitchen skylight

Image Credit: designaddictmom.com

Tubular skylights are great for small spaces as the dome effectively captures light and then they diffuse the light easily around the room


What are you waiting for? It is time to get this trendy home renovation on the way. If you’re looking for skylight inspiration then look no further, above we gave you 19 kitchen skylights ideas to help transform your dreary or dark space into a bright, light architectural masterpiece to impress your guests.